Vaccine Mandates And OSHA Rules

Vaccine Mandates And OSHA Rules

Vaccine Mandates And OSHA Rules

Federal vaccine mandates are on the way according to Joe Biden. How? By having OSHA write some rules that will be in place later this year.

On Thursday Biden, in a cringe-worthy speech that included bouts of whispering, yelling, and Grandpa lecturing, informed the world that any company with 100 employees or more must have 100% vaccine compliance. OR ELSE. Or else what? How about fines? $14,000 per incident fines or paying for weekly testing.

The more I’ve thought about this egregious move by the Biden Administration, the angrier it makes me. Keep in mind, Biden is on record multiple times in 2020 and early 2021 saying that NO mandates would be imposed. That was then, evidently. 

With the current economic climate, how many companies of 100-200 employees can afford to pay those fines?

What happens if their employees are fired for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate? Will that company be able to handle the unemployment payments and/or immediately fill those jobs with new hires? NO. The economy right now, after two jobs reports, is tanking. There have been no NEW jobs created this year. NONE. Business growth has stalled, everywhere. 

How will the feds enforce this mandate? OSHA is on the case! 

The president should not — and most likely does not — have the power to unilaterally compel millions of private-sector workers to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs: Mr. Biden is presiding over a vast expansion of federal authority, one that Democrats will certainly come to regret the next time a Republican takes power. Moreover, the mechanism of enforcement — a presidential decree smuggled into law by the Department of Labor and its Occupational Safety and Health Administration — is fundamentally undemocratic. Congress is supposed to make

The courts from District to SCOTUS have already ruled against the bureaucratic overreach that was the CDC eviction moratorium. Congress, led by many Democrats, refused to put legislation in place. Why? Because those with half a brain (NOT the Squad) realized this would kill them politically. So the CDC went ahead, and ultimately SCOTUS squashed it like a bug.

But now the Biden Administration wants and is demanding vaccine mandates, and has decided that OSHA is the way to go. Companies, even without OSHA having an economic job killing rule in place, are already telling their employees to comply. Leaving the employees with three choices.

Get vaccinated even if that person has concerns, has already HAD Covid, or has antibodies on board.


Be fired. 

The Biden Administration wants vaccine mandates in place and OSHA to enforce it, even if people have already had the virus and have antibodies on board. Remember, 70% of Americans have already had at least one vaccine shot. But getting close to herd immunity doesn’t matter to the Biden Administration. They have their power and are grabbing more every chance they can get. 

Already multiple legal scholars, specifically Constitutional experts on both sides of the aisle are saying that NO, the Biden Administration is on incredibly shaky ground here. 

Four examples of how this vaccine mandate and OSHA rules are going to cause employers and the federal government massive headaches.

As we all know, there are nursing and staffing shortages in hospitals all over the country. Part of it is due to the internal mandates regarding the vaccines. 

The hospital has a 73% vaccine rate, yet is refusing to allow religious exemptions and is cherry picking what medical exemptions are accepted. 

The federal government intruding on private business is the big issue here. If the feds are allowed to do this with the Covid vaccine and continue doing so because of every new variant identified (I think we are up to 4 new ones this year?), what is next? 

Private companies can set their own rules, with certain restrictions. Those companies have and are doing so, without the federal government’s intrusion. And no, don’t let the media tell you that this is already federal policy. The OSHA rule has NOT BEEN WRITTEN YET. 

The second example involves Todd Zywicki, George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law at Antonin Scalia Law School. George Mason (GMU) issued a mandate requiring all employees to get vaccinated or face termination.

Zywicki already had Covid, and multiple tests showed he had massive amounts of antibodies in his system. GMU still threatened termination. Zywicki sued, the courts upheld his stance, and GMU caved. 

Which begs the question: why can’t more companies grant exemptions for immunities due to having had Covid, have tests showing natural antibodies, or fully vaccinated? Because right now, it seems the federal mandate won’t entertain those exceptions. 

Spectrum Health will grant temporary exemptions from its employee vaccine mandate to individuals who can prove they have naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19.

The west Michigan hospital system, which is in the process of merging with Southfield-based Beaumont Health, will grant an exemption to those who have a positive PCR or antigen test for COVID-19 plus a positive antibody test from within the past three months, the health system said in a statement Thursday.

What’s even MORE egregious about this vaccine mandate and the OSHA rule that has yet to be crafted? 

A. The rule being crafted will be put into place via ETS instead of allowing for public comment, objections, or hearings.

B. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, who’ve already brought measles into the U.S. are EXEMPT!

C. Members of Congress and their staff are…EXEMPT!

Supposedly, even as certain groups are exempted from Grandpa Joe’s mandate, putting a yet to be written OSHA rule in place will help the economy. 

No, no it won’t. What this mandate is already doing is causing MORE people to be vaccine hesitant, and throwing an OSHA rule into the mix will hurt businesses on multiple levels. 

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  • ROP says:

    Its nice to know we live in a free country, and can choose what we want to do. Not some third world banana republic where some dictator ( Tyrant ) tells us what to do.
    Oh Wait ?!

    Reading the Constitution Bill of Right ( the first TEN amendments)
    9th and 10th specifically denies the government from doing this. Given that the founders had a first hand experience with tyranny, they wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen here.

    Although after reading some lawyers opinion with a lot of twisting the meaning that is written, commented they do have a rights to impose there will on the people. It is concerning that this is considered legal and lawful by the left.

  • ROP says:

    Which brings us back to the original question WHY THE PUSH?/STRONG ARM to get everyone vaxxed?
    Don’t tell me its because they care , they don’t.


    • Net says:

      You might want to look towards the World Economic Forum, Klaus Shwab, and The Great Reset. This has never been about our health.

      • ROP says:

        I remember for Europe forum in fall of 2019. The democrats arrived and told everyone WE ARE the government and your dealing with us. A treasonous move if ever. ( except for democrats).
        That is where that hatched this plot in the making with all the world governments ready to jump in for money and power. With Xi readying the release of the covid ( that is only 0.009% fatal according to latest estimated). Then call everything, Heart attack, cancer, stroke flu , covid. Check the CDC stats everything went down and covid went up. That’s called “Cooking the books”
        Then traitor Pence selected weasel Fraudci to flop like a mullet on everything to mandate, scare people, and take control and destroy the worlds economy.

        Looking at the world today they have suceeded but people are waking up and I hope and pray that it will go badly for these tyrants.
        RESIST !

        But to commit genocide on millions of people ?
        What gain a man the whole world but lose his soul

    • GWB says:

      Honestly, the vaccination (and other WTF* measures) effort has never been about health. It has always been about forcing you to comply. There’s not even any chips in the vaccine or mind altering chemicals or even fluoride to sap and impurify all your precious bodily fluids. Nothing so nefarious – just pure power to force compliance.

      (* WTF = Winnie The Flu)

      • ROP says:

        GWB I respect your comments I really do, but the spike proteins is bad. They break off and create clotting. It is dangerous.
        Also the MRNA is replicating throughout the whole body
        Even Dr. Malone has commented negatively on it.

  • Ted says:

    Nineteen-seventeen redux, only, here, not there. When not sleeping around, the usurpers in DC, slept with Alinsky, Cloward-Piven, Zinn, and Marx, with 1984 as a how-to. Where are there floods of invaders, floods of systems? Look around. Where is there destruction by personalization? Take some anti-nausea potion, and listen to broadcast news or read a newspaper. Solder them good–Flux ’em

  • ROP says:

    GWB I respect your comments I really do, but the spike proteins is bad. They break off and create clotting. It is dangerous.
    Also the MRNA is replicating throughout the whole body
    Even Dr. Malone has commented negatively on it.

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