Unemployment Missing? Look No Further Than Death Row!

Unemployment Missing? Look No Further Than Death Row!

Unemployment Missing? Look No Further Than Death Row!

The State of California doled out at least $140 million in unemployment benefits. Some of those claims come from none other than death row inmates in the state.

In a report yesterday afternoon, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert stated at least 158 claims have been filed for 133 inmates on death row, calling the fraud “behemoth“.

Quite frankly, the inmates are mocking us.”-Anne Marie Schubert

Among inmates who had claims filed in their names? Let’s start with Scott Peterson who murdered his wife and unborn son. Cary Stayner, who murdered four women near Yosemite National Park in 1999. Wayne Ford, another serial killer, who confessed to at least four murders in 1997 and 1998 in Northern California and Isauro Aguirre, who, with his girlfriend, Gabriel Fernandez, killed her 8 year-old son. (He qualified for an unemployment debit card.) Oh, and let’s not forget Susan Eubanks, a San Diego woman convicted of killing her four sons in 1997.

In the meantime, there are people still waiting to receive unemployment benefits in the great state of Gavin Newsom’s California.

Is this some sort of “prison justice”? Newsom talks in circles:

Unemployment fraud across local jails and state and federal prisons is absolutely unacceptable. Earlier this year, I launched a strike team to expedite unemployment payments and to minimize abuse of the system. When we saw evidence of fraud in correctional facilities, I directed the Employment Development Department to review its practices and to take immediate actions to prevent fraud and to hold people accountable when fraud is not prevented. Based on that direction, EDD and CDCR, in partnership with USDOL worked to match social security numbers of those in state custody to identify the scope of the problem and to hold people accountable.”-California Governor, Gavin Newsom

He launched a strike team, He directed the Employment Development Department to review its practices and to take immediate actions to prevent fraud and to hold people accountable. He, evidently, did not do a very good job of that, now did he? This is unacceptable, he says. I mean, we’re not kidding when we say the governors on the west coast are trying to out-do one another. We had Nigerians tapping into the Employment Security Department (ESD) in Washington and now death row inmates in California are being approved for unemployment debit cards. In Oregon? Don’t think about gathering for Thanksgiving but if you’re on unemployment and you want to smoke crack, it’s cool, bro.

Slave labor? C’mon, man! Personally, cleaning freeways, construction sites and porta-johns is a cakewalk and probably a better life than all of these pond scum deserve. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who kills a child may as well consider this lifestyle a lifestyle of benevolence. They now “deserve” to scam the state and other innocent, poor (would be working but unemployed) souls out of benefits? See, this is a problem in liberal states like California, with like-minded liberals who are all about “justice” and “reform”. This guy above may not live in California but there are plenty of people who do and feel sorry for these death-row inmates who have done abhorrent things and have played God with other people’s lives. They don’t want them cleaning toilets and picking up trash? They think these criminals are justified in making unemployment claims? Excuse me? More corruption. And, this, is what normal, working people get for our leadership. Incompetence and ineptitude all wrapped up and slicked back in pomade:

Think about this for one minute. The governor who puts his state on lockdown, ventures sans mask to a “little” party at The French Laundry. Gavin Newsom’s kids are in private school in classes all day while your kids sit in front of a screen. Gavin Newsom tells YOU not to open your business but the notoriously liberal film industry gets a pass. They’re “essential” workers. Oh, yeah and you know what else they can do? Travel!

These politicians DO NOT care about the people who are truly suffering in their state. Yet, people still fall for their scams-time and time again, hook, line and sinker, muddling along in their oblivion, deluded that these clowns are doing a “great” job because they don’t like “The Orange Guy”.

In California (and other states), businesses close, individuals can’t pay their rent and mortgages, can’t feed their kids and people are praying to be moved out of lockdown so they can LIVE. Some, praying for some relief in the form of unemployment benefits. But rapists, murderers and lifetime criminals? They can file? Just watch. Don’t worry, Gavin Newsom will get right on that with some useless task force. Perhaps the recent unemployment fraud was another “bad mistake” for Gavin Newsom. We’ll let him answer but first, a little PSA about MASKS before Thanksgiving:

Do YOUR part, Mr. Newsom, in your behemoth cluster of a state. Those unemployment benefits do not belong to the inmates even though they seem to be already running the asylum.

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  • GWB says:

    worked to match social security numbers
    Ummm, couldn’t you just check the official address for those people? If they live at Cell 53, San Quentin, CA, wouldn’t that be a clue that some guy with the same name in La Jolla, claiming unemployment, is probably not kosher?

    Also, don’t they check the contacts they’re supposed to report? I mean, you are required to actually be looking for a job to keep drawing unemployment, right? Even in CA? “Hey, did some guy named Wayne Ford send you a resume last week? What does his resume say?”

    They are in essence slave labour there.
    Ah, no. They are not. (BTW, this guy is some a**hole from a foreign country. See the spelling of “labor”?)
    And, btw, one of the most evil court decisions ever made was the one that started us down the slippery slope that prison labor somehow violates the 14th Amendment.

    They now “deserve” to scam the state and other innocent, poor (would be working but unemployed) souls out of benefits?
    Wait. Nothing above said it was the prisoners, thenselves, actually applying for unemployment. It might be others applying using their information. (I imagine a lot of their PII is publicly available, or more vulnerable to access than it should be.) It could be one or the other.

    Oh, another easy way to stop any sort of incarcerated person from filing for unemployment is to block the prisoner computers’ IP addresses from the unemployment website.

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  • Alpheus says:

    It’s not clear to me that death row inmates are the ones receiving the fraudulent benefits. How many of them are completely clueless as to what’s being done in their name, with the benefits going to some complete stranger?

    I initially thought this was about identity theft. If it is, then the “justification” presented via Twitter is that much more absurd.

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