Twitter’s Gonna Twit: Apologizes To Candace Owens Over “Sarah Jeong” Tweets After Placing Lock on Her Account

Twitter’s Gonna Twit: Apologizes To Candace Owens Over “Sarah Jeong” Tweets After Placing Lock on Her Account

Twitter’s Gonna Twit: Apologizes To Candace Owens Over “Sarah Jeong” Tweets After Placing Lock on Her Account

The New York Times has hired a racist bully to be a part of their editorial board. We know, it’s okay. Because she is a woman and she is Asian, she can say all she wants about the white man who is (was, always will be) keeping her down.

Twitter suspended conservative commentator Candace Owens on Sunday for imitating New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong’s anti-white tweets, but restored Owens’ account access following a backlash on social media.

Twitter claimed the lockout of Owens’ account was “in error”…or was it? What was the Tweet every liberal snowflake was up-in-arms about? Read on:

Dude. You totally missed the point here. See Owens’ statement above and she breaks it down for y’all. She was imitating some very insidious Tweets by placing “Jewish people” in place of “white people” to illustrate a point. The point that the statements made by NYT‘s Sarah Jeong were irresponsible and yes, RACIST!

Now, Candace Owens is a “Nazi”, according to some. Isn’t everybody who doesn’t side with THEM?

And while Candace Owens is getting banned from Twitter, Wikipedia activists rush to clear Sarah Jeong’s name as they refrain from mentioning her Tweets from days of old. They have since added mention of such Tweets…as an afterthought. Vox is also defending NYT‘s decision to hire Jeong:

Jeong is a venerated tech culture journalist with a broad range of expertise, known for everything from authoring a book on systemic online harassment to reporting on major internet case law. (She’s currently a senior writer at Vox’s sister site The Verge, which she’ll be departing for the Times.)

Blah, blah, blah and gag me with an extra long Cat6 cable. Systemic online harassment of which she is a part? She was indoctrinated at Harvard Law, by the way. A description of her publication, The Internet of Garbage:

The Internet of Garbage considers why and how to recalibrate this ongoing project of garbage-removal from content platforms and social media networks. It’s not as simple as policing offensive material and hitting the delete button online: Jeong tackles precarious issues like free speech, behavior vs. content, doxing and SPAM.
She writes, “Content platforms and social media networks do not have the power to restrain stalkers, end intimate partner violence, eliminate child abuse, or stop street harassment. But they can cultivate better interactions and better discourse, through thoughtful architecture, active moderation and community management.”

Better discourse? Nothing says “intellectual discourse” like “white people are bullsh#t” and like “pissing dogs”, right? Those “dumba$$, f#cking white people” who you want to burn up in the sun or #cancel? So happy to know an Ivy League education churns out this excrement. If you’ve ever wanted a valid argument to encourage your child to learn a trade and help fill the demand for some of these much-needed trade positions in our country, looking at Sarah Jeong may be all it takes. And apparently, nobody ever told Ms. Jeong that cussing makes even the most intellectual person look and sound like a dullard. More from Vox:

She’s also an outspoken progressive and feminist, making her an obvious target for the right-wing internet mobs that have been especially active of late, launching organized smear campaigns against left-leaning celebrities by weaponizing their old jokes and tweets.

The cop-hating progressive feminist intellectual is a target, now? Here’s the deal-e-o. If you put yourself out there and online and you say stupid things, you are going to be a target. Eventually, it all comes back to you. You can “sorry, not sorry”, call it “satire” all day long, you smug little pink-haired Harvard darling, but your words are permanently etched in garbage land.

Want to #CancelWhitePeople? Perhaps you want to do away with some of the dirty, diseased immigrants who came off the boat to Ellis Island in the early 1900s (of which my family was a part) who paved the way for you. They made bridges, roads, cars, ships and aircraft (which in turn brought in more individuals from other cultural backgrounds with dreams for a better life). Or perhaps you want to #cancel the white people who were not admitted to Berkeley and Harvard so you could be or #cancel those white people who sat on the admissions boards or on scholarship boards who advocated for you?

The difference between “alt-right Nazi” (as some call her) Candace Owens and Sarah Jeong? Perspective. One lives in reality and the other is a vainglorious, spoiled brat with a distorted view of epic proportions.

So, same Tweet, different color, different consequences. In some cases, you get temporarily banned like Candace Owens and called an “alt-right Nazi” who is “weaponizing” a poor little Asian woman. In other cases, you get promoted to an editorial position at a high-profile newspaper, claim your hate was pure “satire” and become a revered journalist based on your academic pedigree. Yep. Seems we need to, as Jeong says, “filter the content from the garbage” now more than ever because it stinks like the crap-infested streets of San Francisco up in here.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    “…and the other is a vainglorious, spoiled brat with a distorted view of epic proportions”
    And therefore suitable for Vox’s “sister” site The Verge,, the OBVIOUS stepping stone for the NYT “tech” /law segments.
    “Those who can, do…those who CAN’T, win awards, and paychecks from the NYT.

  • GWB says:

    who is (was, always will be)
    Though those are your words, and somewhat mocking, their veracity is indicative of the fact that progressivism is much more a religion than a mere philosophy or political concept.

    Isn’t everybody who doesn’t side with THEM?
    “NAZI” is their version of “heretic!” and the Twit mob is their version of “burn her, she’s a witch!”

    her publication, The Internet of Garbage
    Well, that title certainly speaks to what appears to be her area of expertise. And something to which she contributes regularly.

    right-wing internet mobs that have been especially active of late
    Say WHUT?!?
    I will admit the ‘right’ has almost as much of a problem with dumb “outrage” as the progs do, but that’s … dumb.
    weaponizing their old jokes and tweets
    No, it’s not weaponizing, it’s telling the truth. Also known as “making them live by their own rules”.

  • Scott says:

    “weaponizing their old jokes and tweets”… interesting how they don’t think that way when the tweets are from a white male, or a conservative… no matter how old the tweets are, the left will pounce on anything ever tweeted by anyone they disagree with, but when someone points out crap like this (usually much more recent posts, and much more in line with the current behavior of the individual involved), they lose their collective shit…. go figure…well, proggies gotta be proggies…

  • MikeyParks says:

    And yet another reason NOT to subscribe to or read the NYT. Never put money in unfriendly pockets.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    “Jeong is a venerated tech culture journalist with a broad range of expertise . . . .”

    Really, Vox? Venerated?

    From – Venerate – to regard or treat with reverence; revere.

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