Truscott Thinks It’s Accurate to Compare Trump to Hitler -Again

Truscott Thinks It’s Accurate to Compare Trump to Hitler -Again

Truscott Thinks It’s Accurate to Compare Trump to Hitler -Again

This week. The tragic photo of a Salvadoran man and his daughter dominated the news and it comes as no surprise that journalists like Lucien K. Truscott IV at Salon seized the opportunity once again to liken Donald Trump to Hitler. Again. Color us shocked.

Our very own Victory Girl, Kim, wrote about the circumstances surrounding this viral photo a few days back. While we highlighted Salon’s Full Godwin LAST week, (insert James William Bottomtooth voice here) Lucien K. Truscott IV claims that THIS week would be “accurate” to compare Trump to the likes of Adolf Hitler.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to figure out how the entire nation of Germany, all of its ordinary citizens living in cities and towns and villages across the country, could have stood by while their own government rounded up people and stuck them in hastily built, disgusting concentration camps, and then proceeded to kill them by gas or bullets or starvation or overwork or disease or simple filth and neglect.

This was the week I think I finally understood it. What happened in Nazi Germany didn’t affect their own lives, it happened away from them, it happened to “others,” to people who were not like them, whom they had been conditioned to hate, and it happened at the direction of a leader they admired and revered. And it happened with the overt or tacit approval of their fellow citizens all around them.”-Lucien K. Truscott IV

Excuse me while I bang my head against the desk.

Their own government rounded up people? Yes, they rounded up people. They pulled them from their neighborhoods and homes and placed them in these horrible conditions while others around them were oblivious. Individuals who were sent to concentration camps did not want to flee their homes. They were taken. They died trying to escape the horror inside the concentration camps, not seek asylum inside of them. Nazi concentration camps were not “hastily built”. They were engineered. They were specifically designed to carry out the atrocities that they did.

Let’s contrast this with what is going on at our borders. Rosa Ramírez, the mother of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez who drowned crossing the Rio Grande with his daughter this week, stated that her son and his family were fleeing oppressive gang violence in their city. Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez determined that a fate in a holding camp on the U.S. Border was a better one than staying in Mexico. Unfortunately and tragically, this was not the case.

The hastily built “concentration camps” laden with filth and sickness. Is there a crisis? Yes. Do we need to get a handle on this? Yes. Are these “concentration camps”? Truscott the Fourth seems to think so as he cites this story from The New Yorker:

There are some other stories that we’ve heard from the children, such as that one of the guards has an older child, who’s seventeen, serve as the unofficial guard inside the room. So he tells the kids what to do, and he tries to keep the room neat and straighten up the mattresses and everything. Now, the guards reward him with extra food, and when a seven-year-old saw that this older boy was getting extra food by being helpful, he asked if he could help clean up the room and keep it neat so that he, too, could get extra food. And the seventeen-year-old chastised him for this, and then when an older sibling tried to stand up for his little brother, the guard intervened and reprimanded both the little boy and his older brother.

There is a word for this: Kapo. It’s the German word for a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp picked by guards to watch over other prisoners. Kapos were spared from hard labor and given extra food and blankets and privileges, but if they failed to supervise their fellow concentration camp victims to the guards’ satisfaction, they were reprimanded and returned to the regular camp population.-Lucien K. Truscott IV

Yep, Truscott. That is exactly what is going on in these “hastily built” camps that are probably lacking in necessary resources and understaffed! How was this young man reprimanded? My guess is that Kapos in Nazi Germany did not get a second chance if they screwed up. Reprimand was probably followed by a firing squad or something equally as morbid.

While Truscott claims his faith in humanity has been restored by a West Point classmate’s offer to take in an immigrant family, he is still holding firm on his stance that these camps liken our President to Adolf Hitler. No mention from him as to whether or not he will be also taking in an illegal family. We’re waiting. Our guess is Truscott is too busy. You know, he’s fighting the “good” fight and convincing the masses who read Salon that it’s okay for them to walk out on their jobs at a company who has taken the contract to ship beds to these facilities for the children so they don’t have to sleep on cold floors in the name of solidarity. Right.

By this philosophy, shouldn’t we then look to our city mayors and state governments and liken them to Hitler as well? Take some of our major cities as an example. Medieval-style plagues in Los Angeles. Feces-laden streets in San Francisco. Piles of waste and dirty heroin needles in Seattle. People forced to live in tents and in communities where addiction and violence are rampant. I don’t see anyone on the left calling out London Breed, Eric Garcetti, or Jenny Durkan for being “Nazis”. Wouldn’t that be “accurate”? Yet, educated, upper-middle-class white Democrats step over this filth and oppression and ignore it every day to grab their avocado toast and soy lattes in the same state of oblivion. And they continue to vote for these people time and time again. Come again, who’s brainwashed here?

But…but…but this is it. This is the week. Salon and Lucien K. Truscott IV say so. This is the week to compare Trump to Hitler.

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    • George E says:

      The story about the late Mr. Martinez, by AP, said Martinez wanted to get into the US to make money to build a house back in El Salvador. He planned to stay few years here and then return. His mother, the story said, begged him not to go. Nothing about fleeing gang violence.

  • Scott says:

    Truscott’s ancestors are rolling in their graves! His grandfather fought actual Nazi’s and would probably slap the stupid out of this dipshit if given the chance.. another example of the crap that ended up in West Point and the other Service Academies thanks to clintoon and obama…

  • Bob Kingsbery says:

    For someone who has spent his entire life trying to understand Nazi Germany, Truscott is oblivious to the fact that “ordinary citizens” of Germany wholeheartedly approved of and eagerly participated in the Holocaust. He should read “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” by Daniel Goldhagen.

    To compare illegal immigration to the Holocaust is an insult to America in general and Jews in particular. Mr. Truscott is either ignorant or despicable. Or both.

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