Trump: Support GA Senators, Get Revenge

Trump: Support GA Senators, Get Revenge

Trump: Support GA Senators, Get Revenge

It really does all come down to the Senate. And President Trump knows it.

For those who missed the rally last night in Georgia, the president has pretty much admitted that the vote recounts and the courts are not going to go his way, and as a result, keeping the Senate in Republican hands is enormously important. The entire rally can be seen here:

While it would be great if Team Trump could produce evidence, that means that the courts have to see real evidence of election fraud on a scale that could overturn a massive number of votes. And unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what we all believe on an individual level. What matters is what Team Trump can prove to the courts. Affidavits and anecdotal testimony aside, we have not seen a “kraken” that can be upheld in court yet. Time is running out. The rally in Georgia is the first time that President Trump has even indirectly admitted to the likelihood that he might not be in the White House after January 20th.

Again, this makes the Senate runoff races in Georgia absolutely HUGE. And it is to President Trump’s credit that he got up in front of an extremely enthusiastic crowd to get out the vote.

Not only did he excite the crowd, the president gave them a motive.

President Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he used the word “revenge.” Revenge is a powerful motive. In the face of probable electoral defeat, what would be the best way for Georgia to really stick it to Biden? Make sure Mitch McConnell stays in control in the Senate. The stakes are astronomically high, because we know what may come if Chuck Schumer is in charge of the Senate, with Nancy Pelosi hanging on to a razor-thin majority in the House and a Joe Biden puppet in the White House. If you think the game is rigged now, just wait until the courts are packed, the electoral college is gone, and the Senate attempts to add two more states – Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico – with reliably Democrat-held seats. “Rigged” won’t even be the word to use anymore. We run a real risk of being a one-party country at the national level, where the best chance the GOP would have to block anything would be by retaking the House. The Senate in permanent Democrat control would be a monumental disaster for the country, and the push for statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico clearly indicates where the long game is headed. The Democrats would rig the game to the point that they could never lose again.

Did they do that this time with the votes? With the media doing the dirty work for them, I really don’t think that much had to be done. Team Trump is running out of time to prove anything in court.

Now, the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) are not going to quit once they think they have power, because they do know that President Trump is an extremely popular figure. The rhetoric and the name calling will not ever end until we all kneel before Zod and confess our sins.

The battle for the White House is important, but that battle is out of our hands now and in the legal realm. The battle we CAN affect right now is the fight to hold the Senate. The consequences of losing are dire. Revenge may be the best motivator that Donald Trump could have brought up, and it is perfectly fitting. We have seen what happens when the Democrats control both the legislative and executive branches. That would be called the first two years of the Obama administration, from 2009-2011. Remember what we got out of that? Obamacare. Cash for Clunkers. Solyndra. And when the Tea Party rose up to protest, we got the IRS and Lois Lerner making lives miserable with the power of the federal government.

No one can possibly want that again, and if Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, the best defense that we can have against an incredibly weak-willed Democrat who will be led around by the nose by his vice-president (and maybe by his dog’s tail) is a Republican majority in the Senate.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. President Trump appealed to people’s passions at the rally, but he spoke of cold realities. It’s time to dish out that revenge back to the Democrats.

Featured image: President Donald Trump via White House Flickr (official White House photo by by Shealah Craighead), public domain

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  • Aussie Supporter says:

    If the Republicans lose the Senate, there is ZERO chance of digging out the vote fraud or all the other corruption around the 2020 elections.There will be a ZERO chance of cleaning up the FBI or DOJ either.

    The Senate can continue to investigate, even though corrupt Judges are blocking even the most simplest of requests.

    Please do your best to drag out the Republican voters in Georgia.

    If the USA falls, the whole Western World will soon follow.

    Australian Supporter

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