UK Prime Minister’s Support Dropping Like May Flies [VIDEO]

UK Prime Minister’s Support Dropping Like May Flies [VIDEO]

UK Prime Minister’s Support Dropping Like May Flies [VIDEO]

When last we saw the Prime Minister of England, Theresa May had just emerged bruised and tumbled from a Monday that left her three ministers short and her government on life support. In the intervening week, she’s had the President of the United States come calling, met her globalist European Union sister for a NATO get together, and then had to get back to the UK to massage Tory vs Labor Brexit tensions again. 

How’s that going?

Pretty awfully, judging by the reports out of London Monday evening. The Brexiteers were in full throated rebellion after the “soft Brexit” plans emerged last weekend – and cost May three of her ministers, including Boris Johnson. They are determined to force the Prime Minister into enacting the exit from the European Union that British citizens voted for. First chance to draw blood were Brexit amendments Monday night, to the softened customs agreements from last weekend.

May survives Tory Brexit rebellion with narrow Commons victory – as it happened

Two amendments proposed by the hard Brexit-backing European Research Group (ERG) of Tory backbenchers passed by only three votes. Three Labour MPs backed both of the amendments, while a suspended Labour MP backed one. Two others were approved by MPs on the nod.

The defence minister, Guto Bebb, resigned in order to rebel against the government.

Theresa May denied rolling over to the ERG, saying she was happy to listen to MPs on legislation. She also denied her acceptance of the group’s amendments meant her Chequers deal was dead.

The anti-Brexit Tory MP, Anna Soubry, launched a vicious Commons attack on opponents in her own party. But she declined to push her own amendments to a vote, saying she wanted to give May’s plan a chance.

In what is sure to make every average American smirk, Tory “remain” types lost their minds at the thought of these filthy, half-washed Brexit types gumming up their soft exit/don’t-really-wanna-exit-at-all works. And dang if the language wasn’t downright…deplorable.

One junior minister, Guto Bebb, resigned rather than support the ERG customs union amendment, which narrowly passed by 305 to 302. A total of 14 Tory remainers voted against the government, while three Labour MPs and former Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins voted the other way. A second ERG amendment, preventing the UK joining in with the EU’s VAT regime post-Brexit, passed 303 to 300.

A frustrated Soubry had told the Commons: “The only reason that the government has accepted these amendments is because it is frightened of somewhere in the region of 40 members of parliament – the hard, no-deal Brexiteers, who should have been seen off a long time ago and should be seen off.

She asked: “Who is in charge…is it the prime minister or is it the member for North East Somerset [Jacob Rees-Mogg]”? Her remainer colleague Dominic Grieve said of the amendments: “The only intention behind their tabling was malevolent.”

ERG Chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg -Getty Images

So the folks who were – and have been – trying to prod, pry and push the government into actually enacting WHAT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR are being sneered at (and called “malevolent” no less) by the entrenched, who like their E.U., thank you very much.

Where have I seen this movie before?

Moan and groan, moan and groan.

‘Is Jacob Rees-Mogg in charge?’ Remoaners spark UPROAR over Theresa May Brexit concessions

PRO-EUROPEAN Tory MPs sparked uproar in Parliament last night after Brexiteers won a successful bid for Theresa May to harden her soft Brexit plan.

…She avoided a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons by just three votes, but her climbdown left pro-EU MPs frustrated and enraged.

It’s amazing how they’re always “outraged” when it goes the way the peasants voted. Great googly moogly. They’re SO transparent.

How transparent?

Ministers were last night understood to be considering an attempt to start the Commons summer break early in an attempt to shore up the Prime Minister’s position.

“RUN AWAY!!!” Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If Theresa May were a PM of Thatcherite spine, she’d have listened to the guest with a baby balloon in his honor. Donald Trump may not know St. James Court talk, but he knows “COURT” talk and offered a up a friendly pointer:

At a news conference Friday, Donald Trump said he gave a suggestion to British Prime Minister Theresa May that she found “too brutal.” May finally revealed what that piece of advice was during an interview with the BBC Sunday. “He told me I should sue the EU.” May then repeated the gist of the message: “Sue the EU, not go into negotiations with them, sue them.” May said she was ignoring the U.S. president’s advice. “Actually we’re going into negotiations with them,” she said.


Negotiations. Of course she is. Hey. All a guy can do is try.

You can lead a horse to water and a PM to Brexit. But if the horse doesn’t want to drink and the Prime Minister doesn’t want to leave…well.

The end result is the same. The PM just makes more noise going over.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    They could always appoint some freshly minted religion of peace immigrants to the UK ministry of defence.
    Churchill is spinning in his grave right about now.
    Herr Comrade Fraü could always do the same after all in every immigrant there is a German just waiting to get out.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    I knew from the moment the referendum passed that the establishment types would fight it tooth and nail. And here we are, with a PM who was a “Remain” “leading” the Brexit. What a cluster.

  • […] Theresa May’s support continues to decline The entire Brexit situation is a mess. In short, Theresa May’s government finally came out with a Brexit plan, which was a “non-Brexit” or “Brexit in name only”. A large chunk of her own party promptly revolted. […]

  • Mac says:

    As we saw with Obama, it’s tough when there is a traitor at the head of your government. What makes it tougher in Britain is that the traitor is at the head of the only major sane party. I’d love to see Nigel as PM but UKIP just isn’t big enough and quite probably never will be.

  • Beege Welborn says:

    There was no way May was going to cut the deal the voters approved and, as in most cases when betters are stymied by their inferiors, she is absolutely gobsmacked at the resulting collapsed pudding.

    The rest of the week isn’t getting any better for Miss Wishy-Washy Wanna Remain, judging by the current headline:

    “Tory MP Philip Davies submits letter of no confidence in Theresa May
    …Tory MP Philip Davies has submitted a letter of no confidence in Theresa May to the chair of the backbench 1922 Committee, saying he has “lost trust” in her ability to deliver the EU referendum result.

    In correspondence with his constituents, the MP for Shipley said the prime minister’s Chequers plan for Brexit is “unacceptable” and failure to deliver Brexit could end with Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister.

    “This has not been an easy decision and I have agonised over it, but I know in my heart of hearts it is the right decision,” Mr Davies said…”

    47 more Conservative MPs send along “I’m very disappointed in you” notes?
    Somebody’s government comes tumbling down.

    Stay tuned.

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