Trudeau: To Be Free, You WILL Obey Me

Trudeau: To Be Free, You WILL Obey Me

Trudeau: To Be Free, You WILL Obey Me

The invoking of the Emergencies Act was necessary says Justin Trudeau. Why? Because it will give everyone their freedom even as he is using it to compel people to obey him.

Yes, it will free everyone from the supposedly incessant honking, will keep the streets clear of bouncy castles and hot tubs, and ensure everyone will finally get their Amazon orders on time. 

Am I being a bit sarcastic? Why yes I am. As I noted in an earlier post, I have no sympathy for the whiners and zero cares to give for those who are pointing out the inconveniences and dangers of someone who might need medical care. The left started this, Trudeau kneeled with them, and didn’t lift one finger to stop the protests in 2020. 

But NOW, since this flies right in the face of the entire ‘shut down the world for two weeks’ Covid narrative, this must not stand, so let’s invoke Canada’s Emergencies Act in the name of …freedom. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history to give the federal government temporary powers to handle ongoing blockades and protests against pandemic restrictions.

“It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement’s ability to effectively enforce the law,” Trudeau told a news conference Monday afternoon.

“It is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy. It is now an illegal occupation. It’s time for people to go home.”

Trudeau said the measures will be geographically targeted and “reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address.”

The BLM/George Floyd protests that led to damage, looting, and trashing the place were totally fine. There was zero discussion of the Emergencies Act then. 

But now, when it’s the truckers who’ve been holding the country together in the midst of Covid mandate overreach, the punishments shall begin. 

Keep in mind, many in Parliament have had enough of Trudeau and are, along with key legal scholars, pointing out that A. Parliament has to approve this within seven days, B. Answer questions as to if the threshold of ‘threat to national security of the whole of Canada’ has been met. 

Is there a compelling legal argument that gives credence to invoking the Emergencies Act? Trudeau, thus far, has not answered that. Which tells me he’s scrambling after the fact to make his case. Especially since he’s had ample opportunity to meet with the truckers, but instead went and hid under his bed.

Even as provinces are suddenly lifting mandates, while claiming it really isn’t because of the trucking protests, Trudeau is digging in his heels. Members of his cabinet gleefully announced that yes, they will confiscate your money if you supported the truckers monetarily. 

Yes, WITHOUT a warrant, if you do not obey Trudeau, your funds can be frozen in punishment. I just LOVE the implication that anyone supporting the truckers is either a money launderer or a terrorist. Lots of freedom there. TONS. 

Keep in mind, this is all in the name of “safety” and giving everyone their freedom back. You too can have your freedom, as long as you obey the freedom rules we put in place. 

“We’re not using the emergencies act to call in the military. We are not suspending fundamental rights or overriding the charter of rights and freedoms. We are not limiting people’s freedom of speech. We are not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly. We are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest legally. We are reinforcing the principles, values and institutions that keep all Canadians free,” Trudeau asserted.

Except that Trudeau is doing exactly the opposite. He IS limiting peaceful assembly! He IS preventing people’s right to protest. His authoritarian name-calling rhetoric HAS divided Canadians for months. And what he is reinforcing is government power, not Canadian freedom. 

Burning down small businesses and murdering people is just freedom of expression. Honking at the prime minister is definitely terrorism.

Trudeau has always been about the state. He’s always been about power. Now, he is using that power, even as at premiers of at least four provinces oppose this move. As noted above, he will use the Emergencies Act as a financial bludgeon to compel Canadians to obey, or else. Nope, he doesn’t need the military now. He’s just going to use the banks. All in the name of “freedom.” You will be compelled to obey or you will lose your financial assets. 

Trudeau isn’t about freedom, he never was.

It isn’t the truckers spreading hate and fear while holding dance parties, grilling hot dogs, and lounging in portable hot tubs. It’s the government who continue to divide, and by these actions is dishing out hate and fear by the bucket loads. 

But it’s ok Canada! You are free, as long as you obey your overlord. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Trudeau caricature by Donkeyhotey via Flickr, cropped and modified

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