Convoy For Freedom Truckers Threatened With Arrest

Convoy For Freedom Truckers Threatened With Arrest

Convoy For Freedom Truckers Threatened With Arrest

Truckers from every part of Canada are headed to the capitol city of Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates. The Convoy for Freedom began after the Canadian government ended the the two week quarantine exemption for unvaccinated truckers and other “essential” workers on January 15, 2022. While some of the convoy began arriving yesterday, the majority of the truckers are expected to arrive today, January 29.

Everyone with the sense of a nematode knows that during the Covid-19 scandemic, truck drivers have kept us all fed and clothed. Truckers are not known to gather in large groups breathing their aerosolized Covid on others. They spend most of their time isolated in the cabs of their trucks. And, we know now that even those with three of the “vaccines” can spread the ‘Rona. So, it can only be the love of power that leads the fascists to keep us locked down, demanding more shots and passports.

Speaking of fascists, let us examine what “blackface” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has to say about the convoy headed his way:

Because “blackface” Trudeau is the arbiter of what are and what aren’t “acceptable views”.

Unfortunately, it’s not just our friendly neighbors to the North who are applying mandates to isolated truckers:

A Covid-19 vaccination requirement that will bar unvaccinated drivers of freight trucks coming from Canada to deliver goods across the American border this month may exacerbate supply chain issues for auto parts, experts say.

An estimated 12,000 drivers could be prohibited from entering the United States under the mandate that may take effect Saturday, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Where are our American truckers? They, too, should be protesting this nonsense. Great Britain and Spain have declared the ‘Rona endemic and lifted most silly mandates. I never found Russell Brand very funny as a comedian, but I am digging him as a political commentator. Here he asks why the mainstream media isn’t covering the Canadian trucker convoy and why they were heroes last year and zeroes this year. Let’s ask the medical personnel fired about that one, shall we?

The truckers are mostly vaccinated, as Brand says, but that’s not the point. Between Creepy Joe Biden and Blackface Trudeau as many as 12,000 truckers could be prevented from crossing the border.

While Justin Trudeau finds the views of the convoy the minority and unacceptable, the First Nations people of Canada are standing with the truckers:

First Nations, Hutterite communities, and Canadian veterans are coming together to show support for the Freedom Convoy, says Dave MacKenzie, owner of Canadian Trucking Magazine.

The Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) First Nations and the Mi’kmaq Nation participated in convoy celebrations, MacKenzie told the Western Standard.

The tribes were set up near convoy routes in Manitoba and were offering to smudge drivers who wanted to participate.

“I just smudged with my brothers and sisters on the side of the highway,” said convoy organizer, Pat King, on a Facebook live video.

In Henley, Manitoba, the RCMP closed the TransCanada Highway and escorted the convoy through the region safely, said MacKenzie.

MacKenzie said Hutterite colonies and Canadian veterans have been advocating for the freedom convoy which is protesting vaccine mandates.

About 25 Hutterite communities came together to feed truckers.

The Hutterites followed the convoy into Ontario, bringing thousands of dollars in food to those participating, said MacKenzie.

While our mainstream media has not covered the convoy, the Canadian media has downplayed the number of truckers who are participating. The videos show a different story.
Podcaster Joe Rogan and Tesla founder Elon Musk support the Canadian convoy. The Washington Post calls the convoy “toxic” and “Trumpist”:

Those taking part are on their way, ostensibly, to protest pandemic measures, including vaccine mandates for truckers, but that’s just the tip of the spear. The leadership of the group is promising to remain peaceful, but the convoy is made up of many individuals and far-right groups that have embraced the convoy as a Canadian version of the Jan. 6 rioting in the United States. The movement shares an affinity with Trumpist toxic authoritarianist politics. Indeed, the convoy has received attention from Donald Trump Jr. Police and security services are preparing for the worst as experts express concern about the online vitriol and journalists covering the convoy are harassed.

The leaders of the convoy are being very careful to make sure this doesn’t turn into a January 6 riot. That is exactly what the elite power brokers desire. The government has threatened to arrest the truckers and Ottawa has upped her police force.

We shall see when the majority of the convoy arrives in Ottawa. God bless them.

Featured Image: Victoria Pickering/ Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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  • Nina Bookout says:

    I’ll note that some of the media here in the US has covered the trucker story. HOWEVER, their coverage is incredibly slanted. Yesterday, ABC News gleefully reported that many may be arrested. Washington Post prints a cartoon labeling the truckers as fascists, and follows up with a piece several hours later labeling all the truckers as dangerous lunatic racist extremists who’ve drunk the Trump kool aid. And…their narrative is set.

  • Cameron says:

    Our media only gives good coverage to approved protests. “Thousands of loyal citizens turned out in a spontaneous show of support for our Glorious Leader Biden for his work on curing Covid!”

  • Scott says:

    “The leaders of the convoy are being very careful to make sure this doesn’t turn into a January 6 riot.”.. Then they better make damn sure they’re not infiltrated by govt sponsored provocateurs…

    ” The movement shares an affinity with Trumpist toxic authoritarianist politics. “.. I know, I know, I’m trying to apply logic to leftists, but for the love of all that’s Holy, can someone explain to me how exactly, is protesting government overreach (one might say authoritarianism) is indicative of sharing “authoritarianist politics”

    • SDN says:

      Since the Canadian Truckers Association, the government union they all “belong to”, is siding with the government, government sponsored provocateurs are guaranteed.

  • opus says:

    The desperation in Progville here and in Canada is unmistakeable. They are scared s***less and know their ascendancy is over next fall. People can’t ignore that progressiveism is a failed and toxic world view any longer. The mask is off and even people that eschew politics realize what these rat b**tards have been up to the last two years and have had it. The reckoning will be delightful and delicious.

  • Jason R Etter says:

    Those truckers would have been a lot smarter if they went on “strike”. No false flag opportunities there. Bare store shelves will mean more to the average person than a bunch of trucks parked in the middle of a city.

    • Al Griffin says:

      No. I went out on the 23rd to cheer on the Convoy, and again yesterday to support the local one heading for the Provincial Legislature. I have felt isolated and alone for so long that the sheer number of people out doing the same thing as me came as a shock. We needed this. And we’ll win.

  • docweasel says:

    Just the phrase “unacceptable views” really grates. Who the hell does Trudeau think he is, god almighty? Who made him arbiter of what is and what is not “acceptable”? Time for this pinko to go, he’s managed to finesse the various corruption scandals, hopefully this will bring him down for good.

  • Dr. Mongo says:

    I have to agree with Justin Trudeau about The View being unacceptable.
    Especially that wide load old hag with the wild hair and the crazy eyes, she scares me!
    Her name is Joy something or other….

  • ontoiran says:

    yes…arrest them all. THAT will like totally solve all the supply chain issues.

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