Trudeau Blinks: Emergencies Act Revoked

Trudeau Blinks: Emergencies Act Revoked

Trudeau Blinks: Emergencies Act Revoked

Suddenly there’s no longer an emergency, so Trudeau has revoked Canada’s Emergencies Act. Yes, this announcement came out of the blue. 

Keep in mind that the protests were so peaceful no buildings were vandalized, no stores looted, and nothing was burned down. Yet, according to another Canadian news outlet, these protestors revealed the “ugly side of freedom.” 

Oh yes, the freedom to make your own choices is so ugly isn’t it? The truckers kept and keep the country going. But, finally, the demands and mandates were just too much. So, they protested. What Trudeau do? He ran and hid. Then he tried to demonize the truckers. He issued a major insult directly to an elected official, Melissa Lantsman, during a Parliament session, and has refused to apologize for essentially claiming she’s a fan of Hitler.

One of the leaders of the trucker protest is still in jail. Tamara Lich had her bail revoked because the court decided she “might” commit a future crime.  Do you know what kind of leaders do that to their citizens? Dictators. 

Trudeau said meetings with police and public safety experts during the past two days “reassured” his government that existing policing tools could prevent future occupations.

The decision comes two days after Trudeau’s government won a confidence vote over its use of the Act. The emergency measures brought police to Ottawa from around the country to dislodge “Freedom Convoy” occupiers who seized control of streets in the downtown core.

While circumstances have changed since the measures were declared 10 days ago, Trudeau said the threat of illegal protests and potential future unlawful blockades, spurred by misinformation, remains

There’s his favorite word again. “Misinformation.” Anyone who doesn’t agree with his edicts and speaks out against them is trafficking in misinformation. In other words, no one is allowed to disagree with him. His feelings got hurt because the truckers refused to fall in line, hence his putting the Emergencies Act in motion. 

The Parliament, per Trudeau’s wishes, approved the continuation of the tyrannical Emergencies Act. However, the Canadian Senate still needed to vote in order to have the Act fully empowered. 

Oh I just bet that the internal polling was a train wreck for Trudeau. That’s the ONLY reason I can think of that he suddenly back pedaled this afternoon. Not only that, but there is no longer the money power grab. Yep, accounts that have been frozen are suddenly free again. 

Canadian authorities have lifted freezes on hundreds of bank accounts belonging to “Freedom Convoy” protesters and their supporters eight days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his government the go-ahead to target demonstrators who had camped out in the country’s capital for three weeks.

Authorities had also seized the bank accounts associated with protest organizers as well as any business tied to the blockade of truckers upset over COVID-19 restrictions.

Isabelle Jacques, as assistant deputy minister in Canada’s Department of Finance, told a House of Commons committee on Tuesday that the banks had begun unlocking accounts.

“The vast majority of assets are in the process of being unfrozen,” she said.

I really have to wonder how many hundreds of thousands of calls and emails were flooding Parliament, Senate, and Trudeau’s cabinet? Because this move was absolutely not expected. 

Then again, he showed a total lack of self awareness yesterday when he condemned Russia for invading Ukraine. I would imagine he was called out for that as well. 

According to him, there was justification for this. 

Oh no, you don’t get to weasel your way out of this. Since the Emergencies Act had been created, it had NEVER been enacted to ‘keep Canadians safe.’ Covid wasn’t that much of an emergency, nor was 9/11. But now that some truckers spoke up? Lets swing that power bat! 

Justin Trudeau and his cabinet made a very bad move two weeks ago. That was apparent from the get go. 

Now, SUDDENLY, he’s back tracking. Why?

Conservative leader Candice Bergen stated that invoking the Emergencies Act was wrong from the start.

“Today’s announcement is proof that the prime minister was wrong when he invoked the Emergencies Act,” she said in a statement. “Nothing has changed between Monday and today other than a flood of concerns from Canadian citizens, bad press, and international ridicule.”

Indeed, It was becoming readily apparent that A. He didn’t have the support of the Senate, and B. The entire country was turning against him. 

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  • JAW3 says:

    The vast majority of accounts were unfrozen! Why not ALL of the accounts were unfrozen?

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  • Bucky says:

    By doing this Castreau has mooted the pending court cases and he has avoided a possible defeat in the Senate. Therefore the invoking of the Emergencies Act is a fait accompli which has set the precedent and lowered the bar for future use, all without Castreau being held accountable.

  • Kris H says:

    Given the complete collapse of Trudeau here, it is almost certainly not polling. These guys are sure they can bald face it out. It was the banks. They money that yanked hard on his collars. Had he not frozen the assets, and gleefully done so, he’d still have his intoxicating emergency powers. But once 1% or so of holdings was withdrawn as cash, which might be like 5-15% of the total cash in existence (fractional banking means was more ‘money’ is on the books than exists as cash), the system was on its way to a national bank run.

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