Melissa Lantsman Demands An Apology From Trudeau

Melissa Lantsman Demands An Apology From Trudeau

Melissa Lantsman Demands An Apology From Trudeau

Another day, another slur by association uttered by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This time, though, you can tell that he REALLY did not consider the message and the messenger. The invoking of the Emergencies Act has not gone over well with the Canadian people, as can be seen by the apparent run on the banks after the announcement that any bank accounts that the government even thinks is giving money to the truckers can just be frozen for funsies. After all, the government must make sure that anyone trying to help the truckers will immediately feel the pain.

In the middle of this ongoing rush into full authoritarianism stepped Melissa Lantsman, a Conservative Member of Parliament who used Justin Trudeau’s own words against him to point out his overwhelming hypocrisy.

Lantsman, who became the first Jewish woman to be elected as a Conservative MP last October, read a 2015 quote from Trudeau when he said, “If Canadians are going to trust their government, their government needs to trust Canadians.”

Lantsman contrasted such a sentiment with Trudeau characterizing members of the Freedom Convoy as “very often misogynistic, racist, women-haters, science-deniers, the fringe.” Accusing him of fanning “the flames of an unjustified national emergency,” Lantsman demanded to know “When did the prime minister lose his way?”

How did Justin Trudeau respond to Melissa Lantsman? He implied that she was a Nazi by association, claiming that the truckers were waving swastika flags. Yes, you read that right.

“Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag,” Trudeau said in response. “We will choose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs, to be able to get their lives back. These illegal protests need to stop, and they will.”

Here’s how that looked and sounded when Justin “Not A Dictator, Just A Dick” Trudeau smeared Melissa Lantsman and the rest of the Conservatives in Parliament.

And the other Conservatives tried to wring an apology out of Trudeau, who just dug in and refused. After all, Trudeau’s entire narrative is wrapped around him being on the side of the angels, and these truckers are just harshing his mellow and making him look bad and not being obedient little sheep.

Well, Melissa Lantsman was rightfully furious at Justin Trudeau, and demanded a personal apology. Of course, by the time she got the floor back, Trudeau had already left the building.

Later in the session, after Trudeau left the lower chamber, Lantsman addressed what the prime minister said.”

“I am a strong Jewish woman and a member of this House and a descendant of Holocaust survivors and … it’s never been singled out, and I’ve never been made to feel less,” said Lantsman.”

“Except for today, when the prime minister accused me of standing with swastikas. I think he owes me an apology. I’d like an apology and I think he owes an apology to all members of this House.”

Melissa Lantsman went on Laura Ingraham’s show to slap Trudeau around.

And Melissa Lantsman is correct that Justin Trudeau has completely lost control of the situation in Ottawa. He’s pushing for the law to break people, because he refuses to actually show some leadership and consider what the people actually want. Right now, the truckers in Ottawa have been warned that if they stay and protest, they could lose their vehicle, their licenses, be fined or imprisoned for having minor children with them, and they’ll take your little dog, too.

The Conservatives of Canada like Melissa Lantsman and Leader Candice Bergen are trying to remind Justin Trudeau that he is not an elected dictator, no matter what he thinks. Trudeau isn’t going to listen – not to the truckers, not to Melissa Lantsman, not to anyone. His political future and his ego are now completely wrapped up in punishing those who have pointed out his hypocrisy and failures. The question in Canada right now isn’t if the truckers will concede or be crushed – it’s whether or not the Canadian parliamentary democracy can survive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Featured image: composite image of Melissa Lantsman (CanadianCon2020 via Wikimedia Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) and Justin Trudeau (Alex Guibord via Flickr, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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