Trigger Alert: Scott Adams Reveals Truth About #Election2016 Results

Trigger Alert: Scott Adams Reveals Truth About #Election2016 Results

Trigger Alert: Scott Adams Reveals Truth About #Election2016 Results

This could be bad. If I were Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, I would batten down the hatches. Why? Because of this:

This has not been the first time Adams rained on the Hillary Parade:

In the land of delusions, Adams attempts to be the voice of reason here. It has been a little over eight months and celebrities, journalists, college kids and people I know personally are still crying out the injustices of November’s results. “But she won the popular vote”, they say as if their educated minds completely blocked out the voting process that we learned in government classes back in the day. All of sudden, this process is unjust and corrupt and in need of reform. This was a process they praised back in 2012 when Barack Obama got elected for a second term! Our current President is laden with corruption, according to the same folks who completely ignored the inner-workings and shady dealings of the Clinton Mafia. “She won the popular vote and she deserved to be President (because she has female anatomy)” trumped any logical reason. (See what I did there?) They fail to realize that even in the event of an impeachment of Donald J. Trump, an event that for sure would bring sunshine and rainbow-spouting freaken unicorns in their world, Mike Pence would be in the oval office and would continue to carry-out a Conservative agenda. This is NOT a Miss Universe Pageant and Hillary did NOT get “second place”. Heck, she didn’t even get the “Miss Congeniality” award:

“You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.”-Hillary Clinton

And this is where I’m just going to put a pin in it and leave that quote right here.

As far as Scott Adams goes, I will continue to buy my husband his yearly daily Dilbert calendar for Christmas. “Pointy-Haired Boss” (PHB) cracks me up because I’ve worked with someone very much like that before (I think most of us have). I wonder if PHB is a Hillary supporter?

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  • Wfjag says:

    To understand that Hil-liar-y is not in line for the Presidency and that the Electoral College elects the President and Vice President, they would have to read the Constitution (or, at least have had a Civics class in High School). Studies Majors are taught ideology, not facts or how to do research.

    • GWB says:

      To understand … they would have to read the Constitution have some connection with reality

      FIFY 🙂

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