The Five Biggest Losers Of The Mueller Report

The Five Biggest Losers Of The Mueller Report

The Five Biggest Losers Of The Mueller Report

It’s been just shy of two years since Robert Mueller was appointed special prosecutor, charged with digging up whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

Nearly two years later and millions of dollars spent, we get a Emily Litella-style “never mind” from the Mueller report. The criminal charges and convictions that have come about as a result have not been directly related to the campaign itself, or been perjury-related.

With the Mueller report all that anyone in the media can talk about (this is what happens when the news drops on a Friday that it’s been delivered and the four-page summary is released on a Sunday), here are the five biggest losers in the wake of the report’s release.

1) Hillary Clinton

Yes, Hillary. At long last, she and her supporters are faced with the monumental task of realizing that she lost to Donald Trump all by herself with no help at all.

So, Democrats, accept this fact: The 2016 campaign is finally over. Clinton sank. And Trump soared — without Russia’s help. Your two-year-plus campaign of finger-pointing and excuse making is for naught. Get over it. Swallow the fact that your nominee squandered a race that she should have secured. And she blew it all on her own.”

Democrats now should move on and help govern this nation. They should negotiate, compromise, and otherwise work with the legitimately and duly elected president of the United States: Donald J. Trump.”

Now, I fully acknowledge that Hillary is congentially incapable of accepting responsibility for her own mistakes. That’s fine. Let her live in her own delusional bubble. History will remember and mark Hillary Clinton as the cause of her own failures.

2) Conspiracy Congressmen

Bless their pathetic little hearts, they’re still trying. From Adam Schiff to Eric Swalwell to Pramila Jayapal to Jerry Nadler, they’re all trying to find something in this report to pin to Donald Trump.

It’s apparent that they are quite firmly in the denial stage right now. It remains to be seen if the rest of the stages of grief will play out this publicly.

3) The Media Hacks

After two years of spinning themselves into a tizzy, this happened:
The media is going to have an even worse time coming to grips with the conclusions of this report.

You could almost find it in your hearts to feel sorry for them, if they hadn’t brought this upon themselves.

4) Comey and the FBI

Oh, where to begin. Maybe here, with Kimberley Strassel:

1) On the #NoCollusion findings of Mueller’s report. It’s worth recognizing that this is more than an exoneration. It’s a searing indictment of the FBI.”

2) If you are going to investigate a presidential campaign, and on a charge as grave as collusion, and with the heavy-handed tactics the FBI employed–you’d better have a highly convincing reason to act. The Mueller report is a judgment that never was any real evidence.”

3) The Papadopoulos conversation was always thin gruel. And the Mueller findings now prove the dossier was a fabrication. The country now deserves a full accounting of how the FBI blew this so badly–so that it doesn’t happen again.”

4) If Mueller has done his job, he will address some of this. But the real accounting needs to come from a full declassification of FBI/DOJ probe docs. Mueller report is only half the story. Time to go back to the beginning, to how we got a special counsel in first place.”

James Comey, fired FBI director, just had to share his deep thoughts on Twitter.

However, Senator Lindsey Graham had the perfect response.

Game. Set. Match. Lindsey Graham 2.0 wins this round. As the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the senator is perfectly positioned to get some answers from Comey. Here’s hoping that he gets some. I’d love nothing more than to see James Comey having to explain himself in front of Lindsey Graham, and not getting softballs from a supportive crowd.

5) Robert Mueller

Wait, you say. How can Mueller be a loser at the end of his own report? That’s easy. He was supposed to be the Democrats’ Santa Claus. But in their eyes, he ended up being the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. And now he is reviled by the left for not delivering on overhyped promises, and scorned by the right for wasting time and money in a report that came up with nothing. And now Democrats in Congress want to drag Mueller in to give them a full accounting. So yes, Robert Mueller has proved that you can indeed lose out at the end of your job (something Ken Starr could have told him if he had asked).

The fallout from the Mueller report is sure to continue for a while – longer if a more full (but most likely redacted due to grand jury testimony) copy of the report is ever made available. But the eggs of history seem to have landed on some faces, and these five losers now look to be quite the mess.

Featured image: Robert Mueller, from 2011 (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

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  • Skillyboo says:

    The witchhunt has turned in the no WMD’s found story for the dems. All their and their propaganda media’s credibility is lost and they’ve been exposed as the anti American party. And it’s well deserved. How dare they try to destroy a sitting president and his family accusing them of treason. Now they’ve, the left, have been exposed as traitors to American rule of law. Let the hammer of justice drop on them so hard that a special prison must be built for them.

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