Mueller Report Spinning Up Trump Derangement Syndrome

Mueller Report Spinning Up Trump Derangement Syndrome

Mueller Report Spinning Up Trump Derangement Syndrome

One of the things that those of us who are cynical cranks knew beyond onotological certitude is that the release of the Mueller Report initial findings by Attorney General Bill Barr would mean absolutely diddly squat to the vast Democrat Media Industrial Complex. The spinning up of the Trump Derangement Syndrome is the only result that was possible. Anyone who thought the Dems would accept the Mueller Report finding needs to put her unicorn in the stable and leave Fairyland.

The heaving bosoms waiting for the Report were all convinced that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, obstructed justice and killed several paraplegic kittens. Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty. No other outcome was acceptable. Even though only a few completely deranged Dems would say the “I” word, the impeachment of Donald J. Trump was the only endgame. They all new it to the bottom of their gnarly feet. The goal was to teach all of us “Deplorables” a lesson. Stay quiet and let our betters “RULE” us.

Alas, despite Mueller’s ham-handed tactics and far reaching probe, he couldn’t get the goods on the bad orange man. USA Today has the investigation by the numbers:

– 675: The number of days from when Mueller was appointed to the day he turned in his report to Barr.

– 34: people indicted as a result of Mueller’s investigation, including Russian nationals and several former Trump aides and advisors.

– 19: lawyers who were employed by the special counsel’s office, according to a letter Barr sent to Congress on Sunday.

– About 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other staff that assisted with the investigation.

– More than 2,800 subpoenas issued by the Special Counsel’s office, that’s an average of at least four per day.

– Nearly 500 search warrants executed.

– More than 230 orders for communication records.

– Nearly 50 authorized orders for the use of pen registers, a tool that lets the government know who someone is communicating with and when, but not what they said.

– 13 evidence requests to foreign governments

– 500 witnesses interviewed

– $25 millionin posted costs as of February

Could anyone of us withstand that kind of scrutiny?

Dem President Candidates Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker tweeted:

And Rep. Jerrold Nadler aka Fat Bastard tweeted:

But the spinning on the legacy and cable channels was legit beyond deranged. Skimming through channels, I saw one man say that the Mueller Report doesn’t matter because Trump commits two to three impeachable offenses every day. This morning on the unwatchable “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, the hosts and their guests called AG Barr “Trumps hand picked” AG, like, um, wasn’t he confirmed by the Senate. And, of course, Robert Mueller was misread in his conclusions.

Last night, “Morning Joe”‘s Joe weighed in:

Yeah, Joe, this was all about a Tower in Moscow. Douche.

Spinning, spinning, spinning. Naturally, the Dems want the full report and will subpoena Mueller and make him confess, and they will continue to investigate until Donald Trump and those of us who voted for him learn our lesson.

There is no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sadly.

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  • Dietrich says:

    There is one undeniable cure for TDS. A rope.

  • Wfjag says:

    If the MSM stops covering the Trump-Russia Collusion, they’ll have to start covering the Dem Pres Nomination Candidates, and even they won’t be able to cover up the incompetence for the amount of time left before the Dem convention. So, back to Collusion, and Orange Man Bad, and, Look! A Squirrel!, to avoid covering Creepy Joe, Creepier Bernie and Space Between The Ears Beto, and the others.

  • Rob Ripley says:

    The poor deluded fools don’t seem to understand, the AG cannot release the unredacted report because to do so would be unlawful and would do severe damage to many individuals who have done nothing wrong.

    • SDN says:

      Don’t give them the benefit of the slightest shred of doubt. They understand it perfectly; indeed, they are counting on it and that Trump and Barr are bound by the law. That way, they can continue to use any redactions as proof of guilt.

      • GWB says:

        Yep! I think there has been more than one instance in the last two years that they have specifically included classified data in a report so that the White House would have to redact it or keep it under lock and key. And, naturally, if Trump does declassify it, they can scream about his war against the intel agencies and putting Americans and allies at risk and such.

        I agree with those demanding that, if the full report is released, so should be all the FISA requests, the dossier, etc.

  • Robert says:

    The Dems and MSM talking heads (but I repeat myself) might want to be careful about what they openly wish for with the “full Mueller report”… I suspect there are some rather incriminating morsels in there that do not implicate their nemesis in the White House, but rather themselves.

  • HarvardR says:

    “There is no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sadly.”

    Not true. It can be done. It involves a gas oven, a snuffed out pilot light and a little physical contortion to get your head deep in, but it will solve TDS. Guaranteed.

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