The Feral Children of America

The Feral Children of America

The Feral Children of America

Prior to the internet, tabloids stacked in the grocery store were the source of all manner of lurid and fanciful stories. Mermen, flying saucers and even children caught in forests who had been raised by “wild animals”. But it doesn’t take a jungle to raise a feral child, just a Leftist.

The latest viral video is of a young child clad only in diapers, trying to punch a law officer in rage while using obscene language.

It really shouldn’t shock as the Left has been trying to undo civilization for decades and creating berserkers in their pet minority communities is a feature, not a bug.

When Minneapolis police officers showed up in St. Paul last week to execute a search warrant for a murder suspect, they were met by toddlers — some still in diapers — who punched, kicked, cursed, and threw rocks at them. (Alpha News is only publishing 30 seconds of the video, but it goes on for another two minutes.)

The behavior of these children is eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago.

Isn’t it though? And not just riots, arson and looting. But the smash and grab invasion style robberies we see in stores across the nation, now so ubiquitous it is destroying businesses in Democrat-controlled cities across the nation. From Walgreens and CVS closings in major city centers like San Francisco to the latest announced closures from Starbucks.

Starbucks Corp. said Monday that it is closing 16 U.S. stores after workers reported incidents related to drug use and other disruptions in cafes.
Starbucks said it would permanently close six stores each in the Seattle and Los Angeles areas, two in Portland, Ore., and single locations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. by the end of the month. (snip)

U.S. operations leads Debbie Stroud and Denise Nelson in a message to U.S. employees Monday. “We cannot serve as partners if we don’t first feel safe at work,” they said, referring to the company’s term for employees.


…isn’t being committed because someone is desperate for food or formula or diapers. That is criminal, feral behavior, and no one should be excusing it or tolerating it. But even acting in self-defense against violent thugs will be punished if the thug is the protected color …

A clerk for a New York City bodega was charged with killing a man who attacked him behind the counter, but those who support him say that new surveillance video showing the shocking incident could help the worker be cleared of charges.

What happened that a 35 year old man not only garners a long rap sheet as a career criminal but feels it permissible to assault a 61 year old man over a bag of chips? What happened that children as young as ten years old were out roaming the streets at 3 am and brutally murdered an elderly person? For kicks?

What happened? Decades of anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian Leftism dedicated to destroying functional families and creating minority shock troops to bully and cow the normies into accepting their authoritarianism.

That the prisons are filled with males (and an increasing percentage of females) who were never actually raised, but left to their own devices in dysfunctional homes – illiterate, irreligious, nihilistic and filled with the toxic self-esteem of entitlement – should make one recognize the obvious pattern here, but NOOOOOO … Prisons are white supremacy and are filled with the real victims of The [White] Man.

It is not hard to find Ivy League educated people of all melanin levels engaging in the most reprehensible of racist language and behavior against people of pallor and denouncing normative principles of civilization as mere whiteness that must be eradicated. Even august institutions like the Smithsonian has engaged in this Make Black People Feral movement.

Let’s be real here. If you had just arrived in this country knowing nothing of its history but observing how one group of people were systematically depriving the individuals of another of the tools of self-responsibility, self-control, delayed gratification, respect for consent and authority, you would be properly alarmed that the first group was actively destroying the second. And wondering at what dark motives were at work.

As we’ve posited before, the contemporary Left is the most race-obsessed pseudo-ideology since Nazism. And the best way to co-opt the race you hate is to destroy the group from within by making the members unable to function in the rest of society while keeping the seething mob close to your chest by telling them it’s not their fault and offering them trinkets and bribes, like sugarcubes to horses.

And never think that the Elite Black Upper Class — from Maxine Waters to Professor D-L “Kill Whitey” Stewart — are unaware of this stealth pogrom against communities they ostensibly champion. As Juliette Akinyi Ochieng writes:

There is a certain segment of the black American population — an elite — that looks down on the majority of blacks and believes that the world would be better off without them. Not too many non-blacks know this.

This elite has existed for a long time and what they think about the vast majority of blacks would make a Klansman blush.

To be fair, the elite Leftists of pallor believe the same thing about large segments of white people, too. Their eliminationist rhetoric against people in flyover country, MAGA hats, Walmart shoppers, and Republicans or Conservatives in general is relentless. Even a Latina woman declaring her own values with something as innocuous as the phrase “God, family, country” has the Left labeling her as a dangerous radical.

The handwaverium the Left does at the black-on-black carnage in Chicago and other Democrat-controlled cities akin to spectators at a cockfight. Savage is just part of the nature of these not-real-people so let us use them and be entertained.

That toddler who can scream “shut the f*** up” while trying to attack law enforcement will, without immediate intervention, more than likely grow into a young adult who will kill or be killed on the streets of a Leftwing controlled city.

And the people who made him will high-five in private and gather his bloody shirt to demand more power.


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  • Scott says:

    Like any feral animals, the ones of age need to be put down, they cannot be rehabilitated.
    The young ones in the video and all like them need to be taken from their “parents” and put into environments where they at least have a chance to grow into productive members of society.
    The so-called “elite” you mention need to be jailed for the rest of their lives. Until / unless this happens, the problem will continue.

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  • NTSOG says:

    ‘Show me the boy at 7 and I’ll show you the Man.’

    Fifty years working as a teacher including early childhood, K-12 and then as a behaviour specialist with people of all ages taught me that. It’s the behavioural example and consistency of a child’s parents that are the main determinants of success or failure in fitting a child to become a civil and responsible member of society in adulthood. ‘Feral’ is the most appropriate term for children such as these, but training them is not possible while still in the care of their equally feral parents. God knows I tried when working in a state department of human services here in Australia.

  • Skillyboo says:

    This story will never see the light of day on any ‘mainstream’ media site. To do so will be to admit the total failure of LBJ’s Great Society and the leftists wet dreams of a total decay of societal values.

    • Scott says:

      You’re 100 right on it not seeing the light of day.

      But is it really a “failure” if this was the intent of the racist left all along? Creating an ignorant, easily manipulated army to act as shock troops against the enemies of the left, while at the same time being the excuse to disarm those enemies??? If you look at it from that perspective, it’s been a screaming success..

  • Howy says:

    In 86 years, the KKK lynched 3,446 blacks. An average of 40 per year. In Chicago alone, there have been 585 black homicides in the past year. Add to that number the black homicides in a large number of Democrat controlled inner cities in America and you have massive carnage. The KKK was founded by Democrats, staffed by Democrats and its membership was comprised primarily of Democrats. But the death and destruction of black lives wrought by the KKK pales in comparison and doesn’t “matter” to the death and destruction wrought by today’s Democrat party.

  • Gryunt Scarhide says:

    How elite can any group containing Maxine Waters actually be?

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