#TexasTownHall: Beto Dodges Answer On Due Process And Wants To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

#TexasTownHall: Beto Dodges Answer On Due Process And Wants To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

#TexasTownHall: Beto Dodges Answer On Due Process And Wants To Impeach Trump [VIDEO]

Beto O’Rourke, that skateboarding darling of the Democrat Left that he is, had quite a night last night at the CNN-sponsored Texas Town Hall. One thing is clear: he may SOUND like a great guy, but with his answers regarding #MeToo, due process, and Trump, he’s definitely as left as they come.

Of course, it didn’t help that Dana couldn’t resist getting her digs in at Senator Ted Cruz for declining to appear. What she wanted the viewers to forget (and far too many did) is that Cruz actually requested to turn it into a debate format. Beto refused.

But I digress. Beto had lots and lots of answers to the questions he was asked. Oftentimes accompanied by major hand-waving and the flapping of arms. He’s a fan of the Second Amendment but wants gun control. Yeah, I know, the two are NOT compatible whatsoever. He’s all for immigration, wants the Dreamers given a pass, and doesn’t like the wall. Bernie’s Medicare for all? He’s all in. Raise taxes, including trying to tax oil an additional $10 a barrel; solid vote YES from good ole Beto!

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But what struck me were his answers to questions regarding #MeToo, due process, and sticking with the idea of impeaching Trump.

A young lady asked him about false accusations, believing women, and protection for those falsely accused.

Did you catch all that? He said the presumption of innocence is super important and immediately switched to Christine Blasey Ford. Here’s my problem with this: his response does NOT make the important, yet very necessary, distinction that, as incredibly tough as it is, the accuser MUST HAVE EVIDENCE to back up the accusation. Ford, to this day, does not have any evidence! In essence, according to Beto, we are to presume the accuser is credible and not be concerned about due process.

Here’s what he had to say about Trump.

Wait, hold on. He STILL wants to impeach Trump. Got it. What is problematic is what he said. Let’s read through it.

“I haven’t. Let me put it this way. There may be an open question as to whether the president, then the candidate, sought to collude with the Russian government in 2016,” O’Rourke told the audience, before explaining that Trump’s defense of Russia during a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin earlier this year was “collusion in action.”

“[And when in] broad daylight, on Twitter, he asked his attorney general, Jeff sessions, to end the Russia investigation, I would say that’s obstruction in action,” O’Rourke added.


When pressed on why he would vote for impeachment without seeing the investigation’s results, O’Rourke responded that enough public evidence already existed to convince him of Trump’s potential guilt.

“I would liken impeachment to an indictment. There is enough there to proceed with the trial for a full vetting of the facts and to make the best informed decision in the interests of this country and our future,” O’Rourke said.

Oh. Ok. Wait a minute. WHAT??!!

According to Beto, Trump is GUILTY because:

A. It was collusion in action when praising Putin during that press conference

B. Forget what the Mueller investigation will say or not say, there is public evidence of his guilt

Folks, that is so wrong on every level. Here’s why:

In regards to sexual assault and rape survivors, he never answered the young lady’s question about protecting those falsely accused.

Yet he is essentially accusing Trump based upon news stories and public opinion. Due process, I’m coming to find out, has a major litmus test attached.

If you are a Republican in office, or have been nominated BY a Republican for a key position such as the United States Supreme Court, then due process does not apply.

Which means that Beto is all-in for Ford, even though she had exactly ZERO evidence to back up her claims. He’s all about impeaching Trump whether there is evidence or not. That is what Beto is saying. Due process for me, but not for thee.

Is that what Texas needs? I don’t think so.


Feature Photo Credit: Tom Reel, AP

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  • rockysan says:

    My wife and I moved from California to Texas to get away from ideological half-wits like O’Rourke. After seeing the devastation wreaked by Democrats in the once Golden State, it is hard to believe that there is actually any support at all in Texas for these types of politicians. I know Austin is Berkeley with a twang but how can anyone with two working brain cells vote for him? Most of his support is from out of state, so his California boosters can’t vote for him.

  • scott says:

    Beto, like all leftist democrats (But i repeat myself) is seriously mentally ill.

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