Testing Americans’ Patience: Pelosi Scolds Americans, Trump

Testing Americans’ Patience: Pelosi Scolds Americans, Trump

Testing Americans’ Patience: Pelosi Scolds Americans, Trump

Nancy Pelosi is at it again, chomping her dentures and scolding Americans and President Trump for inciting stay-at-home protests. She says the focus needs to be on testing, tracing, treatment and quarantine.

Pelosi stops Chris Wallace in his tracks to add the following words of wisdom:

I do think focusing on that is a major distraction from testing, testing, testing.”-Nancy Pelosi

I have my opinion on protesting during this time. I understand the premise, I really do and I do not disagree. I want us to get back to normal. Some of these protests, however, are not doing our President and the American people any favors. Especially when we look at how the already biased media portray them. They are not going to portray these protests any other way, sadly.

But man, Nancy certainly loves the word “testing”. The only thing she seems to be testing is the patience of Americans at this point. Pelosi told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that President Trump an “F” on his handling of the Coronavirus response stating he was way late on testing. This is like a student who is flunking all classes in high school blaming the teacher for his or her failing grades.

The truth is a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility. A weak person blames others.”-Nancy Pelosi

This coming from a person who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in her Botox filler-injected face.

Wallace pushed Pelosi to explain why she thought it was a good idea to promote visitors coming to San Francisco’s Chinatown amidst the pandemic in late February citing her “everything is fine here, come because precautions have been taken” spiel ahead of the city’s lockdown. Of course, the city was “on top of the situation”. Just like her state and city of San Francisco was on top of homeless drug addicts throwing dirty needles and pooping in the city streets? As always, the answer was to promote good will for Chinese Americans and to rid individuals of racist prejudices the President filled peoples’ heads with. There she was, Brave Nancy Pelosi, sans PPE, telling all Americans to come on out to Chinatown and mingle. Before testing, testing, testing.

So much for testing, testing, testing also being a priority during a three-ring circus of an impeachment trial. While reports were flooding in (and some were getting squashed) that there was a problem brewing in Wuhan, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats (and the news media) were not concerned with this at all. What were they concerned with? Taking down President Trump!

Pelosi shared with Wallace that last Sunday, Easter Sunday, was the first time in her busy, chaotic life to “reflect and be prayerful”. Prayerful Pelosi in the next breath went on to blame Donald Trump again after sharing her reflections. “Leaders take responsibility.” she said. “He places blame on others”.

Pot, meet kettle. Where was her responsibility when she and her House blocked the bipartisan Coronovirus emergency response bill? Oh, right, Speaker Pelosi has the Americans’ true interests at heart. She is the adult in this relationship with the President. She is a prayerful person. In reality, she would probably rip up pages in The Bible. (See Psalm 139: 13-16) She, apparently, was praying for unlimited funding for Planned Parenthood (with no end in sight) and $35 million for The Kennedy Center. Here’s a math problem for Numbskull Nancy:

You have a $2 Trillion-dollar stimulus bill sitting on your desk waiting to sign. How many salaries for medical staff and how many COVID-19 tests would $35 million fund?”

Testing, testing, testing…and Nancy, YOU get an F! Instead of answering the hard questions, instead of prayer and reflection on how she may be part of this problem, Nancy Pelosi wants to continually deflect any blame and show us that she is just like us holding off on doing her job and going to work while she chomps on her Bougie ice cream.

Ice cream and candy. Her face, her voice, her divisive rhetoric and her mere existence tests some of our patience as Americans. I am a prayerful person, too, Nancy. Am I alone in praying one day, magically, her dentures will fall out and stick to that ice cream bar on camera? Yes, I know. Maturity rules. I’m praying’ for ya, Nancy.

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  • Scott says:

    I just want to see the investigation on how she’s amassed an almost $200 million net worth on less that $200k (still far too much) a year….

    • amr says:

      For many years senators and reps utilizing inside info was not illegal for them, just their staff. Know a contact was to be released to what company, have your husband buy stock and cash out after it had risen enough for you.

  • TANSTAAFL says:

    With all the millions that Nancy Pelosi has accumulated with bribes and extortion you would think she’d be able to afford a good pair of dentures.

  • steve walsh says:

    It’s a superficial criticism, but Nancy with the Muffy sweater over the shoulders and tied at her chest, really? That does not convince me to trust her and her judgement.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Nan has caught Aristocratility – a common problem when public servants forget that they are part of “we the People” and get delusions that they are somehow the bosses and ‘leaders’ by virtue of noble blood and privilege.

  • Watch out Nancy.
    The Grim Reaper is working the arcade Claw Machine and he’s got his eye on you, doll.

  • Wfjag says:

    Nancy Pelosi – the face of the banality of evil.

  • Anna A says:

    Besides, she is clueless about how the tests are made. You have to design them, make some prototypes, test them to make sure that you are getting reasonable values. You don’t want to have too many false positives or false negatives.

    Once that is done,then production scale up. Think going from 1 batch of dough that makes 5 loaves to 1 batch that makes 500 loaves. Not easy. Then retest to make sure that you are getting similar results to the original lab made tests.

    I work with plastics, and cannot imagine the extra rigor that is needed for medical work.

  • kelly_3406 says:

    The protests have got to continue, because the governors are content to let this lockdown go on and on. This is not about how the media portrays the protests, but rather about forcing change and preventing government-imposed restrictions due to “emergencies” from becoming the norm. There is absolutely no proof that a quarantine of healthy people is more effective than the use of face masks, hand washing, and social distancing. I refuse to consider this virus an emergency until it kills many more people than the seasonal flu or car crashes. The few places where it has done so ( New York, New Orleans, etc.) indicates that vulnerability is related to urban density and the fragility of the elderly. So there is an argument to be made for targeted quarantines of the most vulnerable rather than for a shutdown of the entire economy.

    Meanwhile, people are growing desperate as their livelihoods are destroyed and their life’s work is wiped out. Obedience with this quarantine adds creditability to the narrative that the governors saved the people (by putting in muscular quarantines), while Donald Trump destroyed the economy by his”slow” initial response and failure to provide adequate testing. Unless protests make it otherwise, there is little down side for the governors to extend the quarantines into the summer.

  • CapitalistRoader says:

    “Pelosi stops Chris Wallace in his tracks to add the following words of wisdom:
    ‘I do think focusing on that is a major distraction from testing, testing, testing.’ – Nancy Pelosi”

    Also, focusing on China is a major distraction from Russia, Russia, Russia.

  • Bill S says:

    Has anyone informed Nancy that her state second to last in testing, testing, testing. Only Kansas has performed fewer tests per million population.

    Perhaps Nancy could put down her ice cream and stop scolding Americans in other states long enough to do something about it.

  • SDN says:

    “Especially when we look at how the already biased media portray them. They are not going to portray these protests any other way, sadly.”

    So we should sit home like good serfs because the media will lie about us? Newsflash: they’ve been lying about ‘deplorables’ for decades. What makes you think they’ll stop no matter WHAT we do?

    • Lisa Carr says:

      SDN-True. I’m in Washington State. Inslee called off school for the rest of the year even before evaluating when the May 4th stay-at-home order expires. Our kids will be out of school for roughly five months. I do not disagree with the protests. I added my opinion in the copy. This cannot drag on and we cannot stay at home forever, like serfs, I agree with you 100%. Our economy can only handle so much. My point was that regardless of arguments and justifiable reasons for protests, the media are going to paint these protests as “ignorant Trump supporters going out without masks and not practicing safe social distancing”. They are going to look for situations to illustrate this. So, in protest, we need to look for illustrations to call our state governments and policymakers out on their hypocrisy and fraud. The media will post people holding up signs hurling insults at these policy makers. Are the insults justified? Accurate? Sure, perhaps. But we need to hurl more than insults. A sign that reads “My family cannot pay our mortgage and I have 4 kids to feed” is much more effective than an empty insult at a liberal policy maker. I’m just saying some protestors have to think about this when they go out there. The media will zone in on the MAGA hat and the insult all of the time. But if we have less signs like that at these protests and more signs of substance, we give them less fodder. If we have signs pointing at their ineptitude to be unbiased, they’ll still sling the poo but they will have less poo to sling and we won’t give them any satisfaction. Just my opinion.

      • amr says:

        Just as the media did to the TEA Party. What is happening is what happened in TN during the 1999 TN Tax Revolt. The second phase in 2020 was a take over of the Capitol. The income tax did NOT pass.

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