Teacher Solicits Donations To Pay ‘Coyote’ For Human Trafficking

Teacher Solicits Donations To Pay ‘Coyote’ For Human Trafficking

Teacher Solicits Donations To Pay ‘Coyote’ For Human Trafficking

Send money so we can pay off the ‘coyote’ who human trafficked this child into the United States. That’s the gist of an email a Rhode Island assistant principal sent to the rest of the school staff.

A Rhode Island school encouraged teachers to donate money to help pay off a cartel “coyote” who brought one of its students to the US, according to leaked emails.

Emails shared to Twitter on Friday showed Mount Pleasant High School Assistant Principal Stefani Harvey asking her colleagues to give money to help an unnamed student pay off a $5,000 debt to the cartel member.

The assistant principal said that the boy was $2,000 short of his goal at the time the email was sent.

“We have a student who came to America with ‘Coyote’ which is a group that helps people,” Harvey wrote in the email. “This group gives you a time frame to make a payment of $5000 dollars to those, who bring them to the states.”

Let’s stop right there for a moment. This teacher, an incredibly misguided person, believes a coyote is someone who “HELPS” people. How incredibly obtuse and naive is she as well as those who donated to the cause! Oh wait, maybe they’ve been confused since Biden tried to helpfully explain that coyotes aren’t really bad people after Trump’s comments during a 2020 Presidential debate. 

That coyote as well as all the others around the border and across the U.S. are nothing but human traffickers who smuggle illegals into this country for money. They aren’t in it to “help” those families or kids. Nope, they are 100% in it for the money. Period. Full. Stop. 

I don’t even need to know the rest of the story of how that child got to Rhode Island to understand that the coyote is demanding more money and threatening repercussions if that money doesn’t show up by February 1. 

Evidently there was some concern that the ask was bogus. However, the teacher’s union president and the school’s principal eventually confirmed that this was real, and any funds that had been donated would be returned.

There are multiple issues with this. Chiefly that a child is facing intimidation and threats from a coyote who smuggled that child into the U.S. and ultimately to Rhode Island. These are NOT good people. 

‘Coyotes’ are a high-risk, often high-yield business estimated to generate $6.6 billion a year for smugglers along Latin America’s routes to the U.S., according to a 2010 United Nations report.

‘Smugglers use lies to lure the vulnerable into a dangerous journey that often ends in removal or death,’ Chris Magnus – then the US CBP Commissioner – said of the illegal activities in May.

And guess what? Most of the time, these people are smuggled in packed like sardines in the back of box trucks, smushed into cargo compartments, and left without water or food, leaving some to die of thirst and starvation. Others are threatened if they don’t pay up, whether they can afford to or not. 

In the case of one young man whom we will call “Joaquin,” to protect his identity, paying these underground “rides” can mean being kidnapped and tortured until their families pay more money.

Joaquin was picked up in Eagle Pass just past the checkpoint. The men who picked him up took him to a stash house in Bexar County.

Once there, they tried to extort Joaquin’s family for $4,000.

Yet here we have an assistant principal trying to raise money to pay off the coyote. Here’s a great question. 

Indeed. Why not call the police?? Coyote smuggling and human trafficking is not only a horrifically lucrative business, it is damaging to those who get entrapped by the same. Yet this woman wanted to pay these criminals?? 

There is now, and rightfully so, an investigation into this matter. 

Yes, the child was brought into the U.S. illegally. Yes, the child and presumably the child’s family was being extorted for money from a coyote. A criminal. 

That assistant principal definitely should’ve called the cops AND explored other means and methods in order to get that coyote arrested and deported while keeping the family safe. 

Instead, she sent out an email asking for money to pay off these super “helpful” coyotes. 

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  • Undoubtedly, this woman is a devout believer in the lies of the 1619 Project. In a sane world, she would be confronted with this – “Ah, so you have no problem with the owners of the slave ship(s) that “helped” your ancestors to immigrate to this country?”

  • Tom says:

    Any member of that school’s staff who got the email and did not reply in the negative to the coyote extortion is now a part of a criminal conspiracy.
    Compare and contrast the consequences between a staff comprised of conservatives vs Democrats.

  • Scott says:

    Based on her statements and actions, I’m gonna guess she isn’t in that position because of her qualifications or abilities…

  • Lloyd says:

    This is criminal behavior and should be treated as such

  • GWB says:

    That assistant principal definitely should’ve called the cops
    Because she has been so indoctrinated by the progressive BS about illegal aliens she probably really did think that child was being “helped” by being smuggled into the US. These people are idiots.

    She needs to be charged with aiding and abetting human trafficking.

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