State Department Refuses To Help Hillary Clinton Avoid Deposition

State Department Refuses To Help Hillary Clinton Avoid Deposition

State Department Refuses To Help Hillary Clinton Avoid Deposition

The State Department said NOPE to Hillary Clinton’s request to help her avoid sitting for depositions regarding her bathroom servers and email use.

“In a devastating move, the State Department has joined with Judicial Watch in claiming that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cannot dodge a court-ordered deposition in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking “talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack.” This FOIA request uncovered Clinton’s insecure private home-brew server in 2015.”

As we wrote on March 2nd, Judge Royce Lamberth ordered Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills to sit for depositions  in connection to her use of servers and email use while she was Secretary of State. I knew it was just a matter of time before Hillary would try and game her way out of this. 

However, to have the State Department drop a hammer on her for this? I’ll admit it. I laughed myself silly. Evidently the State Department is no longer a fan of ‘she who desperately wants to be President, but thankfully ISN’T!’

What this is about is that Hillary and Mills filed a writ of mandamus in hopes that they could put the kibosh on Judicial Watch asking about using private servers and unauthorized emails to evade FOIA. What was her reason that the deposition needs to be canceled? Evidently since she was Secretary of State, holding that office should be grounds for dismissal. 

The State Department refused to play that game. 

“Whether or not the foregoing errors in the district court’s discovery orders are sufficient to meet the mandamus threshold, it is a separate question whether mandamus is “appropriate under the circumstances,” id. at 313—and even more so whether the government will seek that extraordinary remedy to begin with. This is the rare situation in which discovery of a former Cabinet Secretary was not authorized for the impermissible purpose of probing internal government decisionmaking regarding official policy, United States v. Morgan, 313 U.S. 409, 421-22 (1941), but rather to focus on the impact on FOIA compliance of a former official’s unusual decisionto use a private email server to systematically conduct large volumes of official business. The government’s decision not to seek mandamus here—after each of the discovery orders, not only the most recent—reflects the government’s consideration of the totality of the circumstances in this unique case.” [Emphasis added]

“Unusual decision” indeed! It’s obvious to any clear-headed rational thinker that Hillary Clinton purposefully set up those email addresses and servers. Her attempt to claim that she didn’t know about the rules regarding classified information is laughable given the briefings and paperwork she had to sign regarding the same. 

She’s trying to avoid a deposition, one she knows won’t end well for her. 

Meanwhile she’s spending her time lecturing the Trump Administration about the handling of the Coronavirus response. 

Isn’t that cute? Hey! At least Trump isn’t blaming the virus on a Youtube video like Hillary did in regards to the attack in Benghazi. Nor is he whining about “what difference does it make!” and throwing his hands up in exasperation. 

Instead she’s lecture tweeting from the woods. 

Let’s be clear. Hillary Clinton, who is NOT President, tried once again to game the system, and the State Department refused to play. 

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  • rbj1 says:

    The underlying crimes are probably outside the usual 5 years statute of limitation for federal crimes. But she does have to answer truthfully under oath in the deposition. Or else plead the 5th Amendment.

    • Cameron says:

      She has a lifetime obligation to protect classified information. I doubt anything will happen to her but it’s nice to see the State Department remembering their obligations.

      • GWB says:

        I’m still asking the question as to why none of the people who sent her classified have faced prosecution? After all, they are the ones who had to actually ‘transport’ classified onto the unclass system for transmission (and in at least one case had to have printed it, scanned it, eliminated the markings from the scan, then emailed it) to HRC.

  • Lloyd says:

    Even though the Olympics have been postponed…Hillary will skate, as usual!!

  • The Demon Slick says:

    Where’s Weiners laptop? Let’s go already!

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