#BenghaziCommittee Hearing: Rep. Jim Jordan Nails Hillary on “Internet Video” Lie [VIDEO]

#BenghaziCommittee Hearing: Rep. Jim Jordan Nails Hillary on “Internet Video” Lie [VIDEO]

#BenghaziCommittee Hearing: Rep. Jim Jordan Nails Hillary on “Internet Video” Lie [VIDEO]

During what has proved to be telling testimony coming from a rather disinterested and visibly annoyed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during today’s House Benghazi Hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan’s turn to ask Mrs. Clinton a few questions arrived. His choice of inquiry? That now-infamous internet video Hillary immediately blamed for the Benghazi terrorist attack. And boy did he nail her to the wall. While you’re watching, pay close attention to her body language:


Indeed it was.

Mrs. Clinton looked visibly uncomfortable, offering no plausible explanation for the ludicrous video narrative. As she should be. Because Rep. Jordan skillfully revealed that the lie apparently originated with her, and that she, and Obama Administration minions, continued to repeat that falsehood for days following the attack, including over the caskets of the dead. What else could she do? Barack Obama’s re-election bid was just weeks away, and the “Al Qaeda is on the run” narrative so prominently displayed in the Obama re-election campaign rhetoric had just exploded in her face. Gee. Maybe tell the truth?

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