Soup Kitchen Drama: The Biden-Harris Edition

Soup Kitchen Drama: The Biden-Harris Edition

Soup Kitchen Drama: The Biden-Harris Edition

The speculation of a rift grew even more apparent last night at a D.C. soup kitchen. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made the token appearance but alas, did not appear to say much to one another.

As you can see, no pleasantries were uttered at about 5:35 into the clip:

Even DOCTOR Jill was attempting to get her husband to stand next to next to his Veep but POTUS was not having it despite her announcing to the whole crowd, “I’m heeeerrrre!”

Earlier at the soup kitchen event, the two were separated. But DOCTOR Jill made room for Kamala who dished out green bean casserole. While Joe ignored her and put sliced turkey in pans.

Kamala, who?

Joe Biden did, however, acknowledge D.C, Central Kitchen chef Dawain Arrington, and apparently, made comments to Arrington about how, back in his day, facilities like D.C. Central Kitchen were “segregated by law.”

Good Lord. Seriously, dude. C’mon, man! Why would you even utter this? I know why. Because the 79 year-old POTUS is a racist. That’s why. But getting back to soup kitchen shenanigans, we all have this burning question that begs to be answered:

The question is, did Kamala deliver on dishing out that green bean casserole? I mean, dishing out the right amount is a really hard job, don’t you think? Finally, D.C. Central Kitchen saw Kamala’s TRUE potential. There’s a great deal of diplomacy involved in scooping out the green bean casserole. She threw herself into her work there. No time for the woman on a mission to talk to the old man.

The people I’m standing next to are what I’m thankful for.”-Joe Biden

Except for that witch of a Vice President. Honestly, did anyone else look at the clip and get the impression that Joe Biden did not know who Kamala Harris was in that moment? He seemed a bit lost with DOCTOR Jill leading him around the soup kitchen to his turkey pan-filling station.

Kamala and Joe’s appearance at a D.C. soup kitchen comes after Kamala trekked off to gay Paris to talk about her plaaaaaan (and drop about $600 on kitchen items). It comes after the highest reported inflation rate since 1990. It comes after the reported highest rate of illegal immigration in 20 years. It comes after Biden’s braintrusts come up with the ingenious plan to release 50 million barrels of oil released from the strategic reserve. It comes after Bumbling “End Quote” Biden announced plans to require essential nonresident travelers crossing U.S. land borders, such as truck drivers and emergency response officials, to be fully vaccinated beginning on Jan. 22. Such a tough few weeks for the Biden Administration! Who doesn’t need a five-day respite?

Which is why the Bidens wrapped up their soup kitchen stint by jetting off to Nantucket to spend a few days at David Rubenstein’s compound.

Shameless, yes.

What message does it send to the middle-class Americans that President Biden says he’s trying to help, who are struggling this week to cover the cost of the most expensive Thanksgiving ever, that the president is going to take two days off at a billionaire’s compound in Nantucket?”-Peter Doocy, Fox News

Hmm. I would say it is the message of “I really don’t give a you-know-what”, don’t you?

Perhaps Joe Biden still thought the soup kitchen was segregated and he was not to speak to his Vice President? Wait? What? What is a VP, anyway? Keep filling up those trays, Joe. The good DOCTOR will lead you to the jet where, once you touchdown in Nantucket, you’ll get some ice cream and a nap. Go ahead and leave Kamala at the soup kitchen with her green bean casserole and a side of a cold-shouldered turkey.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/The White House, and United States Senate, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons/Cropped

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  • JAW3 says:

    Note the horsey outfit Dr Jill had on with the kickin boots and the tight pooper slacks. The Dr is rockin it!

  • Wfjag says:

    Harris will not voluntarily resign. Even she knows that she’ll never be elected President, so her only chance to be “first” at something in the history books is to outlive Senile, failing health Joe. “Doctor” (and don’t you forget it”) Jill likes being FLOTUS too much (with all the invites from the rich and glamorous) and hates Harris too much to let Joe resign.

    Meanwhile, in the wings, Hillary is seething that Harris might claim a title she believes belongs to her: “first woman President.”

  • Dr Jack Peterson says:

    Harris’s only chance for a political future: resign, change parties, denounce Dementia Joe, move to Texas, run for Congress in a Democrat district. Otherwise, she’s an asterisk.

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