How the Left Plans to Lose the Few Friends They Have, Thanksgiving COVID Tests

How the Left Plans to Lose the Few Friends They Have, Thanksgiving COVID Tests

How the Left Plans to Lose the Few Friends They Have, Thanksgiving COVID Tests

Those who continue to push the fear of COVID seem to have plans for a solitary and lonely Thanksgiving by serving up Thanksgiving COVID tests to be enforced by a bouncer, at the door.

Axios published the most moronic, “self-help” feel-good piece about how you too can hire a bouncer to prevent those unvaxxed deplorables from attending your Thanksgiving feast. Millions of people should do this, states the piece. Millions. For the love.

A bouncer. I am convinced the left has lost their ability to be embarrassed. While I might feel bad for them for a hot second, the unbridled entertainment the stupidity of the left provides me quickly squashes feeling of empathy.

Adding to the humor, people are reading this idiotic piece and punching numbers on their phones trying to hire a bouncer.

The piece spells out the “need” and why hiring a bouncer for doorway Thanksgiving COVID tests. Do you laugh every time you read that?

“You may have relatives who aren’t vaccinated (or won’t say) — or babies or immunocompromised guests who are vulnerable to breakthrough infections.”

Yes, of course, the left’s continuing appeal to “it’s for the children” that is older than a box of rocks. If you want to increase the humor factor, reread that sentence and say it with a wicked witch screech and rub your palms together “it’s for the cheeeeeeldren”. You might add “my pretties” just for emphasis.

The nasty message of excluding family and friends based on vaccine status is reaching a fevered pitch.

It might be worth finding other ways to laugh about such a preposterous idea except no one is talking about how COVID deaths are causing our young adults and teenagers to drop in their tracks in recent months since schools and sports have started requiring COVID vaccines to play their sport.

If the vaccine is so great for our young athletes and youth, in the prime of their life and in the best shape of their lives, why are they dying before our eyes? Does anyone remember athletes collapsing and dying from cardiac arrest in such a concentrated time frame ever before in their life? Me neither. Might be a great topic for discussion at Thanksgiving.

Clutch your pearls, lefties, and consider this;

If you’re so concerned about your baby’s risk of being exposed to COVID, do you go to the grocery store with your baby? Do you go to daycare with your baby? Do you go out in public with your baby? Yes, you do. Do you bark at everyone that dares invade your twelve-foot space to get a vax? If you do, I would guess your guest list for Thanksgiving is small. Hire a bouncer anyway because that bouncer will be the only guest at your dinner table.

Take a deep cleansing breath and let’s continue our comical walk through the Axios piece suggesting we all hire bouncers for Thanksgiving COVID tests and enforcement.

Axios goes on to lay out an elaborate plan to make COVID rapid tests available at the door for guests. You can purchase two tests for twenty-five dollars. Considering their piece was published four days before Thanksgiving, good luck with that.

Better yet, guests can bring their own negative results of an antigen test, saving you the cost. But rapid tests are notorious for false negatives. The piece covers that possibility too. Provide enough tests for a retest. Brilliant! Is anyone going to actually eat turkey?

If you look out your window and see a group of people in line for the Thanksgiving COVID tests on your neighbor’s porch jamming large Q-tips up their nose, twice, for a long period of time you’ll know why. If there is a strange person nearby, reading rapid antigen tests, he’s your “bouncer”. It might be your sign it’s time to move.

The piece goes on to describe opening windows, increasing air flow in your home, and so on.

While the headline talks about hiring a bouncer, the piece is really about families putting COVID restrictions our government is imposing on its citizens on those who enter private homes.

There is no discussion of natural immunity for the millions who have contracted and survived COVID. Natural immunity that provides far superior COVID immunity than any jab. Nope, we must sic the bouncer on those deplorables!

Senator Rand Paul has been outspoken, thank goodness, regarding the robust immunity that comes with natural immunity that Dr. Fauci and his ilk are intentionally ignoring.

About that natural immunity,

“…the power of natural immunity acquired from prior infection is being ignored—even in the midst of worldwide calls and legal actions for natural immunity to be recognized and explored. Millions of people around the world have recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection and, despite their substantive role in contributing to herd immunity, they too are being pressured and even required to get the jab thanks to social and employment pressures.”

If your Thanksgiving host has a bouncer at the door with rapid antigen tests in hand, you might just get back in your car and order GrubHub. However, if you have the results of your positive COVID test from months ago, proving you’re one of millions who have survived COVID, here are some facts if you dare try to have a discussion with the bouncer and your host:

“People infected with SARS-CoV-2 have antibodies that recognize many parts of the virus, not just the spike protein. The level of protection these naturally acquired antibodies confer from reinfection is estimated to last 1.5-2 years on average, with protection from severe infection present for several years…Lasting disease acquired immunity cannot be questioned on the basis of this decline of the presence of antibodies. Enduring immunity is due to long-lived memory T cells and memory B cells. Both memory T- and B-cells are evident well over a year after symptoms have disappeared in more than 95% of people. Even mild infections induce robust and long-lived memory cells.”

Give that dose of science to your Thanksgiving host and let them stew on it. Then get off their porch before you get a Q-tip up your nose.

The insidious idea of bringing the already intrusive, Constitutional right crushing, vaccine mandates to one’s Thanksgiving dinner table is entertaining at first blush. Once realized that government mandates have now entered our thresholds–and is present at our dinner table—should frighten us all.

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