Sean Hannity Interviews Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Sean Hannity Interviews Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Sean Hannity Interviews Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Last night, Sean Hannity interviewed NYC Mayor and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Bill DeBlasio. This wasn’t a quick, block segment interview. Hannity gave over the full hour of his self-named Fox News Channel show to the man born with the name Warren Wilhelm, Jr..

As a Democrat presidential candidate, DeBlasio hovers around one percent. Attention must be paid because he is the mayor of the largest city in the United States of America. He also personifies every current progressive Democrat ideal on policies that effect every one of us in this great country.

As Sean Hannity said in his opening, no subject was off limits. Hannity and DeBlasio discussed taxes, immigration, the Second Amendment, and even, Fox News. Yes, Hannity gave the Mayor the full hour of his show and the ungracious DeBlasio attacked the cable news channel. DeBlasio is obsessed with the evil one percent wage earners. He claimed that Fox News used immigration to distract people from the one percenters. Here is the exchange from

“Sean, this is why it’s such a charade!” de Blasio said. “What you are doing, and what your network does too often, is tries to distract people —”

“What charade?!” Hannity said.

“It is a charade!” The mayor shot back. “What you are doing, and what your network does too often, is tries to distract people —”

“Oh, my network!” The host said. “By the way, there are people on my network who don’t like a single thing I say! What are you talking about!?”

“I agree you’re not a monolith,” de Blasio said. “But too much of the time what Fox and NewsCorp do is try and take people’s minds off the fact they are being screwed economically by the one percent.”

Hannity promised the mayor he would return to the subject of taxes.

“I’ll be watching,” the mayor said.

And, Hannity did return to taxes with DeBlasio. Whatever you think Sean Hannity, you cannot question his blue-collar roots, his hard work or his long road to success. DeBlasio wants to return to the halcyon days of seventy percent tax rates on top earners and has been known to say that there is plenty of money, “it’s just in the wrong hands“. DeBlasio doesn’t listen. He never did acknowledge Hannity’s background or hard work. He insisted that Hannity was helped along his road to success by “very friendly” government policies.

I am also going to question the depth of DeBlasio’s intellectual capacity. No matter what Sean Hannity said, DeBlasio was incapable of going any deeper than sound-bite answers.

On immigration, DeBlasio kept repeating that he doesn’t want to build walls; he wants border security. Just border security. What does that mean?

On the Second Amendment, Sean Hannity kept asking DeBlasio if he should be allowed to own a gun. DeBlasio kept saying Hannity should be allowed to be “safe”. When Hannity noted that the Mayor is always surrounded, rightly, by armed security, DeBlasio kept repeating “you should be safe”. The lack of answer on the Second Amendment tells us what we need to know.

DeBlasio also claimed that he has added two thousand personnel to the police force, but are they boots on the ground or administrative? And, DeBlasio has a notoriously horrendous relationship with the New York Police Department.

You can watch the interview below. I strongly encourage everyone to watch this full video. Your jaw will drop that Bill DeBlasio is Mayor of New York City instead of Supervisor at the DMV:

That video is the reason why Democrats don’t like to go on Fox News. The Democrats get exposed for the intellectual lightweights that they are.

Photo Credit: Mayor Bill DeBlasio Caricature by DonkeyHotey Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license/cropped

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  • Scott says:

    “I am also going to question the depth of DeBlasio’s intellectual capacity”.. This buffoon would be out of his depth (though quite at home) in a mud puddle…

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