Roundup Time: Leftwing Happy to FUBAR America

Roundup Time: Leftwing Happy to FUBAR America

Roundup Time: Leftwing Happy to FUBAR America

Have you ever had the experience where you are watching disaster unfold and it seems to be happening in slow motion yet a split second later its reality? Yeah, the Biden/Harris, Leftwing FUBAR is exactly like that.

CA Gov Newsom in full Leftwing press

After Gov Hairgel Newscum was able to beat back the recall, he has whipped out his pen and gleefully signed every ridiculous, radical, and progregressive policy he can get his hands on. He’s banned gas-powered landscape equipment and generators in a state where rolling blackouts are a regular event, mandated that all high school students must take a semester in so-called ethnic studies (aka CRT or we-hate-white-people) to graduate, will replace the torn-down statue of Junipero Serra with a “Native American” one and has just last Friday signed a new law that guts gang enhancements.

Newsom on Friday approved limiting prison terms for those associated with street gangs, among several criminal justice bills restricting enhancements that can add years to offenders’ sentences. (snip)

The governor also approved a bill to retroactively remove enhancements that required an extra year in prison or jail for repeat offenders and an additional three years for certain prior drug crimes. Lawmakers previously eliminated the enhancements without removing them from existing sentences.

After working 18 years in a SoCal District Attorney office, I can say with certainty that CA’s Democrats are emptying the prisons and refusing to prosecute criminals not out of some twisted sense of justice but as a way to punish, and keep in line, the law-abiding. You have a small business that is regularly the target of organized gangbanger shoplifting? Too bad, so sad, we don’t want you to succeed anyway.

Garland’s “Domestic Terrorist” Poster Boy Parent – the rest of the story

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pour across our open southern border — criminals, rapists, covid-positive — it gets just a shrugged shoulder from resident Biden. But parents getting uppity at school board meetings? TERRORISM!!! SHUT ‘EM DOWN!!! And one of the handful of actual incidents, a blue-collar white male arrested for misdemeanor disturbing the peace that is being used as pretense to sic FBI, Homeland security and the Patriot Act on all parents, is just more Leftwing Fake News.

What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school.

What’s worse, is that when this rape occurred, the school was trying to insist that they would handle it internally and refused to call in the police. And it’s not like this is the only time this perp has decided he is entitled to his female classmates’ bodies.

“A teenager from Ashburn has been charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student at Broad Run High School. The investigation determined on the afternoon of October 6, the 15-year-old suspect forced the victim into an empty classroom where he held her against her will and inappropriately touched her,” it said.

A government official told The Daily Wire the name of the student. It was the same name as the boy who allegedly assaulted Smith’s daughter.

Sexual predators are now hiding behind claims of gender fluidity and the Leftwing protects them and will do everything to destroy the lives of people who dissent. Is this what your daughters have to look forward to?

Southwest Airlines: You are not free to move about the country

Southwest cancelled almost 2000 of its flights last weekend and blamed the weather. Come on, man!

“The weather is fine in all connecting areas, there’s no bad weather,” Southwest passenger B.J. Romero told reporters. “There’s got to be something behind the scenes they’re not telling us.” That was true of the airline, aviation bureaucrats, the establishment media, and the Biden Junta. (snip)

On October 4, Southwest announced that its workforce of 56,000 must be vaccinated by December 8 to continue their employment with the airline.

Let’s go, Brandon!

Leftwing returns: It’s not Giuliani’s NY City anymore

For those of us old enough to remember the sewer that was known as New York City under Dinkins, Giuliani’s policies actually worked. A cleaned up Times Square where people could feel safe walking in broad daylight. Commie Mayor DeBolshevik has returned the streets to the worst of that era.

It was only a matter of time before a visitor was murdered in Times Square. That victim was Maria Ambrocio, a 58-year-old New Jersey cancer nurse who came to New York City on Friday to have lunch with a friend. (snip)

Ambrocio’s death wasn’t a freak accident—it was a predictable and preventable homicide. Times Square has been a mess for months. (snip) Statistics also show that the risk of becoming a serious crime victim is much higher than it was two years ago. Crime in the Midtown South precinct has soared in the past two years. Robberies have tripled since 2019; assaults have more than doubled. Just like on the subways, crime has risen as foot traffic remains low. Daily walkers through Times Square number about 218,829—42 percent lower than in September 2019. Everyone moving through Times Square today, then, is at greater per-capita risk of violent injury.

Mayor Bill de Blasio can’t decide whether this is a crisis.

Everything the Left touches, it destroys. This isn’t just douchery, it is an all-out assault on Western civilization.


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