Rod Rosenstein Takes Senate Judiciary Committee Hot Seat Wednesday

Rod Rosenstein Takes Senate Judiciary Committee Hot Seat Wednesday

Rod Rosenstein Takes Senate Judiciary Committee Hot Seat Wednesday

First it was 24-hour-a-day coronavirus fear-mongering. And now it’s continual protest domestic terrorism coverage. And if I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think the current distraction—which began as a legitimate protest, but has morphed into yet another diversion—is aimed by the Powers that Be, at least partially, to cover up the biggest political scandal perhaps in our nation’s history. And tomorrow—on the heels of the axing of yet another high-profile FBI official, the news of which was buried by the insurrection—former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will find himself in the hot seat, answering questions on the Russia Hoax before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As its first witness into the origins of the Russia probe, here are some questions the committee should ask Rod Rosenstein…if he shows up:

  • * Why was Michael Flynn targeted for surveillance and prosecution?
  • * When did you know that there was insufficient evidence to support the investigation, and prosecution, of Michael Flynn?
  • * Did you suggest spying on the president? And what was your justification for it?
  • * Did you spy on the president? If so, based on what evidence? And did you have a warrant?
  • * What is your interpretation of the 25th Amendment?
  • * You’ve said “wearing a wire” to surveil Pres. Trump was a joke, but did you fully intend to remove Trump from office by utilizing the 25th Amendment? If not, what prompted that “joke?”
  • * Did you contact Trump cabinet members, past or present, with regard to the 25th Amendment angle? If so, whom?
  • * What was your reason(s) for attempting to remove Trump from office? Was it to cover the abuses of power by the prior administration? If not, explain.
  • * What was your justification for appointing a special counsel to investigate collusion with Russia, when we now know there’s exculpatory evidence showing no justification existed?
  • * Did the firing of former FBI director James Comey, which you advised, provide you the needed excuse for the appointment of special counsel Mueller, which for two-plus years hobbled the Trump Administration?
  • * Knowing there was no evidence of collusion, why did you allow the Mueller investigation to drag on for over two years? Was it to affect the outcome of the 2018 midterms?
  • * Were Barack Obama and/or Joe Biden involved in the decision to surveil Trump campaign staffers and, specifically, to target Michael Flynn? If so, why and to what extent?
  • * What was the former president’s and vice president’s role in spying on the new administration after the election?
  • * Were you in communications with either or both of them after they left office? If so, to what extent and why?
  • * Why did you sign the final FISA warrant on Carter Page, knowing that the Steele dossier—which was the main impetus for the surveillance warrants—was political opposition research and full of unverified claims and flat-out lies?
  • * In the FISA application, you attested that the information within the dossier was “verified”? We know now it was not. So why did you swear that it was? What consequences should you face for submitting false information to the FISC?
  • * Why was exculpatory evidence, which we now know existed at the time, withheld from the FISC? Did you think you’d be unable to secure a warrant without it?
  • * For the record, what was the exculpatory evidence that was withheld from the court?
  • * You’ve said previously that “In order to get a FISA warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a career law enforcement officer who swears the information is true… And if it is wrong, that person is going to face consequences. You can face discipline and sometimes prosecution.” Did you knowingly lie to the court? What should be the consequences of your actions?
  • * Knowing that Carter Page was a CIA asset—and that there was no evidence to suggest he was working with Russia to subvert the 2016 election—what was the reasoning behind surveilling him and why was that fact withheld from the FISC? Was the true goal to surveil the Trump Campaign through a surrogate? Were you and the Obama administration attempting to interfere in the 2016 election (while accusing the Trump campaign of same)?
  • * Were there other Republican campaigns spied on? If so, did you attain a warrant; what was the legal basis for it; which campaigns; and why?

And that’s just the starter pack of questions—questions that may or may not come with Fifth Amendment pleas from Mr. Rosenstein.

Here are a few others:

And then there’s this:

Based on what we now know, Rod Rosenstein clearly betrayed his country and the civil rights of many American citizens that he, in his role as Deputy AG, was supposed to protect. There are no two ways around that. And if Rod Rosenstein—and every other person who interfered in the 2016 election, and then worked to undermine the new administration—is not held responsible, you can bet that similar malfeasance will occur again under a future administration. And if Joe Biden were to somehow win in November, their attempted coup will succeed, and the abuses of power the administration of which he was an integral part will look like a Girl Scout meeting by comparison.

Their blatant abuse of power was not a one-off; the Obama Administration, before and after it left office, didn’t just begin weaponizing federal agencies and abusing the rights of American citizens when Donald Trump descended that escalator. It was par for their course from the day they took office, and their legacy continues to this day, on the streets of major American cities, including in D.C., where domestic terrorists have attempted to breach the White House gates.

And this historic abuse of power can never happen again.

So my last questions are this: Will Rod Rosenstein answer the committee’s inquiries—which are certain to include rear-covering, self-indulgent speeches from some senate Democrats knee-deep in treason themselves; senators like this one who doth protest too much…

…and will the Republicans have the cajones to explain to the American people precisely what transpired, and continues to this day: an attempted coup against the democratically-elected president who succeeded Barack Obama? The man who wasn’t supposed to win. The man who knows everything that occurred. And the man the left, and many on the right who likely participated in the conspiracy—I’m looking at you, John McCain (may God have mercy on your soul)—are desperate to remove from office to keep their unprecedented subversion forever buried and their march toward socialism alive.

You can watch Rod Rosenstein’s testimony live here starting at 10:00 am ET on Wednesday, June 3rd. Whatever happens, it promises to be enlightening.


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