Quentin Tarantino to “Apologize” as Border Patrol Joins Police in Film Boycott

Quentin Tarantino to “Apologize” as Border Patrol Joins Police in Film Boycott

Quentin Tarantino to “Apologize” as Border Patrol Joins Police in Film Boycott

The National Border Patrol Council, which represents thousands of border patrol agents, released a statement Monday that it’s joining the growing list of police organizations boycotting Quentin Tarantino’s films. In case you missed it, here’s what the fact-challenged actor and director said during a Rise Up October rally last week, a gathering of Black Lives Matter types that he helped organize:

Never mind that Tarantino’s “facts” are anything but, and his films include some of the most violent scenes you’ll ever see on the big screen, he’s fully jumped onto the Black Lives Matter Hate Club Train. And the NBPC, fed up with the demonization of law enforcement is now, too, speaking out, in the only language Hollywood dimwits like Tarantino understand: Money. From its website:


Leaders of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents more than 16,500 men and women who protect our nation’s borders, expressed their outrage at Quentin Tarantino, who last Saturday joined a New York protest of police brutality and called police “murderers.”

The Hollywood filmmaker’s words and actions are “a disgusting and dangerous insult” to all law enforcement officers, said NBPC president Brandon Judd. The Border Patrol, he pointed out, is one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies.

“We stand strongly in support of our brothers and sisters in uniform who have called for a boycott of Tarantino movies,” Judd said. “His hateful words, spoken just four days after a NYPD officer was gunned down in East Harlem, will only embolden those who would do harm to police officers. Aren’t we a big enough target already?”

The NBPC is proud to join the nation’s five largest police unions, all of which have called for a boycott of Tarantino’s work, including his upcoming movie, “The Hateful Eight.”

Judd said he agrees wholeheartedly with the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which issued a statement saying “Tarantino took irresponsibility to a new and completely unacceptable level.”

Boy, did he. And he’s really stepped in it. Like shoulder-deep on a dairy farm with gluten-sensitive cows stepped in it. Because a lengthy, and expanding, list of law enforcement groups, and likely legions of supporters, will be boycotting—and yes, as staunchly free speech as I am, I believe his reckless commentary warrants it—Tarantino’s upcoming film, The Hateful Eight (how’s that for an ironic title?), and any other work he’s associated with:

Meanwhile, it’s being batted around that Tarantino may offer some sort of editorialized “apology” later this week in an effort, of course, to rescue endangered box office receipts for his upcoming movie at the strenuous urging of the film’s very unhappy distributor, Harvey Weinstein.

Nor do I. Sorry, Mr. Tarentino. It’s far too little, and way too late for faux contrition. Your lack of anything resembling intellectual honesty, or sincerity, is painfully obvious to those of us who give a damn about the lives of the men and women who every day put their lives at risk for our communities. There’s nothing you can do or say to take back your dishonest, irresponsible and hateful words. And now you get to live with the consequences. Money talks, Mr. Tarantino, Mr. Foxx, and Mr. Rogen. And much of America is shouting.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    What a POS this guy is. Anything for a buck so now he’s going to “apologize”. The only thing he should apologize for is taking up space in this world with his presence-short of that he should just stick it.

    But then again the vast majority of Hollywood thinks just like this idiot so his blatherings are to be expected. Hopefully he gets mugged in the near future-preferably by one of the BCLM bunch.

  • Jacmo says:

    Any apology forthcoming from him will be an insincere one. He recognizes that his true feelings, that were on display last week, will affect him financially. Well Quentin too late. You cannot walk back your true beliefs with an insincere apology. Your followers may be that stupid but, I can assure you, we are not. May all your future endeavors forever flop.

  • Michele says:

    Free speech means you can say anything and the government won’t punish you. It doesn’t mean that you are protected from civil results like a boycott.

  • Berzrkr50 says:

    Sadly, there are too many people that know about the dirtbags views and will go see his trash movie anyway simply because they see their preoccupation with themselves as overriding any outrage they might feel. And I feel pity for these little creeps…

  • Mike says:

    Let me predict his apology will begin with “I’m sorry if…”, that way he can avoid any real apology.

    The gist of his apology will be, “I’m sorry I said anything that might jeopardize the profitability of my next movie.”

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Bingo, Mike. “I’m sorry that you felt…whatever way you felt. By the way…my movie opens next month!”

  • Frey says:

    Well, once more into the breach….
    Fighting libtards and elite’s the only way they hurt by hitting the bottom line.
    Much respect for the police and the Border patrol in their fight to keep this country ours.

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