#RiseUpOctober Rally: Quentin Tarantino Leads (and Rants) Against Police Violence

#RiseUpOctober Rally: Quentin Tarantino Leads (and Rants) Against Police Violence

#RiseUpOctober Rally: Quentin Tarantino Leads (and Rants) Against Police Violence

Because nobody knows more about police brutality and violence than the king of violent satire himself. In fact, the Hollywood screenwriter, director and actor believes in the cause so much that he flew in for the New York City’s Washington Square this past weekend for the #RiseUpOctober rally.

“When I see murders, I do not stand by . . . I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers. It’s like this: It’s unfortunate timing, but we’ve flown in all these families to go and tell their stories . . . That cop that was killed, that’s a tragedy, too.”-Quentin Tarantino

Seems as if Tarantino forgot to add “except when I make millions of dollars off of the murders” to his soapbox. When interviewed about the violence in his movies back in July of 2014, Tarantino remarked:

“Violence is just one of many things you can do in movies,” he said. “People ask me, ‘Where does all this violence come from in your movies?’ I say, “Where does all this dancing come from in Stanley Donen movies?’ If you ask me how I feel about violence in real life, well, I have a lot of feelings about it. It’s one of the worst aspects of America. In movies, violence is cool. I like it.”

And who can forget this from the Chicago Tribune in 1993:

Though his fictional anti-hero is inspired by hours of watching violent action films, Tarantino says he cannot concern himself with the current debate over the impact of such movies on real-life violence in society.

“But still this is a movie,” he says. “The bottom line is I’m not responsible for what some person does after they see a movie. I have one responsibility. My responsibility is to make characters and to be as true to them as I possibly can.”

And this from Fresh Air in 2013:

Tarantino: Would I watch a Kung fu movie three days after the Sandy Hook massacre? Would I watch a Kung fu movie? Maybe, because they have nothing to do with each other.

Gross: You sound annoyed. I know you’ve been asked this a lot.

Tarantino: Yeah. I’m really annoyed. I think it’s disrespectful to their memory, actually.

Gross: To whose memory?

Tarantino: To the memory of the people who died to talk about movies. I think its totally disrespectful to their memory. Obviously the issue is gun control and mental health.

Want to see the breakdown of violence in Tarantino films? Check this out:

Activist Cornel West called #RiseUpOctober a “love train” for those who have been abused by the cops.

Doesn’t that want to make you boogie to the O’Jays’? Funny, but I thought a “love train” didn’t ask “Which side are you on?”

Tarantino held up a blown-up photograph of Justin Smith, an Oklahoma man killed in police custody in 1999 after spitting on cops. The #RiseUpOctober rally happened just days after Randolph Holder, 33, a five-year NYPD veteran who responded to a 911 call of gunfire between two rival gangs was fatally shot in the head.

But Quentin Tarantino wants YOU to know that he does not condone gun violence and police brutality. He wants you to know that as a means of maintaining his profession (and his bank account) that he can separate movie violence versus real-life murders. He wants you to continue spending your hard-earned cash on his violent satire and wants you to know that if individuals can’t separate what happens in his films from what happens on the streets, that it is their problem. They need mental counseling. They need their guns taken away. It’s not his problem that he is capitalizing on the violence at the box office. He can separate this, you see. I think Tarantino should be a man of his word. You can’t have two truths in this world. If he does not support violence, perhaps he should incorporate rainbows and flowers in his next screenplay. Perhaps he could do a two-hour film on cute, furry kittens. Everybody loves kittens. No guns. No knives. No weapons of any kind. No blood. No guts. No murders for Quentin Tarantino. Kittens. Let’s see how that works out for him. Star a “love train”, Quentin! Before you do, just an FYI-Another “worst aspect of America” is being in the poor house!

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