Pro-Life President: Trump Pledges To Defend Unborn

Pro-Life President: Trump Pledges To Defend Unborn

Pro-Life President: Trump Pledges To Defend Unborn

There was plenty of skepticism that Donald Trump would be as pro-life as he had promised to be during the 2016 election. Yet, we all knew that whatever he did, it couldn’t be as bad as Hillary Clinton.

Whatever you might think of the president’s personal convictions, his actions have demonstrated him to be a stauch defender of the pro-life movement. Admit it, if you told someone in 2016 that Donald Trump would be the first sitting president to address the March for Life, you probably wouldn’t have been believed.

Can you believe that this was only from this last January? It feels like a lifetime ago now, considering what has happened to all of us this year.

President Trump sent an open letter this week to “pro-life leaders and activists,” detailing his successes during his term, and pledging to continue his protection of the unborn during a second term. The letter can be read in full here. We all know that President Trump’s verbal support for the pro-life movement has been backed up with action, especially in his judicial nominations. We should all remember the hysteria around the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, which then later turned into a hurricane of leftist vengeance against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (the moment that Kamala Harris decided to use to springboard her own national profile by attempting to destroy a man’s life for her own political gain). What gets forgotten are the many lower court judges that have been confirmed thanks to the work of Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – which the media bemoans after years of packing the judiciary for their own gain.

However, the abortion conglomerate known as Planned Parenthood is still active. “Heartbeat” laws in different states have failed to be upheld by the courts. Planned Parenthood has managed to regain their footing after taking a beating the court of public opinion with the undercover video series from the Center For Medical Progress, for which they are still trying to punish them in the courts.

Despite a victory in getting Planned Parenthood to refuse Title X funding, there is still plenty of TAXPAYER DOLLARS going to this organization. If you recall, Nancy Pelosi even tried to sneak abortion funding into the first COVID-19 relief bill under a reimbursement sleight-of-hand. President Trump is pledging to do even more to defund Planned Parenthood in a second term.

Among his promises in the letter, dated September 3, is to work to “fully defund the big abortion industry such as Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.” Planned Parenthood committed 40% of U.S. abortions in 2018 with a record-high 345,672 abortions, despite an overall national decline. The corporation also receives more than half a billion dollars in federal taxpayer funding annually.”

This will be a tough order, and it will require GOP control of both the House and Senate for it to even have a chance of getting to the president’s desk. The other important pro-life bills that President Trump has pushed for have not made it that far.

Additionally, Trump stated that should Congress pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, he would sign into law. This Act would protect preborn children in the United States from abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. He also stated that if passed, he would sign into law the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would mandate that any baby who survives an abortion cannot be left for dead or killed after birth but must be given appropriate medical are. Both of these acts failed to pass in early 2020.”

Again, these laws will require the GOP to be in control of both chambers of Congress and have a spine when they are in control. We know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are abortion fangirls, with Biden pledging to end the Hyde Amendment, and Kamala Harris not wanting to put any limits on abortion.

If you believe in the pro-life cause and the defense of the unborn, then this presidential election is crystal clear. Both sides have records that anyone can look at. One side would spend YOUR money on abortions and not set any restrictions on abortion. The other side has stood firmly in the pro-life camp, worked to remove funding, and put judges into place that drove the left insane. If you once wondered just how pro-life Donald Trump would actually be as president, you should not be in doubt any longer. He might have been a risky vote for pro-life activists in 2016. Now, he has proved to be their ally.

Remember, and vote.

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