Pro-Death, Feminist Crowd Attacks March for Life

Pro-Death, Feminist Crowd Attacks March for Life

Pro-Death, Feminist Crowd Attacks March for Life

The vitriol of the pro-death crowd was loud-and-clear and ready to pounce after President Trump’s speech at yesterday’s March For Life.

This did not deter trolls on the left. Not one bit. So we trolled them back:

Isn’t she quite the intellectual citing Mother Jones? About as intellectual as Poison Ivy was in the ’90s, right, Alyssa? We cannot wait until this twit sits down and explain to her kids how she was a selfish starlet and aborted their siblings. What about those kids in back alley dumpsters? Or the ones whose organs and tissue were harvested for beaucoup bucks, Alyssa? That. Is. All.

Or this from Lauren Rank(in) of Bitch magazine (we thought this was a derogatory term?):

We also heard from “general do-gooder” (and pro-death-er), Leah Torres, M.D.:

You know what, “Doc”? My child made me a more informed humanitarian. When a mother brings life into this world, we see things through different lenses. We discern, we make better decisions because we have to and we place our priorities on different things. We cut through the BS really fast. A beating heart IS important-as important as I am-because it is coming from within my body. To treat it with any less respect than I would treat myself is not humane. That heartbeat is an extension of me. Probably the best hateful, pro-death rants comes from Salon’s Amanda Marcotte. She never disappoints:

But perhaps most important is the shared commitment of both Trump and the anti-choice movement to lie all the time about everything. Which, in turn, is rooted in their shared contempt for democracy.”-Amanda Marcotte

But wait, there’s more:

For instance, in the real world, abortion is safer than other common outpatient procedures like wisdom tooth extraction and colonoscopies, and 99% of women who get abortions report feeling relief and not regret, even years after the fact. But in the delusional world of anti-choicers, abortion is a super-dangerous procedure and “abortion regret syndrome” is widespread. In the real world, contraception prevents abortion. Anti-choicers, however, believe contraception causes abortion by tricking more people into having lots of sex.”-Amamda Marcotte

To say “anti-choicers” like us believe that contraception causes abortion by “tricking people into having lots of sex” is flat-out ignorant. But we’re the uneducated masses according to them. Marcotte assumes here that the only individuals who are pro-life are individuals against having any kind of sex that does not materialize with a pregnancy. She assumes all pro-lifers are in the dark ages on this and we have only had sex in our lives for the soul purpose of fruiting the world to thump our Bibles, show our stupidity and fill the word with misogynistic beliefs (we know this how they think). We’re all prudes and we all have sticks up our asses. The pro-abortion lot also likes to not refer to their opposition as pro-life. Why? Because it magnifies what they so strongly support and why it is wrong. So, while they refuse to call us “pro-life”, I will refrain from here on out referring them to anything that sugar-coats what they really are: pro-death.

Abortion is safer than other “common” outpatient procedures, says Marcotte. The issue with this is wisdom tooth extraction and colonoscopies do not involve human beings intentionally killing other human beings. Wisdom tooth extraction and colonoscopies are preventative medical procedures. Abortion is not preventative medicine. Birth control can be argued as such. Abortion, however, is a procedure some women undergo in a crisis. To the cavalier feminists, abortion is a procedure they undergo in place of birth control. They even have little slang terms and pet names for the killing a human being. Abortion is a procedure they undergo when they simply do not want to take into consideration anyone else’s needs or any lives but their own because they have dreams and aspirations. Because it is their body, their choice and they choose to play god to God’s majesty. And while abortion is not a “dangerous” procedure per se, to treat it as a “common” medical procedure and call it “health care” is a very dangerous idea.

Trump called mothers heroes and acknowledged the sacrifice many moms make to bring children into this world. The people who were at The March for Life were not individuals with desires to blow up abortion clinics and wreck havoc. Most were moms who knew their children would be born with disabilities and had them anyway because they saw the value in that child. There are moms who got pregnant at possibly not the most convenient time in their lives but heard that first heartbeat and knew, at that point, that they were given the gift of life. These moms are the heroes.

Every human soul is divine and every human soul, born and unborn, is made in the holy image of God. Together, we will defend this truth.”-President Donald Trump

Amazing, isn’t it? The offspring that resulted in sleeping with that loser, the child you were not ready for, the Down Syndrome child a doctor and your peers recommended you abort. All divine. Yes, purple-haired, Brooklyn-basement-dwelling feminists. Even godless souls like you who won’t credit your maker are made in the holy image of Our Heavenly Father. Your mom IS your hero because she chose YOU. Your life is a miracle, feminists. Even if you are pro-death.

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  • GWB says:

    until egis twit sits down
    And, is it intentional to quote the Milano tweet twice at the beginning?

    terrorizing patients in front of abortion clinics
    Until someone can show me video of this, I don’t EVER believe it. We purposely went to an abortion clinic once, and parked ourselves where we could watch the goings on. Despite the local abortionists claiming this same thing – “Oh, they’re terrorizing these women!” “They’re aggressive and pushy!” – there wasn’t a single instance of a protester even approaching a woman entering the facility unless they were within comversational distance, and then it was quiet and apparently respectful. (None of the less-than-a-handful of women spoken to showed any sort of fear or even disgust as they walked away.) We watched for TWO HOURS.

    While there might be some obnoxious protesters, I’ve never observed at. Not at protests I’ve been a part of, nor at that one I observed. (Nor, at any I’ve ever seen on the news.)

    You cannot place the importance of a fetus above the pregnant person and be anything else.
    Wow. “You cannot place the importance of a person’s life above the inconvenience of not driving on the sidewalk and be anything but a hater.”
    And that IS an apt analogy! Because almost no abortions are for anything more than the convenience* of the woman**. If you fight laws that restrict abortion except in cases of “medical necessity” then you are advocating precisely for convenience abortions.
    (I would gladly compromise*** and allow abortions only in the case of pregnancies or deliveries that will kill the mother or cripple her. It would stop 85-99%**** of abortions.)

    (* Convenience is defined by “my life would be so difficult if there were a baby in it.” Other than actual medically crippling the woman, there is absolutely NO reason to KILL a child because you just can’t deal with it right now. That’s CONVENIENCE, pure and simple.)
    (** Admittedly it is sometimes for the convenience of the man. Most often when there’s some sort of molestation, incest, or secret affair going on – IOW, abuse of the woman/girl. And one of PP’s evil deeds is not reporting those sorts of situations as the law requires in every state, so far as I know.)
    (*** I know it’s not the ideal situation. And I would continue to try and change hearts and minds to inch it down even more. But that would be an incredible win, and I’ll take it.)
    (**** That’s a big range, yes. And I’m fudging to allow for the “back-alley” ones that will continue to occur, as well as the doctors who will certify “medical necessity” where there is none, etc. Actually medically necessary abortions? Probably 1% of the ~million a year in the US.)

    That heartbeat is an extension of me.
    I wouldn’t use that phrasing, as it can be used to support the “it’s only a part of me, like an appendix” lie. But I definitely understand what you mean by it. The child inside is a being “of” you. It’s a pretty incredible thing, and every man I know is in total awe of your privilege in that.

    Salon’s Amanda Marcotte
    That woman is just plain evil.

    we have only had sex in our lives for the soul purpose
    Heh. Apropos typo. 🙂
    And, Marcotte is using a truth to build the lie. Sex is for reproduction. That’s why it exists – why you have an uterus, why we men have penises (besides the writing-our-name-in-the-snow bit) – to make babies. And that’s true whether you’re an evolutionist OR a creationist. And the problem with contraception is that it’s trying to stop a natural process with a huge biological imperative behind it. As Ian Malcolm says in Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”
    And, yes, the easy availability of contraception does seduce people into thinking it’s consequence-free. Especially when liches like Marcotte get a nice big soapbox from which to regale society on that very point, day in and day out. Teaching people that contraceptives are NOT foolproof, and you are gambling even with protected sex, is just helping them to make smart choices.

    we all have sticks up our asses
    Well, I’m enough of a prude that I don’t do that sort of thing!

    wisdom tooth extraction and colonoscopies
    Along with your comments, those procedures also don’t generally involve someone bleeding out a day later, or losing their ability (in those cases to chew or crap) forever. Those occurrences are a lot more common among abortions than they are among dentists and doctors that look in your butt (I’m not looking that word up).

    And while abortion is not a “dangerous” procedure per se
    You know, if it’s so safe, then why – particularly among those who otherwise revel in placing barriers before businesses – is it such a horrible thing to merely ask that the practitioners at a clinic that performs the procedure to have admitting privileges at a local hospital? I don’t expect to ever need my CPR training, but the company requires I get it anyway. I don’t expect to run over any pedestrians, but I’m forced to carry liability insurance.

    Not all who were at The March for Life…
    Likely not a single one.

    Yes, purple-haired, Brooklyn-basement-dwelling feminists … made in the holy image of Our Heavenly Father.
    You know, I never thought of it before, but how much of the dye/tat/piercing stuff is an attempt – out of spite or despair – to erase that image? 🙁

    It’s amazing to have to say it, but kudos to all those women who went through with having their child(ren). Yes, they are heroes in the face of the pro-death evil in our society today.

    (Addendum: I do sympathize with those who agonize over the long-term commitment of having, say, a Down’s baby. Given our current medical care, those children may require your attention your entire life, and at the end you might have to pass on that burden to someone else. I get it. And I – and lots of others – will stand by you and help with that burden one way or another.)

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