Political Hypocrisy Over Biden’s Black Woman On SCOTUS Promise

Political Hypocrisy Over Biden’s Black Woman On SCOTUS Promise

Political Hypocrisy Over Biden’s Black Woman On SCOTUS Promise

The political hypocrisy, games and hot takes have begun. Biden has now informed the world that, no matter the genuine qualifications, all SCOTUS candidates must meet one important criteria. The nominee must be a woman and absolutely must be Black.

Never mind the judicial qualifications. Never mind the career qualifications. Oh no. That must come a distance third, fourth, and last. Instead it’s color and gender that must be first and foremost. 

One: This is the absolute worst kind of litmus test for such an important role. 

Two: The narrative is now turning itself on its head and the political hypocrisy is glaringly obvious.

According to all the progressive Democrats, leftists, and many in the media, it is perfectly fine to use this kind of discriminatory litmus test because REASONS!

Instead of depoliticizing the court with his first pick, Biden has repoliticized it. During the 2020 campaign, he promised to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court in order to win an essential endorsement from South Carolina Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn. Reagan did a similar thing in 1980, when he promised to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court — which he did. Expanding the menu of potential justices from white men has been a good thing, of course. But making it a campaign promise amplifies the political character of appointments.

*Sigh, for the umpteenth time, Reagan did NOT promise to only look at women candidates for the court! He promised to consider a woman if they meet all the qualifications for the position and her gender was NOT the top qualification! 

I find it funny and stupid at the same time that Politico is gnashing their teeth over Biden holding to his promise. Don’t they realize that that is EXACTLY what the Administration wants, promise or no promise? 

Secondly, you just KNOW that any opposition to the nominee will be immediately defined as RACIST. 

Yes, as Darleen noted here, the GOP had better tread lightly on how they frame their opposition to the nominee. It needs to be on all the qualifications except gender and race. Heck, Ilya Shapiro has already had to delete a tweet and issue an apology (which he shouldn’t have) for asking a question about why Biden won’t consider one of the most imminently qualified candidates out there, and pointing out that whomever Biden nominates will ALWAYS have that asterisk after their name. 

The point he made was clear. Affirmative action by Democrats and leftist progressives is totally fine when THEY do it. 

Before I get into a bit more of the political hypocrisy running through all of this, here’s a reminder from Dan Quayle of what happened during the Clarence Thomas hearings. 

But the forces lining up against Thomas were considerable, and the nature and rhetoric of their opposition was sometimes almost sickening. (Washington Post African-American) Columnist Carl Rowan said that “if you gave Thomas a little flour on his face, you’d think you had [KKK leader] David Duke talking.” A leader from the (leftist) National Organization for Women said, “We’re going to ‘Bork’ him. We need to kill him politically,” while one black (Democrat) Congressman declared that “a black conservative is a contradiction in terms.”

All of them refused to accept that black men and women could make a rational decision, for the good of their race and the good of their country, to leave what some have called “the liberal plantation.” Even so, the administration was surprised by the number of civil rights groups, including the NAACP, who wound up opposing the nomination. I had hoped it would split the black community right down the middle and inject some freshness into the national debate. But the black civil rights leadership, bent on maintaining political correctness and their own political clout, became some of Thomas’s strongest opponents.

Which leads me to this bit of hypocrisy from Sunny Hostin at The View. 

“I’d like to make the note that if a black woman graduated from Harvard and graduated from Harvard Law School, even in spite of sort of the institutional racism, the systemic racism, that occurs in this country, that is just part of the very fabric of this country, she is probably overqualified for any of these positions,” Hostin said. And that is just the truth of it.”

Got that? You can be black, a woman, and a damned fine judge. But, according to Sunny’s superior wisdom, if you had the temerity to attend Harvard and Harvard law, you have definitely gone too far. Once again, discrimination is ok when THEY do it. I tell you, the hypocrisy is running deep and wide on this. And Biden is one of the biggest hypocrites of all. 

Oh yes, we SHOULD be able to have a real conversation about valid qualifications of someone nominated to the Supreme Court. But Biden along with many others blew that out of the water decades ago with the Bork hearings, with Clarence Thomas, and more recently with Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney-Barrett.

This is political hypocrisy at its worst. 

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  • Scott says:

    One: This is the absolute worst kind of litmus test for such an important role… and blatantly illegal, not that the Supremes will do anything about it..

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