Peter Doocy Sets Trap for Biden, Joe Walks In

Peter Doocy Sets Trap for Biden, Joe Walks In

Peter Doocy Sets Trap for Biden, Joe Walks In

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, media gadfly to the Biden administration, asked a very pertinent question of Joe Biden. Which is the top domestic issue for midterm voters — inflation or abortion?

That’s actually a very good question. After all, Americans have been struggling with gas and food prices due to inflation, and progressive women keep banging on about abortion. The media, of course, do all they can to pump up the abortion controversy because it makes Planned Parenthood and liberal Chardonnay moms happy.

However, in making that inquiry, Peter Doocy was setting a trap for Joe Biden. And Biden walked right in, not only demonstrating a cringy lack of self-awareness, but insulting Doocy as well.

“We ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time,” says the guy who then shuffles off the stage. The same guy who struggled with putting his jacket on, and who couldn’t keep his famous aviators on his face. Then again, maybe if he didn’t insist on wearing that worthless damn Covid mask the glasses would’ve been more secure.


No Love Lost for Peter Doocy

Did you catch Biden’s response to Doocy’s question as to which issue was most important? “They’re all important, unlike you …” That’s an odd answer — was that a slam at Peter Doocy’s professionalism, or did he mean that Doocy should know that there’s more one than significant issue? Hard to tell, but this is Joe Biden here, and we all know that the man often has trouble organizing his language.

But there’s no doubt that Biden was irritated at Doocy and his less-than-softball question. This was clearly Biden trying to put an impertinent reporter back in his place.

Joe Biden has had previous run-ins with Peter Doocy, too. In January Biden got caught on a hot mic calling Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch.” Here’s how that went down:

Later Biden called Doocy and apologized. But the irritation didn’t stop there; Biden has also called Doocy a “one horse pony” — whatever that means.

And don’t get me started on Donald Trump’s famous fights with the media. Repeat these words: Trump is no longer president, Trump is no longer president, Trump is no longer presidentMake it your mantra if you suffer from Trump-on-the-Brain 24/7. Your life will be happier.


The Question Was Important

Joe Biden may not have liked Peter Doocy’s question, but it’s an important one in the final lead-up to the midterms. Voters need to know what Biden will be focusing on.

That’s because Biden threw out a sop to liberal women at a Democratic National Committee event on Tuesday.

“We’ll restore the right to choose for every woman in every state in America. So vote. You gotta get out the vote.”

In return, he promised to codify Roe v. Wade.

Then on Wednesday, Biden pandered to the struggling middle class by announcing the release of 15 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Of course that’s just in time for the midterms, too.

An unnamed reporter noticed the timing and asked Biden, “Is it politically motivated, sir? It’s three weeks before the midterms.”

Biden’s answer was … well, typical Joe Biden denial and disjointedness:

“I’ve been doing this for how long now? It’s not politically motivated at all. It’s motivated to make sure that I continue to push on what I’ve been pushing on.”

“Continue to push on what I’ve been pushing on.” Whatever, man.

Peter Doocy/Joe



Perhaps Peter Doocy Should’ve Asked About Drag Queens in Ecuador

Yes, really. Late on Wednesday afternoon Fox News reported that Biden’s State Department funded a drag queen project in Ecuador.  Fox News reporter Bill Melugin — he of the perfect hair and hard-hitting reporting from the southern border — reported the story on Twitter.

Ecuadorian drag queens? Yes, really.

Melugin tweeted late on Wednesday afternoon:

“@FoxNews has learned the Biden admin is funding drag performances in Ecuador, with the State Department awarding more than $20,000 to an Ecuadorian cultural center to host “drag theater performances” in the name of “diversity and inclusion”.

The things that make you go What the F***?

On September 23 the State Department sent a grant of $20,600 to the Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano (CEN) for a project which began on September 30 and will run until August, 2023. Designed to “promote diversity and inclusion” in the region — because the people of Ecuador have yet to discover the joys of drag queens, apparently — the project includes three workshops, twelve drag theater performances, and a two-minute documentary.

Does this sound too outrageous to believe? Is this just Fox News trying to belittle the Biden administration? Por el contrario! Here are the receipts at Makes you wonder what else they’re squandering our money on, doesn’t it?

To be sure, $20K is a drop in the bucket compared to the much bigger financial problems that we’re facing now. But kudos to Bill Melugin for pointing out this ridiculous expenditure. And I tip my hat to Peter Doocy for his bold and clever exposés of Joe Biden and Co. as a member of the White House Press Corps.


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