Pandemic Over, Crowds Okay Again

Pandemic Over, Crowds Okay Again

Pandemic Over, Crowds Okay Again

Just as predicted: the talking heads and networks are calling the election for Biden… which means pandemic over!

No, apparently getting out in the streets to celebrate is completely okay during a pandemic because your chosen candidate won.

Who says so? Democrats.

And the media.

Remember this. Remember how the American public was lectured from here to eternity about “social distancing” and “mask mandates” and then tossing that all out the window the second that social justice marches were happening. And now it’s happening again.

This is not about a virus. It’s about control. We can’t control what a virus does, so they goal has always been top-down control. The left has never been consistent about this. They called Trump a facist while insisting that if he just seized power and acted like a dictator, he would have beaten COVID-19 easily. Again, with COVID not being the wild card, the odds are quite good that Donald Trump would have easily won re-election. But as things stand right now, the odds are getting longer and longer for President Trump to pull out a complete reversal for multiple states.

Does a Biden win really mean that the COVID-19 pandemic is over? No. Does it give the media an excuse to ignore the pandemic as if it were over? Hell yes. The media has been in the tank for whomever the Democrats chose because they hated Trump so much. So, like we have seen time and again, the media will now conveniently ignore “bad” stories when “their” candidate is in office. Just as we were treated – and still are – daily reports about how many COVID cases there are, once Biden is inaugurated, we will miraculously start to hear how “COVID is survivable,” and “kids should go back to school.” You don’t think so? Chicago Public Schools announced on Wednesday – you know, ONE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION – that they believe that kids can go back to school now because they are going to put a HEPA filter in every classroom! I’m not kidding.

Chicago Public Schools said classrooms are ready for students and teachers to safely return Wednesday after the district installed air purifiers and took other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Last month, the Chicago Teachers Union said neither teachers nor students should return to class because school buildings are old and not designed to sufficiently ventilate and purify air during a pandemic.”

CPS said it addressed those concerns by spending $8.5 million to put a HEPA air purifier in every classroom. District officials said the 20,000 purifiers are capable of removing “99.9% of ultrafine particles,” including airborne mold, bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.”

Additionally, CPS officials said the district implemented the top five COVID-19 mitigation efforts recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to keep schools safe, and hired independent industrial hygienists to produce a school-by-school analysis of air quality and ventilation systems.”

Now the district says classrooms are ready for students and staff so long as they have either a HEPA filter or an operating mechanical ventilation system which includes both an air supply and an exhaust. By those standards, CPS says 99% of its classrooms are ready and the ones that are not will be prioritized for repairs.”

So, there you are. Pandemic over! All we need is a HEPA filter in every classroom! After all, the Democrats are the party of the teachers’ unions, so with a Democrat in the White House, they will be going back to work immediately, right? Probably not, but now watch the weight of the media turn against the teachers’ unions should they defy a Biden administration that begins to say “children need to go back to school” because they want to keep suburban mom voters happy.

You know what the best part about the media flipping the pandemic narrative will be? When Dr. Anthony Fauci begins ripping on a Biden administration for not taking the pandemic seriously now that they own the economy. Fauci only sees things through one lens: public health. He does not take any other factors into account, and the media held him up as their medical god because he was standing in opposition to President Trump on opening the economy back up. Once Democrats can be blamed for the economy, and Fauci begins his critiques, he will be persona non grata on the cable shows that have been camped out on his office steps for months. Get your popcorn, because the whiplash will be hilarious.

For those of us who still want to take this pandemic seriously but not let fear run our lives, what do we do now? It’s easy, really: take all precautions around older and vulnerable people. Keep washing your hands. When a vaccine comes, consider getting it once it is available. Realize that COVID is not a death sentence for the vast majority of healthy people. And realize that the media is invested in lying to you to further their own agenda.

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