Melania Trump Speaks Out, Liberals Are At Their Worst

Melania Trump Speaks Out, Liberals Are At Their Worst

Melania Trump Speaks Out, Liberals Are At Their Worst

First lady Melania Trump posted her first message since Election Day on Friday, reflecting on Be Best, her youth initiative that addresses cyberbullying. So what did the liberals do? They cyberbullied as per their normal modus operandi.

They didn’t even need a cue to start the cyberbullying. The comments from the keyboard warriors flooded in:

For once during this pandemic, the mask-shamers have pulled the masks off and boy howdy, are they ugly AF. Melania Trump was called a grifter, a hooker, a birther, a b*tch in these tweets. She was told in a string of tweets to “pack her $hit and get out”, that she has “done nothing” in these four years and already has been accused of stealing the White House china and silverware by the masses who are all but gloating a Joe Biden victory.

I, for one, do not see Melania Trump as needing anything so bad from The White House that she’d steal it. She’s no Hillary Clinton. She has “done nothing”, they say. But let’s examine the track record of fours years under President Trump who was not a favorite of the media by a long stretch. It’s not totally inconceivable that Melania Trump also would not be a favorite of the “big machine”. Upon being named FLOTUS, Vogue was not hounding her for magazine covers, designers were not fawning over her and begging her to wear their labels, talk show celebrities were not reaching out to her to hear her story. The media for the most part, did not show any interest in getting to know Melania Trump. Their shunning of her was the biggest bullying tactic ever. They wanted to punish her for the “sins” of her husband. And they are justified in their bullying, you see.

Trump speaks four other languages: English, French, Serbian and German.”-CBS News

But Melania Trump’s knowledge of five languages was not enough to pique the interest of a biased media/entertainment/political machine. Not only did they shame Melania Trump for nude photos taken back when she was younger, they also shamed her son. The very people (some who are educators), have made heinous and ugly attacks against Barron Trump and his Autism. Just in case you have forgotten, see below:

I hope Barron gets to spend today with whoever his dad is,” Henson, a regular critic of the president on social media, tweeted Sunday on Father’s Day.” John Henson, Food Network

And this:

We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will will stand up against the giant a–hole she is married to. 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country. F—.”-Peter Fonda

There is a special place in hell reserved for people like Peter Fonda. But any “mama bear” would have every right to come out and stand up for her son being bullied by grown-ass adults, rich and smug, who will stoop to the low levels of throwing Melania Trump’s son into their mix of hatred. A kinder, gentler, America, they say. Melania stood tall and did not sling mud back into their faces. Instead, she handled herself with grace and poise and endured. She may not have made the cut to be on Sesame Street (a show that made a mockery of the President) promoting exercise, a healthy lifestyle and nasty school lunches nor did she serve as “grandma” to Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie but Melania does have a softer side that no one in the MSM thought worth to illustrate.

And it’s shameful and quite honestly, their loss. As the media portrays less-than-desirable individuals in a positive light, as role models, as inspirational, they are also painting a false narrative. We are seeing this unfold before our very eyes.

But the media says Joe Biden is elected President and individuals in the Twittersphere are ready, willing and able to kick Melania Trump to the curb and welcome Jill Biden with open arms. A woman who knew of the corruption and profited off of her husband’s influence herself. A woman who let her husband be endorsed by a former stripper, prostitute, thief-gone Hip Hop artist. Ahh, yes, a woman of dignity and influence and class and grace right there. Melania Trump has handled these four years on her own with no bolstering or posturing from an adoring media.

It’s not Be Best, it’s Be Better,” says one of the random intellectually superior, liberal democrats on Twitter. They wouldn’t know how to be better if they tried because they are truly the worst. It’s okay, Melania. You’re beautiful and we see you. They’re the ones who are truly ugly.

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  • It was so nice to have beauty and class back in the White House for four years.
    Thank you, Melania. Gosh, if only I were 113 years younger…and still breathing.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    It’s very doubtful Melania speaks five languages. She probably knows some basic words and phrases in three of the languages she claims she speaks. There are videos in which fluent speakers of some of these languages analyze her fluency. For example, took a look at the You Tube video, “Is Melania Really Fluent in Five Languages?” Melania is fluent in English but it’s far from perfect. I’ve known people who’ve been in the U.S. for around two years, for example, who had a better handle on the past tense of verbs and irregular verbs than Melania has. Melania is fluent in Slovenian and English, and that’s probably it. Anybody familiar with foreign language learning can tell by Melania’s English that her language learning ability is probably at best average considering how long she’s been using English. It’s very doubtful that she could be fluent in three other langauges when her English still has a lot of basic errors.

    Melania’s website also claimed she had graduated from college in Slovenia, but it was found that she only attended for about a year. Somehow, her claim of having graudated from college was erased from her site after people questioned her claim of having graduated. Melania also supported Presdient Trump’s birtherism.

    Remember when Trump was railing about “chain migration?” Weren’t Melania’s parents able to come to live in the U.S.? Wouldn’t this be an example of the type of chain migration that Trump railed about? Remember when Trump announced he was going to have a press conference about Melania’s immigration process but somehow this press conference never took place?

    People shouldn’t be mean and vulgar to Melania, but Melania chose to lie about “speaking” five languages by letting people think she was fluent in them. She could have easily stated the truth which is that she is fluent in two languages and probably knows some basic elements of three other language but is far from fluent in them. She lied about graduating from college, and she supported her husband’s birtherism. I don’t care if she posed for semi-nude and nude photos when she was younger, but can you imagine the uproar from the right if MIchelle Obama had done the same when she was younger?

    Melania put herself in the postition to be mocked for her campaign against cyber bullying considering the cyber bullying done by her husband. This was just a plain dumb move on her part. There are many other causes she could have chosen that wouldn’t have clashed with her husband’s behavior.

    I have kind of a hard time seeing Melania as a role model because of her support of her husband’s long history of promoitng birtherism. As an immigrant hersself, she could have had the intergity to see this for what it was: a conspriacy theory (also known as a lie) with covert racial undertones meant to discredit Obama. If other people want to see her as a role model, fine, but if you’re going to write about poor poor mistreated Melania, do some research and at least be honest about her wililingness to go along with her husband’s birtherism and other misleading information (lies) she either put out herself or went along with. I find it hard to believe she didn’t know she hadn’t graudated from college, for example. The question is did she lie about this herself or did she allow other people to lie about it.

    I’ve given very little thought to Melania, but I did remember her lies about her language ability, her lie about graduating from college, and her support of birtherism. She seems to have done the usual things expected of first ladies such as visiting children in hospitals. It’s nice that she does this, but I don’t think she deserves any special credit for this. It’s the type of thing all first ladies do.

    • Don’t you have a peaceful BLM riot or street celebration of Democrat fraud to attend, Quentin? (The two places where you absolutely, positively, cannot catch CoViD.)

    • Cameron says:

      “but can you imagine the uproar from the right if MIchelle Obama had done the same when she was younger?”

      And said uproar would be ignored in the media, any YouTube videos analyzing something similar on her would be removed and cries of “DAS RAYSIS!” would be heard. So yes, I can imagine. This is the same woman who was only proud of her country when she got to be the First Lady and she still insists that we’re a sinkhole of bigotry.

      • Scott says:

        “Uproar”? I think you mean “Upchuck”… At least that’s the reaction I’d expect to be most common in response to naked photos of Mooch (Dammit, now i need brain bleach)… But yeah, as always, if it wasn’t for double standards, the dems would have none.

  • Andrew X says:

    I can deal with the idea that Biden “won” if I have to. It is just galling beyond endurance to think that these Hollywood @$$holes have won.

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    Hi Writing Observer! I don’t recall saying anything about covid or black lives matter in my comments, but thanks for your thoughtful response! My point is that Melania is not above reproach, but since she is soon going to be gone, I guess “I really don’t care, do U?”

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