Harris Confirms No Teeth In Mask Mandate Proposal

Harris Confirms No Teeth In Mask Mandate Proposal

Harris Confirms No Teeth In Mask Mandate Proposal

Kamala Harris, who will literally say anything to get herself elected to higher office, actually admitted today that there are things that even a president can’t do.

Remember this exchange about gun control between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden during the debates, when she insisted that it could be done by executive order and Biden said that it had to be Constitutionally based? The “hey Joe” line?

Well, since then, Biden became the Democrat nominee and announced that he wanted a national mask mandate, both before and during the Democrat convention.

Biden even committed to a mask mandate in his acceptance speech. It was literally his only idea on how to fight COVID. There was just one tiny little problem. It’s not constitutional, and completely unenforceable (especially considering how the Democrats are giving their tacit, if not open, approval of the “defund the police” movement).

And Kamala Harris admitted as much this morning on the “TODAY Show.” Apparently, “mandate” means a strong suggestion, the way that the pirate code is more like a “guideline.” How nice of Kamala Harris to clarify the Biden camp’s use of the English language.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris said Friday “nobody’s going to be punished” if she and running mate Joe Biden implement the nationwide mask mandate they have called for during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“It’s really a standard. I mean, nobody’s gonna be punished. Come on,” the California senator said, laughing off a question about how to enforce such a rule during an interview that aired Friday on NBC’s “Today.” “Nobody likes to wear a mask. This is a universal feeling. Right? So that’s not the point, ’Hey, let’s enjoy wearing masks.′ No.”

Harris suggested that, instead, the rule would be about “what we — as responsible people who love our neighbor — we have to just do that right now.”

“God willing, it won’t be forever,” she added.”

I might buy the whole “love your neighbor” act that Harris is trying to push here if those who support her and Biden weren’t ACTIVELY TRYING TO HARASS, HARM, AND BURN DOWN THEIR NEIGHBORS’ HOMES AND BUSINESSES. How does the “love your neighbor” message apply to COVID but NOT to rioting and looting and harassment?

Oh, because Kamala Harris says so.

She also says that the police officer who shot Jacob Blake should be arrested, because Kamala Harris knows all, sees all, does not care about facts or waiting for a full investigation. She knows which side she needs to placate.

So, well done to Senator Harris for knocking the legs off of the one thing Biden thought he could do. Of course, Biden also thinks he can be president, which is exactly why he is doing long form interviews with hard-hitting questions right now, instead of kumbaya sessions with Anderson Cooper… oh.

Solid work, Team Biden, and good job letting Kamala Harris confirm that you have zero tools to fight COVID any more aggressively than the Trump administration has been doing.

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