OSHA Vaccine Mandate Will Shatter Supply Chain

OSHA Vaccine Mandate Will Shatter Supply Chain

OSHA Vaccine Mandate Will Shatter Supply Chain

The supply chain will be shattered by the new OSHA vaccine mandate the Biden Administration unveiled yesterday.

The first rule covers 84 million U.S. workers, or two-thirds of the U.S. workforce, officials said. That rule, which will be administered by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, will require employees to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4.

Employees who aren’t fully vaccinated by Jan. 4 have to produce a verified negative test to their employers every week and begin wearing a mask at work as of Dec. 5. Workers who test positive for COVID-19 or receive a diagnosis from a licensed health care provider have to be removed from the workplace. The rule doesn’t require employers to pay for the tests, though agreements with unions might require employers to cover the bill.

As I’d noted in September, the proposed OSHA rules are problematic on multiple levels. Now, with the rollout of the “official” OSHA ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) rule, it’s evident that this will negatively impact our supply chain, which is already struggling due to the lockdowns. 

OSHA helpfully put out a video explainer of their new vaccine mandate.

So how would this affect the supply chain? How many private companies with 100 employees or more, move our goods and services around the country? Look at the trucking companies you see every day going up and down our interstates. Look at the truck delivery companies that deliver goods and services around the cities and towns where you live. How many of them have 100 employees or more? A significant number of them do.

Businesses are now supposed to REQUIRE their employees to open their medical records and show proof of their vaccination status.

Employers have to “determine the vaccination status of each employee, obtain acceptable proof of vaccination from vaccinated employees, maintain records of each employee’s vaccination status, and maintain a roster of each employee’s vaccination status.” They must give employees up to four hours of paid time when they get their shots, plus “reasonable time and paid sick leave to recover from any side effects experienced following each primary vaccination dose.”

Furthermore, this OSHA ETS rule specifically overrules any state or local workplace laws and regulations. In other words, it’s federal overreach that goes against Constitutional states rights. 

Additionally, businesses will be fined if they don’t make sure their employees comply with the OSHA mandate. How much? A LOT.

Not only that, but those same type of fines have been sneakily inserted into the infrastructure bill.

But Biden has assured us time and again that he doesn’t want mandates. In fact, even yesterday he said that everyone wants the vaccines and no one is getting fired for not getting the vaccine. Yes, Biden lives in a bubble of his own making. People ARE being fired for not getting vaccinated, companies ARE mandating the vaccine and not allowing religious or medical exemptions! 

In regards to the supply chain issues, if an employee has already had Covid, then that should be taken into consideration..RIGHT?? Wrong. Too many, along with the OSHA ETS itself are slated to mandate getting vaccinated even if said employee has had the virus. 

Congressman Thomas Massie is sounding the alarm.

“I just came from a roundtable in my transportation and infrastructure committee. … We had experts from the industry that deals with the supply chain, trucking experts, the people who unload the shipping containers,” Massie said. “And one of the things they keyed in on, is the contractor mandate kicks in on December 8th … and then there’s this OSHA mandate, that’s going to come out. What I learned is that 37 percent of truckers say they will retire, quit or find another job if they are required to get the vaccine as a result of the federal contractor mandate or the OSHA mandate.”

THIRTY SEVEN PERCENT of the trucking industry will leave if these mandates are enforced. Does anyone understand what this will do to our supply chain?? Our ports are backlogged for MONTHS due in part to the fact that mandates or no mandates, there aren’t enough truckers available to move cargo right now! 

Multiple states along with private companies such as The Daily Wire have already filed lawsuits against these mandates. 

Keep in mind, many of these companies aren’t against the vaccines itself, they are against coercion. And that’s what this OSHA ETS mandate is. It’s coercing companies to police their employees private healthcare decisions. 

“We should be clear about what the government is asking us to do: discriminate against our own employees on the basis of their private health care decisions,” Boreing said. “They act with such hubris and we’re left to pick up those pieces. It’s not our place to even know the private health care decisions of our employees, much less to discriminate against them on the basis of those decisions. And I don’t see how the government can rightly put those liabilities on us into the future.”

We need approximately 80,000 MORE truckers to help move goods and services around this country. And when I say goods and services, that includes not only appliances, lumber, office supplies and items such as toys and computers; it ALSO includes medicines, medical supplies, and FOOD. 

The federal government wants to COERCE private employers into mandating Covid vaccines for their employees, and intrude on their private health records. This will significantly and negatively impact those companies who put groceries on our shelves and medicines in our cabinets. Does Biden really want to tank the American economy by shutting down our supply chain? With this coercive mandate, it sure seems that is the goal. 

Feature Photo Credit: Schaffer Truck by Mike via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Mark says:

    This nation was once founded on Christian principles. One central principle was that one person did not get punished for another person’s “sins.”

    Please explain to me how:
    1. Biden has turned either non-compliance or COVID into a crime and
    2. How businesses get punished for having employees that don’t comply.

    I will wait for an answer.

  • Lemuel Vargas says:

    As stated by me before, let the Dems do what they want to do in order to expose their hidden agenda of extreme socialism, almost bordering on communism.

    IMHO, let it fester up to the midterm elections on 2022, and if the Dems has not realized their dream of a “socialist utopia”, then up to the 2024 POTUS election.

  • Scott says:

    It has become all too clear that their intent is to collapse the economy, and give them an excuse to institute martial law, suspend elections, and all the other actions required to turn our country into a dictatorship. No, I don’t think for a second that pResident pudding cup has a clue what’s going on, but his handlers sure do.
    As the line from “Hunt for Red October” goes, “This business will get out of hand. It will get ut of hand, and we’ll be lucky to live through it”.. No truer words…

  • Diane says:

    I believe in Michigan many people have been granted religious exemptions. You just have to know how to write one properly. Hire a civil rights attorney.

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