#Oscars: The Blue Ribbons Are Not For Prostate Cancer

#Oscars: The Blue Ribbons Are Not For Prostate Cancer

#Oscars: The Blue Ribbons Are Not For Prostate Cancer

And here comes Hollywood with its glamorous outfits on the red carpet, decked out in… blue ribbons.

Actress Ruth Negga wearing a blue ribbon on the red carpet (photo: Getty Images)
So… what is the cause célèbre this time? A blue ribbon could stand for prostate cancer awareness, autism awareness, chronic fatigue syndrome awareness, child abuse awareness, or for free speech on the internet.
Well, apparently the ACLU is all out of ideas for new and interesting colors, because they decided to use a blue ribbon for self-promotion, and convinced many of the Hollywood elites to practice the time honored Oscar tradition of virtue signalling by wearing them.

Launched this week, the campaign encourages Hollywood stars to wear a Stand with ACLU blue ribbon as a symbol of solidarity with the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, which has worked for nearly 100 years to defend and protect individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and law of the U.S.

The ACLU has been enjoying quite the windfall lately after the outcry regarding President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

Now they are getting even more free promotion by using Hollywood types as a moving ad, and getting free airtime without paying a dime for a commercial. (The New York Times is probably kicking themselves right now.)

As a publicity stunt/advertisement, it’s fantastic. They will probably raise a lot of money off of the celebrity exposure.

But the stunt itself stinks. Mostly because ribbon awareness is SO 1990’s, and there wasn’t a different color of ribbon they could have picked, instead of one that apparently means every cause under the sun? But hey, they put their name on it! It’s theirs now!

The ACLU raked in $94 million in revenue in 2015, with assets listed at $241.7 million. Becoming an ACLU member costs $35 (minimum donation, but then they’ll keep calling you for more money, like every other activist charity out there), so clearly, there’s a lot of people out there who support them. I bet they are more than thrilled with the free advertising that they’ve conned Hollywood into giving them today. I hope the Hollywood patsies wearing the ribbons realize that they are nothing more than walking billboards to the ACLU.

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  • Scott says:

    ACLU.. american communist lawyers union… that says it all. they care about the Constitution… as long as it’s liberal causes.. have any of you ever seen them take a Second Amendment case?? nope, didn’t think so…

  • Robin H says:

    And I’ll bet that not one of the stars wearing the ribbons would turn even a tiny portion of their property into a refugee refuge. They might hire them to work under the table for less than minimum wage, though.

  • Scott says:

    I vote that they should take in and support one ” refugee” for each million they make… I’d bet the chances of that happening are closely related to the chance of those who said they’d leave if Trump won actually leaving… Lying freakin hipocrites!!!

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