OMG! Politico Claims Yuge Scoop on Trump’s Height, and It’s Hysterical. [VIDEO]

OMG! Politico Claims Yuge Scoop on Trump’s Height, and It’s Hysterical. [VIDEO]

OMG! Politico Claims Yuge Scoop on Trump’s Height, and It’s Hysterical. [VIDEO]

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t yet been sworn into office, but have the sharp eyes at Politico found the scandal which will bring him down? Does this have — gasp! — impeachment written all over it?

Let me give you the introductory sentence from the article in question. You might want to be sitting down.

Donald Trump and his doctor claim he’s 6-foot-3, but his New York driver’s license says he’s actually an inch shorter.

Have you recovered from the shock yet? Or are you like me, laughing hysterically?

Yes, this is what a busy body writer at Politico thought would be an earth-shaking scoop. What’s more, The Hill picked up the story this morning with the pearl-clutching headline, “Driver’s License Raises Questions.”

In September, Trump’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, released a letter stating that Trump’s height was 6’3″. Several media outlets were incredulous, including the Washington Post, who posted pictures and even consulted a carnival barker to question Trump’s height and weight claims.

Carnival barker Ray De Frates was consulted by the Washington Post to guess Trump’s weight. I’m not kidding. Credit:

Rachel Maddow at MSNBC chimed in with her own theory as to why Trump might fudge his height a little, but this is MSNBC with its five or six viewers, so the scandal blew under the radar of nearly everyone who wasn’t a leftwing progressive.

But Politico managed to obtain Trump’s license through an open-records request, and they think they’re off to the races with a yuuuge scandal.

Legal Insurrection tweeted out the perfect squelch:

Click to enlarge.

Politico is pissing in the wind here, grasping at the most inane subjects to further discredit the impending Trump presidency. They did, however, succeed in confirming yet again why the media has become such a laughing stock.

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  • VALman says:

    They sound so very childish:

    Nanny, nanny, boo, boo! You’re not that tall and, and, and you have funny hair, too!

    Those who initiated this ought to be ashamed to show their face in public.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      President Stampy Foot will probably honor them at the WH, then pull down all the chairs and furniture and hope DJT trips over them while moving in. I can’t wait for the screaming 144-point type they use when they discover Trump once broke wind in public after eating a bowl of chili.

  • Mike says:

    Breaking news! Politico has obtained a copy of Trump’s birth certificate that does not show his height anywhere near 6′ ! Obviously a major scandal brewing!

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