Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Killed In Milan Shootout, But Questions Remain [VIDEOS]

Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Killed In Milan Shootout, But Questions Remain [VIDEOS]

Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Killed In Milan Shootout, But Questions Remain [VIDEOS]

The good news is that the Tunisian terrorist who used a truck to kill 12 and injure over 50 at the Berlin Christmas Market is dead. Very very dead.

The Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri was killed in an early-morning shootout in Milan, Italian state police announced on Friday.
Amri, the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt since Monday’s atrocity, was stopped in Sesto San Giovanni — a district in the northeastern part of Milan — just after 3am local time, Italian police said on their Twitter feed.
When the man was asked for his papers, he pulled a .22 calibre gun out of his backpack and fired, police said.

Again, that’s the good news. Even better is that the police officer shot by the terrorist will recover.

However, there are many questions that need answered.

German authorities knew the terrorist had a known criminal record, and was planning an attack… but dropped their surveillance of him after six months. WHY?

Why was the lame excuse of no ID used to refuse his deportation back to Tunisia?

Why was this the first photo released by authorities once the manhunt for the terrorist started?

He was arrested THREE times and his asylum application was rejected outright. Why was he roaming around free?

Authorities knew that he tried to recruit an accomplice for the terror attack. Who is the accomplice and why isn’t that information made public so said accomplice can be arrested?

How is it that he managed to get from Berlin to Milan without being caught?

Not well I’d say.

And then there’s this…

Amri entered Italy in February 2011 without any ID and claimed to be a 17-year-old minor, a spokesman for the Italian state police, Mario Viola, told CNN earlier this week.
While in Italy, he served four years in prison after he was involved in an arson attack on a school, his father told Tunisian radio.

Given that information, a very logical question should be asked. Two questions in fact.

  1. Are the countries NOT sharing information?
  2. If they are and German authorities STILL let the guy in, then some responsibility for the attack lies upon the shoulders of those who put politics over reality.

Finally, information obtained by CNN shows definitively that the terrorist wanted to plan an attack and was absolutely tied to ISIS. 

As stated here, terrorism and especially Radical Islamic terrorism is VERY real. All evidence points to the Tunisian terrorist being a follower of ISIS. We can no longer afford to be politically correct, complacent, or think of terrorism as a JV basketball game. But some, as our friends at Legal Insurrection point out, STILL want to keep their heads in the sand!

According to this “expert” we will get more terrorism (of the modest sort) in the US but no biggie guys!! You see, he believes the REAL threat is drugs, gangs, and synthetic opioids. I’m sure the families of the dead and wounded in Berlin, San Bernardino, and Orlando would be thrilled to hear that.

Folks, its “expertise” like that that has given the world the terrorism we are dealing with now. Yes, we should be thrilled that one terrorist is dead. But the questions outlined above need to be asked repeatedly and answers should be expected.

Terrorism and terrorists don’t care about political correctness. They don’t care about feelings, hugs, hashtags, or sing alongs. They don’t plan to Coexist. EVER.

They have one goal and one goal only – kill all those who do not fall in line with their terrorist mantra. Our world is in danger because of those who refuse to recognize that one simple fact.

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  • Rusty Shackleford says:

    DJT needs to give that Italian cop a medal after he takes office. Not the Medal of Honor—-I would suggest the Medal of Freedom (sic?), although His Obamaness has cheapened it by handing it out like crack to his high-profile supporters.

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