Obama’s 7th And Thankfully LAST #SOTU: Victory Girls Reax

Obama’s 7th And Thankfully LAST #SOTU: Victory Girls Reax

Obama’s 7th And Thankfully LAST #SOTU: Victory Girls Reax

For a guy who started off his 7th and LAST State of the Union address with the admonition that it would be a short one … Once again our Duffer in Chief is long on promise and short on execution. The disconnect is very real. Think I’m wrong? THIS is what he tweeted earlier in the day

That arrogant man is incredibly thrilled that this will be his last hurrah to not only Congress, but to the American people at large. Its hugely evident that, no matter what he says (read full transcript here), he wants to be DONE with the business of the Presidency because – golf awaits!! As we know, there will be and are multiple reactions to his speech. Without further ado, here is our reax to various points through out his long-winded “look at MEEE” cheer fest.


What you are seeing is a man who is unable to grasp that he will no longer be President within a year. He starts off with jokes, yucks it up and promises the speech will be short and sweet.

We had NO idea that an 65+ minutes for a speech was considered short. No. Idea. Meanwhile, talking points? Does he understand how many of us Victory Girls bloggers have lost healthcare MORE THAN ONCE since he signed that debacle into law? No, and he never will. In fact, if you watch the speech, and we did, you’ll see what we saw. “The Thrill Is Gone!”


Oh never mind. Lets talk economy. Except, the economy itself isn’t the problem. And its definitely NOT the foodstamps! Nope, its big government. Oh wait. Its not big government. Its those EEEVIL business and corporation dudes that are responsible for the food stamp problems we have. UMMM – WHICH president was it that helped put forth the Food Stamp Act? Yeppers! Some President named Johnson a Democrat! Meanwhile our economy is GREAT!


Never mind food stamps and such! Its the big corporations that are the bad guys. In fact, immigration and certain illegal things might be an issue, but not illegal immigrants. REALLY? Good golly, the man truly doesn’t understand nor want to accept the reality of gov’t regulations on business. Not only that, he refuses to understand that, for too many, living off welfare is far more fun than actually WORKING. Meanwhile, Obamacare – the one that has adversely affected many of our writers?

Lets take a gander at foreign policy and national security for about a minute. Immigration? Terrorism? ISIS? Iran? 2 Naval ships and 10 Sailors? First, after decimating the defense budget, he calls us the strongest nation in the world and says that no one has ever attacked us? Ummm excuse me? San Bernardino anyone?

Malik and Farook, the San Bernardino shooters
Malik and Farook, the San Bernardino shooters

Second, we have an Iran Deal that is a piece of crap. Make no mistake. Iran hasn’t signed it. Iran is NOT OUR FRIEND. Think I’m wrong?

From school assemblies to Friday prayers and city billboards, it is a slogan still ubiquitous in Iran: “Death to America!”

And Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has made it clear that the refrain will not leave the Islamic republic’s political lexicon any time soon.

“The slogan ‘death to America’ is backed by reason and wisdom,” the 76-year-old ayatollah said in remarks published on his website on Tuesday.

And yet our President, with the world watching, said NOTHING about our sailors and ships held by Iran. And believe me, one sentence of NOTHING signifies a great deal to the world at large.

Indeed. Chris Matthews was hoping for more

Let’s put it this way. The tingle is gone and Obama’s speech was one of denial. One of smoke and mirrors. The following sums it up pretty well.

Yes indeed. For those who wish to “hire” Obama, the retired President, beware – his golf game will ALWAYS come first. In a nutshell, Obama’s pontification was long on words and incredibly short on substance.

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