NY Area Dodges Quarantine Order for Now

NY Area Dodges Quarantine Order for Now

NY Area Dodges Quarantine Order for Now

The tri-state region of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut has become the epicenter for COVID infection in the United States. In fact, that’s where over half the confirmed cases in the US are found. So President Trump considered issuing a quarantine for the three states, but NY governor Andrew Cuomo pitched a fit about the notion. Trump then backed off.

I’m not sure if Trump ran that idea past his legal advisors or not; sometimes I think he talks off the top of his head. But here’s what he said early on Saturday:

Well, that idea didn’t fly. Cuomo said that an enforced quarantine would be “chaos and mayhem” and a “declaration of war on states.” Interesting that big government-loving Cuomo suddenly found federalism, but there you go.

So Trump discarded the idea, saying that it “wasn’t necessary.” Instead, he asked the Centers for Disease Control to issue a “strong travel advisory” for residents of NY, NJ, and CT.

“On the recommendation of the White House CoronaVirus Task Force, and upon consultation with the Governor’s of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, I have asked the @CDCgov to issue a strong Travel Advisory, to be administered by the Governors, in consultation with the Federal Government. A quarantine will not be necessary.”

Late on Saturday, the CDC complied, issuing this statement:

“Due to extensive community transmission of COVID-19 in the area, CDC urges residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to refrain from non-essential domestic travel for 14 days effective immediately.”

Also on Saturday, Gov. Cuomo got into a pissing match with Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo over that state’s policy of stopping drivers with NY license plates. Her measures also employ National Guard stationed at the RI airport, Amtrak, and bus terminals in order to question travelers. As Raimondo said, “Right now we have a pinpointed risk. That risk is called New York City.”

She means business, and he’s threatening to sue, of course. Cuomo calls her order “reactionary” and “illegal.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the governor of Rhode Island doesn’t want New Yorkers in her state. Nor should it surprise anyone that President Trump floated the idea of a quarantine, especially for NY, since New York City is turning into an inferno of disease.

As of Saturday night, the city has more than 30,000 cases of coronavirus with 672 deaths. But those taking the brunt of the storm are the paramedics.


Credit: jennie-o/flickr/CC BY 2.0.

They’re taking a massive amount of emergency calls — almost twice the normal volume. On top of that, they’re making life-and-death decisions as to whom to transport to the hospital, or is well enough to leave at home. They also have to decide whether or not to intubate a patient, or if they’re too sick to save.

What’s even worse is that they’re doing so without adequate protective gear. So they’ve been rationing their equipment. “It’s a war zone,” said one paramedic.

Moreover, their greatest fear is that they may be bringing infection home to their families. As paramedic Phil Suarez said:

“I honestly don’t know if I’m going to survive. I’m terrified of what I’ve already possibly brought home.”

Suarez, you should note, has been in the field for 26 years. He also assisted with rescue after 9/11 and served in the Iraq war. Yet this brave man is frightened, and rightfully so.

But there are those who continue to do senseless things. Like the 47 people who crowded into a New Jersey apartment, holding a “corona party.” And party they did — even a DJ was on hand. But police broke up the festivities, while Gov. Phil Murphy — who had previously issued an executive order banning social events — tweeted this:

“Can’t believe I have to say this at all, let alone for the second time. But here we are. NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid. We will crash your party. You will pay a big fine. And we will name & shame you until EVERYONE gets this message into their heads.”

Plus, in NYC itself another buffoon held a “corona potluck” at his trendy East Village apartment. He sent out invites which read:

“They can’t diagnose us all. Don’t wash your hands. … Bring your fav dish!”

One of the attendees boasted:

“When Britain was being bombed by Nazi Germany during the blitz, they kept the f–king stores open. People went about their lives. We get a flu … and we shut everything down. … We have completely handed over our civil liberties … and anyone who wants to go out and live a normal life is semi-ostracized.”

Except COVID-19 is not the flu. And, unlike a virus, the British could tell the bombers were coming. Meanwhile, beleaguered paramedics have to do their best to rescue stupid people who play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

I don’t know how constitutional President Trump’s proposed quarantine for NY, NJ, and CT would have been. But it’s perfectly rational. Now, will residents in that three-state area honor the CDC’s advisory? Or will some flaunt it as just another silly rule that doesn’t apply, especially to tough New Yorkers?


Featured image: Photoshopped image/used by permission of artist.

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • David Lentz says:

    Maybe this was a cynical political plot on the part of Donald Trump to take the air out the notion of Andrew Cuomo being the democrat nominee. Trump floats a plan. Cuomo whines. Trump gives ownership of the the New York City problem to Cuomo. Bill de Blasio has no interest in fixing the problem.

    • Scott says:

      I agree, my bet is on President Trump trolling them.. I mean, he actually got Big government liberals to rebel against big govt.

  • GWB says:

    Cuomo suddenly found federalism
    Ummm, not really. Federalism definitely includes the ability of the federal gov’t to shut off travel between certain states. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that only the feds can do that.

    it “wasn’t necessary.”
    Because the individual states seem to be taking care of it. 🙂

    That risk is called New York City.
    Yep! Nailed it in one try!

    they’re doing so without adequate protective gear
    The similar claims related to hospitals in NYC have been shown to be malarkey. So, take with a grain of salt, depending on source, etc.

    Yet this brave man is frightened, and rightfully so.
    No, I disagree. Not rightfully so. I think there’s an awful lot of laying out the extreme cases as the norm with the media on this, AND some of the medical establishment.

    those who continue to do senseless things
    Sorry, but I don’t think it’s so senseless. I think it’s the expected human reaction to the hype and over-reaction of so many to this. If they hadn’t had the worst-case scenario crap out of England (which model is evidently terrible, as well) that the media hyped, more people might take this seriously. If they didn’t have the media working to stir up eyeballs on their websites and tv channels, people might take this more seriously. If they didn’t see folks like Cuomo and deBolshevik flipping and flopping back and forth , they might take this more seriously.

    The media and the gov’t have, in many ways, destroyed their credibility with how they reported and handled this, and the expected reaction of a bunch of people is naturally going to be a defiant “F U!” to the authorities. Especially young people, and especially actually in NYC. (You have been paying attention to Trump, right? Defying expected norms is exactly how he got where he is, and it’s very much a NYC attitude.)

    What’s truly sad is the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect will have so many of these folks right back believing the media and their gov’t in no time.

    Except COVID-19 is not the flu.
    You’re right. But it isn’t seriously more deadly than the flu, and it likely spreads about as virulently as the flu. Almost all of the OMG! numbers reported have been shown by logic, statistics, and better numbers to be wrong. Most of the official organizations haven’t even adjusted for the likelihood this was in the US before January, nor for the lack of testing of those who are asymptomatic. Nor have they adjusted their initial “OMG, it’s contagious for 2 weeks (or longer!) while people are asymptomatic” assumptions – despite evidence to the contrary beginning to come out.

    Should we take it seriously? YES. Should we treat it like the second coming of the plague? HELL NO. Should we even treat it like it’s the second coming of the Spanish Flu? In America, NO. Because we have a much better medical baseline, it’s eminently treatable (if the gov’t will get out of the way), and we have the industrial/technological base to turn on a dime and handle this.

    Please, let us get back to work and our lives.

    (BTW, I actually advocate someplace like NYC being fully quarantined. THEY are exactly what a quarantine is for. Individuals with the disease? Sure thing. Quarantining the rest of us? No, it’s counter-productive.)

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      Sorry, but I don’t think it’s so senseless.

      Yeah, it is. These guys in NJ and NY are just more chi-chi versions of the “If I get the corona, I get the corona” COVIDIOTS in Florida on Spring Break. Florida — which now has a surge in COVID-19 infections, mostly in Dade and Broward Counties. Imagine that.

      I think it’s the expected human reaction to the hype and over-reaction of so many to this.

      Viruses don’t care about human reaction.

      But it isn’t seriously more deadly than the flu, and it likely spreads about as virulently as the flu.

      Yeah, it is. Influenza has a R0 factor of about 1, which means that someone with the flu will spread it to one person. The R0 for COVID-19 is about 2-2.5, which means in infects at least twice as many people as the flu. Plus, hospitalization rate for influenza is 2%, whereas with COVID-19 it’s about 19%. And — hospitalization with COV-19 can run from two to six weeks, which places an even bigger burden on the healthcare system.

      Please, let us get back to work and our lives.

      I wish. But one lousy projection doesn’t throw out all the good science, either.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Liberty with mask. ?
    Any stock photos of Liberty, encaged by scaffolding, when it was under renovation*?
    Might come in handy when the arrests begin in Rhode Island and Florida.
    * ’84’-’86’, or from when it was being constructed, or repaired from the munitions plant explosion.

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