No, Meals On Wheels Will Not Have To Shut Down If Trump Budget Passes [VIDEO]

No, Meals On Wheels Will Not Have To Shut Down If Trump Budget Passes [VIDEO]

No, Meals On Wheels Will Not Have To Shut Down If Trump Budget Passes [VIDEO]

One of the budget items supposedly on the chopping block by the Trump Administration is Meals on Wheels (MOW).

Media, Twitter, and Facebook have gone nuts over WH Budget Director Mick Mulvaney saying that MOW doesn’t show results and cutting the program is compassionate.

Only one problem with this. Snippets of quotes were taken out of context as noted here by the Washington Post (yes, the WAPO):

But, because of tweets and snippets posted on the Web, it appears his comments have been misinterpreted. He was not talking about Meals on Wheels, but about a program in Housing and Urban Development Department known as CDBG, or community development block grants.

But wait! Meals on Wheels is still going to lose their funding from the CDBG! Well, not really. You see, very little funding on the state and local level to MOW comes from those block grants. In fact, Meals on Wheels funding comes from a completely different source altogether.

Details on our network’s primary source of funding, the Older Americans Act, which has supported senior nutrition programs for 45 years, have not yet been released. This vital Act provides 35% of the total funding for Meals on Wheels (both congregate and home-delivered programs) nationally. With a stated 17.9% cut to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) budget, however, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which these critical services would not be significantly and negatively impacted if enacted into law. [emphasis added]

Here’s something else to consider.

“The FY 2016 budget level for the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program (through HHS) was $834,753,000,” she said. “The 2017 ask (proposed by House) is $848,557,000.”

Keep in mind that when DC lawmakers and lobbyists scream about budget “cuts” what they are talking about is something entirely different. For example: HHS is asking for more than they spent last year. If they don’t get that amount and have to stick with the same $$ amount from 2016…that is considered a “cut.” That right there is one of the major problems with Washington’s ability to budget…but I digress.

Only one problem with that is that the CBDG funds very little of MOW. Very little. In 2009 funds went to  the following:

$588,000 for a marina in Alexandria, Lousiana
$245,000 for the expansion of an art museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania
$147,000 for a canopy walk at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Georgia
$196,000 for expanding the Calvin Coolidge State historic site in Vermont
$294,000 for a community recreational facility in New Haven, Connecticut
$196,000 for the construction of an auditorium in Casper, Wyoming

In 2016 none of the $761,744 that Riverside County received went to Meals on Wheels. It went to a playground, sidewalks, and expenses instead.

However, that hasn’t stopped other kinds of overreaction to the idea that MOW would be chopped.

So Director Judd Apatow had a ‘brilliant’ idea. Resist!!

Here’s a stat worth noting. Only 3% of the overall MOW budget comes from the federal government. That’s right. THREE Percent. The rest comes from the states and generous donations by individuals. And since Apatow is so concerned NOW about veterans…

There you go.

Meals on Wheels is an amazing program. I have some very good friends who volunteer with it and it’s the highlight of their week to meet with and chat with the seniors they serve.

That said, it’s worth taking an in-depth look at where the funding really comes from and again, keep in mind that only 3% of that funding comes from the federal government.

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  • GWB says:

    Right off the bat, I have to say
    Government shouldn’t “care”, because it can’t.
    Quite simply, gov’t can’t actually care about folks, since it has to have equality under the law as its primary concern. “Caring” is looking at individual circumstances and doing things on a case-by-case basis. If gov’t does that, it can’t operate as “rule by law” and has to change to “rule by man”.

    Otherwise, this is one of the pernicious, perfidious programs of the progs, to provide some sort of ‘charity’ that they can obscure the facts when it comes to growing gov’t – making it seem as if every single ‘cut’ to gov’t funding and power is taking the food from the mouth of a poor minority child.

  • Tony says:

    If Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Episcopal Church, World Relief Corp, and all these other religious organizations would stop blowing millions on refugee resettlement they would have more than enough to cover Meals on Wheels.

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