Three Reasons You Should Write For Victory Girls

Three Reasons You Should Write For Victory Girls

Three Reasons You Should Write For Victory Girls

Women are out there everywhere shouting their abortions, wearing their pussy hats and leading “The Resistance”. The Mainstream Media claim that these women represent the thoughts of women everywhere. We, the writers at Victory Girls disagree.

The Victory Girls blog has been around for about 4 years. Maybe you have been intrigued by our stellar writing, our great memes or our glamorous redhead and catchy tag line.

We are looking for a few good women to join the Victory Girls team. Why should you write for us? Here are three great reasons:

1. You are passionate about the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the foundation of our freedoms. As long as they stand, we stand free. Victory Girls is committed to freedom and Preserving the Republic.

2. You want to serve your Country, but you cannot run, olive drab is not in your color wheel or you get seasick. Write for Victory Girls and Save the Republic.

3. You are sick to death of whiny women getting all airtime. All of the claptrap screaming for free stuff, safe spaces and how evil men are makes your hair hurt. Those people want to destroy the Republic, while Victory Girls only wants to Protect the Republic.

We love strong, opinionated women here at Victory Girls. Do you think Abigail Adams, Susan B. Anthony or Clare Boothe Luce marched around complaining or wearing a cardboard and felt vagina? Oh, Hell No! Do you think that Amelia Earhart or Bessie Coleman complained that the boys wouldn’t let them fly planes and marched on Washington for a free plane? That is not what real women do. That is what whiny, little cupcakes do.

We write alone in our own spaces, but Victory Girls really works as a supportive team. We have our private online space where we talk, collaborate or kvetch as need be. We are diverse in our backgrounds, writing experience and outlook on Conservatism.

We need your voice. Blogging experience would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. Good writing skills and a conservative POV is critical. Must have a writing sample sent to You can do that, right? Finally, no snowflakes, no drama queens and no pay.

Join Victory Girls and Save the Republic.

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