Can We Please Stop Hiring Idiots? [VIDEO]

Can We Please Stop Hiring Idiots? [VIDEO]

What if I told you that a senior communications official at a cabinet-level department – an appointed official, no less – publicly accused the French President of being controlled by the Rothchilds, perpetuated the widely discredited Pizzagate conspiracy that would make InfoWars’ Alex Jones soil his his happy sock, and exhibited unfathomable F-bomb filled ignorance about American history that would make any competent high school history teacher cringe? What if I told you this frothing moron was appointed to her position AFTER her social media posts and barely literate videos hit the Internet?

No, Meals On Wheels Will Not Have To Shut Down If Trump Budget Passes [VIDEO]

No, Meals On Wheels Will Not Have To Shut Down If Trump Budget Passes [VIDEO]

One of the budget items supposedly on the chopping block by the Trump Administration is Meals on Wheels (MOW). Media, Twitter, and Facebook have gone nuts over…

Dental Plans Were Included in Obamacare Totals to Hit Target Goals

What? They deliberately inflated numbers and were less than transparent? Why, this has never happened before regarding Obamacare! Yes, my sarcasm meter is broken again. The Obama…

Obama: Who Is This Jonathan Gruber? He Never Worked For Me – Even Though He Got Paid For It

We are now up to at least six videos illustrating the smug opinions and snobbish attitudes from MIT professor and Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber. The fact that…

Hackers Get Into Site – Is Anyone Surprised?

If I had a dollar for every time something went wrong with the Obamacare implementation or with, I would be a very, very, VERY rich woman….

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