Neil Gorsuch Isn’t Allowed To Say Merry Christmas

Neil Gorsuch Isn’t Allowed To Say Merry Christmas

Neil Gorsuch Isn’t Allowed To Say Merry Christmas

Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch said “Merry Christmas” during his interview on Fox and Friends this morning. And the woke scolds decreed that this was a very bad thing.

The massive wig flipping over his use of those two horrific words is something to behold.

“Republican narratives??” According to Amee, a writer for Playboy, Merry Christmas is horrifically evil because Republicans say it.

Hold the phones! Did you know that the ‘war on Christmas’ is a false narrative peddled by Fox News?

So which is it? Is saying those two atrocious words a Republican narrative or a Fox News talking point? I can’t keep up.

The fact is, there IS a war on Christmas. Schools don’t have Christmas break anymore. It’s winter break. Tiny Tim gets canceled because saying “God Bless us everyone” is triggering. Christmas vacations themselves are micro aggressions.  Christmas parades are no longer allowed. Winter parades are peachy keen. The list is long. Christmas is bad. SAYING Merry Christmas is nuclear bad! Having an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court say Merry Christmas during a TV interview? BLOW UP THE WORLD!

Oh my goodness. A ‘comedian’ is whining about stolen Supreme Court seats and attempting to blame Trump in the bargain. So very comical that Sean is so triggered by a simple phrase. The dude needs to take some time to search for his lost funny bone. But I digress.

The war on Christmas is indeed a real thing. Dennis Prager has discussed the issue multiple times. And, his article this morning about the Left’s hatred of Christmas is quite timely given the current meltdown over Gorsuch saying Merry Christmas.

“Suffice it to say that it takes a breathtaking level of narcissism for a non-Christian to be offended by mentions of Christmas and a breathtaking level of meanness to seek to deprive the vast majority of fellow Americans of the public mention of their holiday.”

Exactly. He makes three key points about the vast overwhelming hatred of Christians and Christmas. 

  1. The left is involved in a purely secular religion and completely views Christianity as their political and ideological enemy
  2. Christianity and therefore Christmas is an intrinsic part of American values and national identity. Thus the left sees it as something that must be destroyed.
  3. The left has no joy.

Joyless leftists want us to be as sad and depressed as they are. Joyless leftists don’t like things that lift people up, thus they don’t like Christmas.

Meanwhile you have the left, the media, and a lot of triggered Twitterers whining about Gorsuch saying those horrible words and how it’s the worst thing EVER! that he dared appear on a Russian propaganda channel.

Huh? They can’t keep their narratives straight. Either Fox News is parroting nasty Republican talking points about Christmas, or Fox News is a stooge of the Russians who allowed Gorsuch to say Merry Christmas. Which is it?

According to Brian Stelter of CNN, Fox News is highly partisan and CNN is…not. It took me about ten minutes to quit laughing at that failure of self awareness.

Far too many people couldn’t get past the Merry Christmas line to pay close attention to the actual interview. It’s worth your time to watch above. This is key, IMO.

“I want an enduring Constitution and the idea of originalism is just simply that judges should follow the original meaning of the words on the page and neither add things that aren’t there nor take away things that are there,” Gorsuch told Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt. “And I worry that both of those things happen when we depart from the original meaning of the Constitution.”

You know what else should endure and not be stomped all over? Christmas.

For those who don’t like the words Merry Christmas, did you ever stop to think that your tantrum about those two words reflects badly upon you? I didn’t think so.

You know what the wonderful thing about this Merry Christmas controversy is? We have the right and freedom to say whatever we want.

Merry Christmas!!

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  • Deplorable_CBB says:

    Christmas is a wondrous season to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior – but just wait until the snowflakes figure out the significance of Easter 😉

  • Formerly known as Skeptic says:

    How terrible that Gorsuch would wish a Merry Christmas to a well-known Christian.

  • Mary Anne Borg says:

    Does Thanksgiving bother them. That day is also based on Christian values. Thanksgiving is what is said before meals.

  • Scott says:

    Amee (what, can’t her parents spell?), Oliver, and Sean need some vagasil and a box of kleenex…. ooh, and F*@K them!


  • Dietrich says:

    “According to Amee, a writer for Playboy,”
    I must have missed it; in which issue was her photo spread?
    Stupid tool of the Patriarchy!

  • Joe in PNG says:

    So, are we going to Cancel that one seasonal song by John Lennon because it has “Chxxxxmas” in the title, then?

  • GWB says:

    Which is it?
    It’s all three. Fox News is a Republican network, and Republicans are Russian stooges.
    Or have you not been paying attention to the MSM the last few years?

    the vast overwhelming hatred of Christians and Christmas
    While the hatred and attempts to cancel Christianity are very real, I don’t think it’s as overwhelming as all that. A lot of it is simply certain wheels being VERY squeaky. Pew Research found that 73% of political tweets came from just 6% of accounts. The homosexual movement claimed a 10%, but were never more than 1-2% of the electorate. And they were LOUD – because the MSM amplified them. Child snatchings and human trafficking are terrible, but not nearly as prevalent as the MSM – especially 24/7 news channels – makes them out to be.
    Now, the difficulty is that those in power believe the hype and react to it. So you have businesses virtue-signaling to appease this not-really-a-mob. You have politicians trying to pass laws (and impeach a president) because they think there’s this huge demand for wokeness or for “gun control”. And the loud clanging cymbals get their agenda advanced because they’re so very, VERY loud.

    As to the whole controversy…
    Because of freedom, America is going to be a pluralistic society. BUT, to maintain that freedom, it very much needs to be a Christian society. (Christianity is what makes Western Civilization different from all others.) The moment it insists on being Christian, however, it ceases to be fully free.
    So, to win, we have to fight back, but we can’t really fight to win. We have to fight to convince others that Christmas is actually a good thing for all the right reasons (well, 1, primarily). So tell people “Merry Christmas” and explain to them why you consider it a merry holiday and why it’s not like all the other holidays around this time. Also let them know that you’re happy they can have their own happy holiday, if that’s what they prefer.

  • Downin210 says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone during this wonderful time of year. The only thing spoiling this Christmas season is the liberals. I used to think I was a liberal when I was young and naive. I realize I have nothing in common with these people. The liberals are attempting to take over everything we hold dear to our hearts as Americans. They are the party of whatever issues are in at the moment they support. Some younger individuals don’t believe me when I say the Democrats were the party of slavery. During the Jim Crow era wasn’t it the Democrats who supported these laws? People in this country need to inform themselves on the truth about what’s happening in our country instead of going by what people on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram are saying and think for yourself. Don’t let Hollywood and the media corrupt your minds because then these social justice warriors will get their way all the time. Ask yourself this question. Why does the left call conservatives fascists? Then look up the definition of fascism and look at who is trying to shut who down from talking in public or having a differing opinion and you will have your answer. Think ANTIFA and it will be clear who the fascists are.

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