UNC Chapel Hill SJW Whine: Shoes, Golf, Christmas Vacations Are Microagressions Now [VIDEOS]

UNC Chapel Hill SJW Whine: Shoes, Golf, Christmas Vacations Are Microagressions Now [VIDEOS]

UNC Chapel Hill SJW Whine: Shoes, Golf, Christmas Vacations Are Microagressions Now [VIDEOS]

UNC Chapel Hill has their shorts in a knot these days. So much so that they spent taxpayer dollars writing up a How To guide on avoiding scary microagressions and ensure that one’s feelings never get trampled on. Their definition is well…interesting.

“brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial, gender, sexual orientation and religious slights and insults to the target person or group.”

RIIIGHT. Let me put the definition into plain English for you. A microagression can be found anywhere and majority of words used are BAD!!! So be ready to counter attack!

Anyone who constantly enjoys getting their shorts in a knot over stupid stuff will think this guide is the bomb. Which are most if not all of the idiotic SJW’s (social justice warriors) on this planet. Oh its the bomb alright. Who knew you could pack so much inanity and drivel into one small taxpayer funded piece of dreck?

Microagression Alert!!

Oopsie – did I do that? Whatevs.

Take a look at the screen grabs of their report (yeah, its flushed down the UNC Chapel Hill memory hole but screen grabs are forever!)





I had NO idea that asking someone where they are from could be so intimidating and rude!! I mean really. Can’t tell you how many times in college I was asked where I was from, and by golly gee, I had no problem telling them I was from Wyoming! Same goes for now. Did the authors of this drivel ever stop to think that the ensuing dialogue from that answer might also include something along the lines of “hey, I have a friend who lives there now!” You know, its called CONVERSATION for a freaking reason!! Its a way of getting to know someone, not implying that you don’t belong here!!

I’m an admitted shoe lover, as my friends who read this blog can vouch for. So again, I have no problem on being complemented on my shoes, EVEN if I may be getting ready to do a major presentation. I mean seriously, shoes are FUN!!



Did the authors ever think that a compliment like that would be an ego BOOSTER? Nahhhh, probably not. But then, they likely have hideous taste in shoes. Yes, I said that.

I can’t call my husband my husband when talking with others? Yessiree, according to their guide, saying husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend is verboten when describing the one you are currently dating or married to because those are freaking scary dude!!

One must never ask or presume that someone wants to join in on a round of golf because you know, the rich are looking down on the poor or something. Even though UNC themselves has a golf course that charges $30 per round for students. Not a bad price, unless you hate golf like the two authors of this guide evidently do.

Do NOT get me started on Christmas vacations! Evidently those two words put together are totes bad. I guess the authors wouldn’t find this movie funny.

Nor this one heartwarming

Or this one a tear jerker

As one might surmise, the backlash and understandable ridicule (is that word a microagression?) left a mark. The guide has been yanked from the site, and UNC issued a comment stating that these authors and the Employee Forum do NOT speak for UNC in any way shape or form. Uh oh…microagression shield alert!

You know what? This crap needs to stop. If every single freaking word is going to hurt someone’s feelings then perhaps we all need to tape our mouths shut and never speak to anyone again. The reality of life is, you WILL at some point in time have someone hurt your feelings for REAL. If you can’t learn to deal with real hurt and move on, then perhaps its time you invested in building yourself a bubble that you never have to leave. Its the only way life’s realities will never cause you hurt, pain, or even joy.

One final note: To the two authors of this whiny liberal SJW dreck? Get over yourselves and Get. A. Freaking. Grip.

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  • Jennifer says:

    So as an Army brat I should have been pittied since I was “permanent residence challenged”?! Hello! It was FUN to get to know people from other places!!

  • Jenny North says:

    The first two are priceless – “I don’t see color” is bad, but you also can’t mention that their hair is different from yours. Exotic is a bad word. Better tell all those Calvin Klein models I guess! Must not be different. Different is good. I am so confused!

    And let me just add that I think there was appropriation before there was the current appropriation. Gay did not used to mean what it means now, and the rainbow used to be owned by God. So who are the appropriators now?

    • Nina says:

      Yes they are. And if you’re confused, the authors are just plain addled!

      Wait!! SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell them the original definitions of those words mean something different…it will hurt them right in the microagression!!

    • GWB says:

      Must not be different. Different is good.

      Noooo. Different is good, but you must not notice the goodness. Because that would be bad.

  • Dana says:

    I am a thoroughly happy micro-assailant, and it is one of my fonder wishes that I hope to micro-assail every namby-pamby person out there. I am a married, Catholic white man, with children, who hopes that description offends countless people.

  • Nina says:


  • GWB says:

    One must never ask or presume that someone wants to join in on a round of golf because you know, the rich are looking down on the poor or something.

    Well, I will say that assuming everyone would want to go walk all day and chase a little white ball (that sounds an awful lot like being a dog) is presumptuous. Is it microaggressive? Pfft.

    This crap needs to stop.

    No. It needs to be amplified. It needs to be made universal! Force them to eat it, every day, continually!

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