National Enquirer Releases Sex Scandal Hit on Cruz

National Enquirer Releases Sex Scandal Hit on Cruz

National Enquirer Releases Sex Scandal Hit on Cruz

The National Enquirer put out a story today that alleges that Ted Cruz has had multiple affairs. Now, because the Enquirer has been right at least a couple of times about politicians and affairs (John Edwards being their most recent correct report in that category), everyone is rushing to scrutinize whether this story could possibly be true, but also if Donald Trump knew that this hit was being written, considering his close relationship with Enquirer CEO David Pecker.

As the piece currently stands, Cruz is alleged to have had five different mistresses. (I categorically refuse to link the article, but here is a picture of how it was presented.)

National Enquirer layout
National Enquirer layout
And let’s remember what Donald Trump said over Twitter:

Given the relationship between Trump and Pecker, it is reasonable to assume that Trump had foreknowledge of the upcoming story. The only person quoted by name in the story is a Trump operative.

In this case, the only person quoted by name in the entire National Enquirer Cruz story is Roger Stone, a longtime Trump advisor, who said, “These stories have been swirling around Cruz for some time. I believe where there is smoke there is fire. I have to believe this will hurt him with his evangelical Christian supporters.”

Whether or not Trump had this story planted is unprovable, especially given the Enquirer’s propensity for making stuff up. But the fact that the only person quoted by name is his advisor, speaks volumes.

Cruz himself has been emphatic that this is a hit job.


Three of the women involved have supposedly been identified. Two of them have publicly commented.

Amanda Carpenter, a former Cruz staffer and current supporter, absolutely roasted a Trump talking head who tried casting up this report to her on CNN today.

Ben Shapiro is reporting that Carpenter has indeed retained a lawyer and is assessing her legal options for suing the National Enquirer.

The other woman who has commented is Katrina Pierson, who is a Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman. It is worth noting that she apparently knew that rumors trying to link her to Cruz have been floating around for a while, and called them “absurd.”

Her current comments on Twitter are now denials.

At least, it’s false as she’s concerned.

I’m still trying to figure out how something can be 100% false, but how she can’t vouch for anyone else but herself. If she is one of five women being named, wouldn’t that make it only 20% false? Well, she’s admitted she can’t spell, so math must be a bit much, too. Regardless, her loyalty to the Donald is so profound that even as she gets thrown under the bus, she leaves a sliver of an opening that the rest of the “100% false” story just might be true. Just not the part about her. Congratulations, Katrina. You, along with Chris Christie and Ben Carson, have learned how the Donald treats people. When you are no longer useful, you will go under the bus or be cast aside.

Remember that Trump himself has bragged about his adultery and philandering. So here’s one advantage of being a known adulterer – no hit pieces in the National Enquirer when you are openly honest about your lack of scruples about cheating and sleeping with other men’s wives.

So, while this story rages and trends and tops Twitter, the major news outlets are only reporting this as a “tabloid trash” story between the campaigns, even though CNN gave themselves the perfect set-up and soundbite clip while trying to stay “above it all.”

Matt Walsh made an excellent point on his Facebook page:

This story reminds us that people are bored, petty, and vindictive. The absolute glee with which many liberals and Trump fans (but I repeat myself) have reacted to this story should send chills right down to your soul. They’re accepting an unsubstantiated smear as gospel because it plays to their prejudices, but they’re also celebrating something that, if it were true, would mean the utter devastation of not only Cruz’s family but the families of his alleged mistresses. So even if you believe it, to be happy about it is subhuman.

And Trump himself has now commented.

No comment about throwing Katrina Pierson under the bus, there, Donald?

Without a shred of evidence to back up anything that is alleged in the National Enquirer, congratulations are in order for Donald Trump. It’s one of the few times when being a known marital cheat and philanderer actually has worked to protect him from political scandal. Welcome to politics in America, circa 2016, everyone.

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  • GWB says:

    Ace of Spades notes that the story says these are allegations of allegations. The story doesn’t claim they have evidence, but merely allegations. I concur that this is probably a sneak to protect against the obvious libel suit that would follow. “Hey, we’re just reporting something we heard.”

    The Donald’s denial sounds reasonable. I’ll accept it as is – for now.

    BTW, how poetic that the NE’s CEO is named Pecker.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    After the depravity of Bill Clinton why should this matter? Oh yeah-this time it’s not a Democrat so it must be made into a big deal.

  • I’ll say what I said during the Edwards scandal: the National Enquirer’s journalistic instincts are better than the entire so-called “mainstream” media. That’s not an endorsement of the Enquirer in this case, but rather an indication of how truly evil and corrupt outfits like the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and CNN have become.

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