Mueller Report: The Trump Chessgate Scandal That Never Happened

Mueller Report: The Trump Chessgate Scandal That Never Happened

Mueller Report: The Trump Chessgate Scandal That Never Happened

Buried way deep in the Mueller Report was information about a Trump Chessgate scandal in the making. 

Tomorrow’s Mueller hearings are shaping up to be a circus wrapped in a dud. The Democrats have come out with a messaging blitz in hopes to further sway Americans to their way of thinking, IMPEACHMENT! Furthermore, the six-page memo that Pelosi et al wrote, which you can read here, vows to end corruption and abuses of power, and promote transparency. I’ll admit it, I laughed. The Democrats calling for such is a massive case of Pot! Kettle!

Meanwhile, the media and James Comey have come up with a list of questions that Mueller should be asked during the hearings. Jodi came up with her own list here.

I’ll admit, I read slogged through most of the Mueller report. What I didn’t get to were the footnotes. Given what Real Clear Investigations has reported this morning, I should’ve.

At least 25 footnotes show that the Mueller team relied heavily upon James Comey’s memos. Those same memos were what Comey was using to surveil Trump and build a conspiracy case against him. Mueller even acknowledges in footnote 544 that Comey did in fact DELIBERATELY leak memos to the New York Times so a special counsel could be appointed. Curiously Mueller seems ok with that.

A great abundance of footnotes show that Mueller and crew relied upon the media for their information to build the Russia collusion case. The same media that is now breathlessly hoping Mueller will say SOMETHING tomorrow that will be the nail in Trump’s coffin.

Yes, lots and lots of questions for sure. Maybe some enterprising Republican will also ask about Mueller’s problematic footnotes and the Chessgate scandal?

There was a Trump Chessgate scandal and no one knew?

According to footnote 1024, George Nader mentioned that a Russian attending the World Chess Championship wanted to meet Trump. The footnote also says that some chess foundation official said that Trump attended the tournament gala.

Guess what? One of Mueller’s written questions to the President asked the following:

“The special counsel even used one of his precious few written questions for the president (question V. a. to be exact) to ask whether Trump had been invited “to attend the World Chess Championship gala on November 10, 2016” and whether he had attended “any part of the event[P3] .” Trump responded that he had learned in “the course of preparing to respond to these questions” that early in 2016 the chess federation had inquired, fruitlessly, about using Trump Tower for the championship match. But in any case, Trump said in his written testimony that he “did not attend the event.”” [Emphasis Added]

The date is very significant for a couple of reasons.

One: Trump had just been elected and the entire world was in shock. The media was swarming on Trump and Trump tower 24/7. Do you REALLY think that Trump could’ve attended a World Chess Championship just 2 days later and there is not a single mention of it anywhere?

Two: Garry Kasparov is not only a retired chess Grandmaster, he absolutely HATES Trump with a passion.

If Trump had showed up at that same tournament, Kasparov would’ve been blasting about it all over social media and had multiple interviews with the press, even though he himself didn’t attend. Instead, just ONE day after Trump supposedly went to the World Chess Gala, Kasparov wrote this article.

“The one irrefutable lesson from Hillary Clinton’s defeat is that modern systems require modern security measures.”

Do you really think he would’ve written about information security and messaging if Trump had dared to  walk into the chess tournament? Not on your life. Yet the Mueller team thought Chessgate was going to be a thing! Until they had to admit that it really kind of sort of …wasn’t. 

“Back in the main text, Mueller uses his favorite grudging formulation of innocence: “the investigation did not establish that Trump or any Campaign or Transition Team official attended the event.””

The Democrats are treating the Mueller Report as if it is the biggest GOTCHA ever! The idiotic footnotes and Chessgate that never was show us just how much of a waste of time and money this “investigation” was.

Ahhhh Chessgate! You could’ve been a contender!

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  • Scott says:

    How anyone beyond those that would rule over us can still be a democrat, in light of the overwhelming evidence that they want to turn this country into a socialist dictatorship just boggles the mind. It truly does show how far our “education”system has fallen, to being nothing more than a system of leftist indoctrination, as well as the accuracy of Benjamin Franklins’ statement when asked what kind of govt the founders had set up.

  • GWB says:

    The Democrats calling for such is a massive case of Pot! Kettle!
    More like a case of trying to find the black pots in an array of enameled ones while deep underground in a vast cavern with not even a match for light.

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