Prime Minister-elect Boris Johnson Is The Dude

Prime Minister-elect Boris Johnson Is The Dude

Prime Minister-elect Boris Johnson Is The Dude

Former Foreign Secretary and London Mayor Boris Johnson is now Prime Minister-elect and will assume office July 24, 2019. Mr. Johnson is considered a friend and ally of President Trump and was a force behind the Brexit movement.

Johnson will succeed Theresa May who campaigned in 2016 against leaving the European Union. As a Brexit leader, Johnson was always “Vote Leave”, while May was “Vote Stay”. May believed that being part of a 500 million strong bloc as part of the EU gave Great Britain greater negotiating powers in trade deals. The downside, of course, was that the British gave up their sovereignty with the EU imposing strangling regulations in all areas of life, particularly climate change. Nina wrote about the historic Brexit vote and you can read it here.

What’s that line from the British patriotic song “Rule Britannia”? “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.” Yeah, three nevers really means that never thing.

Of course, the British Deep State is appalled that such a boorish buffoon is even British, let alone Prime Minister. The Washington Post published this description of Boris Johnson by British journalist Matt Potter less than two months ago:

Competing with Farage for chief clown is Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who has his eye on No. 10 Downing Street. Johnson has pioneered the art of saying the most appalling things under the guise of a kind of intellectual cosplay. The Conservative lawmaker, Brexiteer and columnist has parlayed a crusty persona, love of history (if not quite its rigor) and flair for off-the-cuff remarks into a hugely successful political and media career. Like Trump before 2016, Johnson’s cover was his image as a privileged buffoon — cartoonish but ultimately harmless. Unlike Trump, Johnson’s persona implied that he was absurd, and in on the joke of his own absurdity. This has somehow afforded him the latitude to describe the queen’s being greeted on a commonwealth visit by “flag-waving piccaninnies,” and then-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s meeting “tribal warriors” with “watermelon smiles” on a trip to Congo.

And, like President Trump, Boris Johnson has a truly messy personal life. He is about to be divorced for the second time, and just last month, police were called for a welfare check on his current “partner” Carrie.

But, what if, like Trump, Johnson is the right man for his country, just in time to save it from going into that waste basket of history? For the first quarter of 2019, British economic growth was .5% up from .2% the previous quarter. British economic confidence is in the dumps. What if by removing the boot of EU regulations from the neck of the British economy Briton’s lives improve? What if this economic growth spurred investment in technology and science? What if Boris Johnson makes Britain great again?

Mr. Johnson’s campaign slogan “Deliver (Brexit by October 31), Unite (the country), Defeat (his opponent Jeremy Corbyn spelled out DUD and was a source of levity for the British press. Boris Johnson, in his acceptance speech today, became the “Dude”.

Yes, add that “E” for energize and you have the Dude.

Mr. Johnson tweeted his gratitude for his win, and the very first response was reminiscent of every leftwit response to Donald Trump:

Makes you want to bang your head against the wall, doesn’t it? The left is just as unhinged in the UK as it is in the U.S. They will have Johnson Derangement Syndrome as virulent as our Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Boris Johnson is now the Dude. Since Great Britain is our great friend, hopefully, the Dude will abide.

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