Milano Is Off The Meds Again

Milano Is Off The Meds Again

Milano Is Off The Meds Again

Actress Alyssa Milano was in hiding for a bit. That is, until a most recent pro-abortion rally in Los Angeles this weekend.
She’s off her meds and she is tired. Watch (language NSFW):

When Milano wasn’t throwing F-bombs at the crowd, she was rallying the women and the men in the crowd to fund Planned Parenthood, NARAL and to make phone calls. Oh yeah, and to use their privilege to destroy their privilege. Quite possibly the stupidest thing I have heard.

Use your privilege to get snipped, guys. Use your privilege to buy protection, gentlemen. And ladies, you’re not helpless individuals in this choice, either. Use your privilege to ensure that you don’t take away a tiny, voiceless individual’s shot at a life. Use your privilege to use the brain God Almighty gave you when engaging in a sexual encounter that may result in a consequential pregnancy. Again, not speaking about cases of assault, rape, incest. I’m talking about consensual encounters.

I can’t believe how a handful of men are successfully taking 50 years of rights away from women and how our Supreme Court, packed with abusers, is just gonna sit by and let it all happen.

I cannot believe how f—ed up America is right now,””-Alyssa Milano

Yeah, neither can we. Only in America can a once-hit-TV-show-turned-softcore-porn-B-movie actress leave her suburban Los Angeles home and talk about how oppressed women are. My guess? Alyssa Milano has not read any news about what is happening in Afghanistan these days. Jobs for women are almost non-existent since the Taliban took over, Alyssa. Let’s talk about terrified women in this country-some forced into sex slavery and some, child brides. Let’s talk about men beating women for disobeying orders. You want to talk about how f-ed up America is right now and how the big, bad Republicans of Texas and Florida are taking away a woman’s right to abort an unwanted pregnancy? The Democrat leaders at our helm allowed this to happen in our world. Perspective is everything.

But what other sort of perspective can you expect from a member of the Hollywood machine who had not one-but two abortions back in ’93 because she was “not ready to be a parent“? Talk about reeking of privilege. But, she was on the pill and that justified the abortions. Again, see Exhibit A. Double up, buttercup.

Use your privilege to make informed decisions after one slip-up.

This is the most dangerous time to be a woman in America.”-Alyssa Milano

You know what’s dangerous, Alyssa? Cavalier attitudes about something as serious as a pregnancy. Sexualizing young women by way of pop-culture and social media images and fooling them into thinking they are mature enough to handle the emotions and possible consequences involved with having sex and then telling them “if you’re not ready, you have a choice” is dangerous. De-humanizing the medical procedure known as abortion is dangerous. Calling another human, no matter how small a “clump of cells” in a late term pregnancy is dangerous. Killing ANY human being is dangerous. It is a dangerous time to be an unborn woman in America, that’s for certain.

Milano also tried to rally the crowd with some group participation in which she asked what sounded like a handful of participants to respond with “My body, my choice”. Should women respond in kind when asked if they got the vaccine jab? I think not. Should women also respond in kind when asked why they have a firearm in their home to protect themselves from potential break-ins and assaults? Heavens, no! (Her husband is a gun owner.)

It’s rich that Milano wants men to check their privilege. A few more f-bombs later (her husband and kids must be proud), she calls to the crowd to close in a prayer. A prayer? Yes, a prayer. Hold hands or whatever you’re comfortable with, you masked minions, you. The insanely contagious and deadly COVID-19 Delta Variant won’t get you because you’re at a March to Abort Babies-I mean-err–for Reproductive Freedom. Repeat after Alyssa Milano:

“I believe that we will win!”

This is the Gospel according to Milano. This is a prayer?

In Milano’s delusional mind a prayer is a belief that winning can only be achieved by snuffing out a life of a voiceless individual in the name of bodily autonomy?

Here is my prayer. If pro-abortion women want to practice this autonomy, start the process early. They could start by teaching young women to respect themselves. They could tart by teaching young men to respect these young women. They could start by teaching young men and women to respect each other. They could start by challenging them to see their potential and to prioritize. By giving them a real-time perspective of what other women in other countries are up against. By bringing the family unit back into the fold. And for heaven’s sake, if you want America to be less f-ed up, bring prayer back into the equation. Not “I believe that we will win because God is the magical genie in the bottle” prayers but those of gratitude and reverence.

My ultimate prayer? That some people don’t listen to this nut job, Alyssa Milano. If they do, they can’t win for losing.

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  • Robin H says:

    Free, on demand abortions are the best thing to happen to men, ever. They get as much sex as they want with absolutely no consequences. And the women fell for it, hook line and sinker. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

  • Neil says:

    She’s a ghoul praying to her god, Molech. She killed two of her children and celebrates that as improving her life. Indeed. I wonder if her two living children have figured out what a psychopath she is.

  • GWB says:

    when engaging in a sexual encounter that may result in a consequential pregnancy
    I’m going to slightly disagree. If you follow the SCIENCE, it’s NOT that sex “might” result in pregnancy, but that sex is supposed to result in pregnancy. No, it’s not guaranteed, but it’s the intended outcome. To prevent it you have to jump through some hoops (like manufacturing impermeable membranes a man has to wear, or things like spermicidal foams, or even surgery – none of which guarantee a 0% chance of pregnancy!). There is one and only one method of preventing and that is avoiding sex. (And even that isn’t 100% if God decides otherwise.)

    cases of assault, rape, incest
    Yeah, you know the only reason incest is in there? To increase the ick factor. In all cases where abortion is actually considered an issue with incest (except for the open fans of Sanger) is also cases of statutory rape. Also, how the heck is “assault” going to result in pregnancy without it actually being rape? Let’s drop all the BS and simply say “except in cases of rape.”

    how our Supreme Court, packed with abusers
    I agree. Sotomayor and Kagen are definitely abusers….
    Also… wait, with 9 justices, the court has already been “packed”?

    I cannot believe how f—ed up America is right now
    Neither can I. I mean 80 million Americans voted for Biden? Holy cow.

    No, abortion is not really empowering, it is enslavement. Enslavement to desires instead of virtues. Enslavement to self instead of freedom from God.

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