Melissa Harris-Perry and her Merry Band of MSNBC Comedians call Mitt Romney’s Grandson “Token”

Melissa Harris-Perry and her Merry Band of MSNBC Comedians call Mitt Romney’s Grandson “Token”

MSNBC racist Talking Tampon Head, Melissa Harris-Perry is, again, at the top of her intellectual game.  This time she and her panel of comedians aren’t content with merely calling conservatives and Republicans racist. Apparently, it’s FUNNY and AMUSING to call Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild a “token”.


Token Tampon Earrings


The uproariously hilarious MSNBC panel of…comedians… seem to find great humor in the fact that if a conservative adopts a black child to raise as their own, they are not only a racist (because it makes such great sense a racist would adopt an non-white child), they are now guilty of adopting that child because, clearly, they are just using this child as a “token”.  Because it is so ingrained in the pea-sized brains of The Tampon Head and her ilk that conservatives and Republicans are so utterly racist, they cannot even imagine they adopted their children for any other reason.  Tokens.  Their children are tokens and “It sums up the diversity of the Republican party and the RNC, where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

And these people get paid to talk.  Granted, it was MSNBC, and I’ve seen higher intelligence and better commentary on “Honey Boo Boo”, but still. I’m surprised they didn’t make some slavery jokes during their smirk fest.  You know – how conservatives only adopt non-white kids so they can have slaves.

I should have thought of that angle.  I might have gotten my kids to clean their rooms. Because I’m the parent of two non-white kids.  They are Chinese.  From the very beginning, the most annoying comments didn’t come from “racist” Republicans or conservatives.  They came from the smug NPR, politically liberal crowd.

“It’s so brave of you to adopt minorities” (No…they were the fastest and easiest to adopt back then.  And they weren’t dangerous.  They were infants.  What are you talking about, weird woman with peace sign t-shirt and a case of cat food in the grocery cart?)

“Do you speak Chinese to them?  It’s so important to remember their culture!”  (They both hate Chinese food and are completely American.  One is a Marine.  They really don’t have any interest in Chinese culture)

“It’s so cool you are so racially diverse…I think Chinese babies are so much cuter than white babies” (No comment…it hurts my head just remembering this)

And my all-time favorite…

“Now you can raise them to not be racist, like most whites are.”  (Without a hint of irony from an uber-liberal shithead)

I got a lot of opinions about how “noble” it was to adopt non-white kids.   Again, this was an opinion exclusively belonging to race conscious liberals.  I NEVER heard any of that crap from my conservative family or friends.  Maybe they thought it or said it elsewhere, but not to me – which was smart.   But to me, they were our KIDS.  Not tokens.  Not white, black, yellow, green or purple.  Kids.  Not a politically statement.

People that focus on race 24/7 truly are the biggest racists of all.  People that notice skin color before anything else are despicable.  People, like Talking Tampon Head Melissa Harris-Perry, are horrible and should lose jobs talking to groups of people.  Although I’m not sure if the viewership at MSNBC is enough to call it “groups of people”. Using the Tampon Doctrine of Extremely Limited Intelligence, there cannot be any other reason whatsoever for any judgment on the character of any black but that YOU ARE INDEED A RACIST!!

Excuse me, I meant black LIBERAL.  It’s a little confusing when the black person in question is a black CONSERVATIVE.  Then, these “traitors to their race” who do not agree with liberal doctrine are “Uncle Toms” or worse.

So tell us oh wise Talking Tampon Head….which side of Obama is lying to Americans?

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  • Jodi says:

    Excellent, Catherine. And how’s THIS for irony: Seems MHP’s mother is…wait for it…a white Mormon.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    (former) Mormon

  • Melanie says:

    I would love to see her lose her job for saying something so asinine. It is much more offensive than things that conservatives get in trouble for saying. I have quite a few friends whose love of children led them to adopt non-white children. An adopted child becomes that couple’s child. No need to add an adjective. No one I know had any motive other than the desire to parent a child. Can you imagine what a miserable life both parents and child would have if the motive to adopt was based on “being brave” or wanting to “teach them not to be racist.” Or if the parents focused on the color/nation of origin of the child rather than on the child.

  • GWB says:

    I have to admit I thought of the “One of these things is not like the others” Sesame Street ditty, as well. But I thought of it because all Mitt’s other grandkids are scarily similar-looking. Like they came out of a pair of friggin’ cookie cutters. The new kid stands out not by color, but because he doesn’t look like a danged clone of Mitt. (Look, I respect Mitt and his family. But, that family seriously needs some recessive genes to crop up somewhere – a redhead, somebody with a sideways nose, SOMETHING!)

    As to the asinine comments, I understand, Catherine. One day when my son was around 1 1/2 a woman asked my wife if the boy’s father was Mexican. (My wife is a nice chocolate color, and my son is somewhere in-between the two of us – depends on how much sun he’s gotten.) When my wife replied, “No”, the woman answered, “Are you sure?” (I was very glad she *was* certain.) We laughed about that for years.

  • I received similar (but much milder) comments when I married my beautiful black African bride ten years ago. Example: one liberal white woman told me that she believed that interracial marriage was the only way to “save humanity”.

    Well, I didn’t marry my wife because I was on a mission to save humanity. I married her because I love her and could not live without her. That seems to be a hard concept for the race-obsessed Left to accept.

    My wife (who is Tanzanian) had some pointed comments from other Tanzanians over her marriage to a white American, but not of the kind you might expect. Unfortunately, in my wife’s home country it is not uncommon for a white man (European or American) who is working in her country to shack up with an African woman, or even marry her. Sometimes that relationship produces children. When the man’s contract is over and he is going back to Europe or America, he will sometimes just leave without taking the woman he has been living with and his children.

    There were some of my wife’s Tanzanian family and friends who were convinced I had an American wife stashed somewhere, and that when my missionary service was over I would just dump her. It was not true, but I can understand why some Tanzanians would have been apprehensive about our marriage.

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