Biden Administration: Illegals Are No Longer Welcome

Biden Administration: Illegals Are No Longer Welcome

Biden Administration: Illegals Are No Longer Welcome

Illegals aren’t welcome any longer. DHS has announced they are surging personnel to the border, to help alleviate the overcrowding for humanitarian reasons. 

First, within the next 24-48 hours, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will have surged 400 agents and officers to the Del Rio sector to improve control of the area. If additional staff is needed, more will be sent. The Del Rio Port of Entry has temporarily closed, and traffic is being re-routed from Del Rio to Eagle Pass to more effectively manage resources and ensure uninterrupted flow of trade and travel.

Second, U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) is coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard to move individuals from Del Rio to other processing locations, including approximately 2,000 yesterday, in order to ensure that irregular migrants are swiftly taken into custody, processed, and removed from the United States consistent with our laws and policy.

Third, DHS will secure additional transportation to accelerate the pace and increase the capacity of removal flights to Haiti and other destinations in the hemisphere within the next 72 hours.

Fourth, the Administration is working with source and transit countries in the region to accept individuals who previously resided in those countries.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. Remember when DHS Secretary Mayorkas told the world that Cubans need not arrive via boat? That they should come in through Mexico? Well, the folks from Haiti took that notion to heart. So much so that the border is overrun with people from Haiti flooding and I mean FLOODING our border!

Mayorkas told them to come in through Mexico and by golly, that’s what they’ve been doing! Fox LA’s Bill Melugin truly deserves a Pulitzer for his reporting. His reporting is direct and uncompromising. He is showing the conditions as they are. Even as the FAA tried to stop the Fox New drone because politics, that didn’t stop Bill from getting the true story out. Such as this.

Illegals have flooded our border so much so that our country is in a crisis mode. No, don’t tell me we are in a crisis because of some damned virus. No, we are in a crisis because EVERYONE within the Biden Administration told the world that illegals are welcome, ZERO questions asked.

But now, suddenly, there is an issue on the border. The media is now happy to report that in order to solve the issue, Haitians will be sent back home. 

Haiti, a country that is always on the verge of implosion. A country that is constantly hit with hurricanes, and is also a country that Bill and Hillary Clinton said they’d try to help, but the money ended up lining their pockets instead of the Haitian people. 

Is it any wonder that Haitians camped out on the border, and under the Del Rio bridge aren’t too impressed? Is it any wonder that not too many of them are worried they’ll be sent back? 

How many are on the border right now? 

Crowd estimates varied, but Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano said Saturday evening there were 14,534 immigrants at the camp under the bridge. Migrants pitched tents and built makeshif t shelters from giant reeds known as carrizo cane. Many bathed and washed clothing in the river.

Congressman August Pfluger (R-TX) provided information and photos to Fox News. These photos, which you can see here, are indeed photos that speak thousands of words as to how bad it is. 

Then there’s the reporting, which I mentioned above, by Bill Melugin. 

I just cannot fathom what the folks with the Border Patrol are having to deal with. They are and have been stretched SO thin this year due to the Biden Administration’s reckless and inhumane policy of throwing the border open to all. And yes, it is indeed inhumane. 

The Biden Administration threw the border wide open, while not allocating resources to help with the surge EVERYONE knew was coming. They then tried to hide how unprepared they were, just like Afghanistan, and are now scrambling to fix a major problem that they created. How, by arranging to send Haitians back to their country. This while promising in that DHS release quoted above that there will be organizations ready to help get them settled back home. 

Here’s something else to consider. The resources that DHS is surging to the border to help? Where are they coming from? 

So, let’s leave significant swaths of the border WIDE OPEN while dealing with the massive influx of illegals that the Biden Administration created. What. A. Plan! What could possibly go wrong?

Who is working to solve the problem? Not the Biden Administration. Their grand idea is to start shipping illegals home – essentially telling them they are no longer welcome. So who is trying to get a handle on the Biden Border Crisis? Texas.

As of last night’s reporting from lawmakers and true journalists, the number of illegals camped out in various places including under the Del Rio bridge number over 15,000. That is 15,000 who’ve shown up in less than TEN days. 

Now, SUDDENLY, while Biden is at the beach, he’s also informed them that some illegals are no longer welcome. Helluva job Joe! Helluva job. 

Feature Photo Credit: Biden signing open borders immigration order Feb 2, 2021 via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Cameron says:

    But why would the Haitians want to come here? Their country has no white people anywhere in the power structure and no white privilege holding them back. It should be Wakanda Forever! over there.

    • Scott says:

      This!! And ole Joe and the Ho want to continue to allow brown people in, but they want to send black people back?? That’s RAAYYYYCISSS>>>

      Looks like that river needs to be dredged.. a 40 ft deep channel should deter those walking across.. or at least thin their numbers a bit..

      • Cameron says:

        Honestly, if the only place in your country that is safe are the tourist areas, whitey isn’t the problem.

        • Scott says:

          Very true.. then again, even the tourist areas are only marginally safe… But all those are facts, and the left doesn’t deal in them..

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  • Gregory Brou says:

    With one of Haiti disasters in 2010, UN peacekeepers infected the island with cholera by flowing improperly treated sewage into the Haitian water supply. Cholera is the most serious communicable disease in Haiti, covid aside. when you look at the 15000 people from Haiti using the Rio Grande for bathing, human waste washing clothes etc do you see an out break potential. There are millions of people downstream that use the Rio Grande for drinking water.

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